Residents of Wisner, Nebraska, proud of their heritage, started the Wisner Heritage Museum in 1996.  The museum doors were first opened to the public during the communities celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, as part of the Quasquicentenniel (Q125) year long celebration. 

After procuring a location along Highway 275, a small group of citizens began constructing the town they remembered from years past.  The museum board and many volunteers are working toward preserving the community’s history plus provide education. 

When you visit, Wisner, Cuming County, Nebraska, please stop by the museum or contact a board member to gain access and view this wonderful museum.  You just might find something reminding you of home!

Welcome to the Wisner Heritage Museum

Upcoming Events

  1. -February 2008

“Between Fences”

Partnership with:

-Smithsonian Institute

-State Humanities Council

Current Show

Photographs of the Past

September, 2007

920 Avenue “E”

Wisner, Nebraska, 67891