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Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  149 In ever loving memory of ERSKINE EDMONDS. Died 22nd Feb 1942. Aged 79 years. "R.I.P." and of JANE MARY his beloved wife, who died Oct 15th 1961, and was buried at Ewhurst, Surrey.
  446 In memory of SARAH the wife of Wm. EDWARDS, of Brockton, who died Jan 1st 1806 aged 64 years. In memory of WM. EDWARDS of Brockton, who died May 19th 1809 aged 68 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, For they rest from their Labours."
  447 Sacred to the memory of DANIEL EDWARDS (Late of Choulton) who died Sep 12th 1840 aged 71 years. Sacred to the memory of ANN, relict of Daniel EDWARDS who died July 28th 1865 aged 74. "Believe in Christ and live. We sorrow not like those whose hopes are fled, Although his body is returned to dust, But trust the Life in Christ on earth he did, Prepared his soul to live amongst the just."
  199 In loving memory of THOMAS EDWARDS of Littlewood, who died June 1st 1924, aged 71 years. Also of EMMA beloved wife of the above, who died April 13th 1920, aged 69 years. "At rest".
Gravestone 420 420 Here Lyeth the Body of SAMUEL EVANS, late of Brocton. He Departed this Life, April ye 22nd Anno Dom 1750 Aged 67 Years. "Let no one offer in no Ensueing age, Ne'r stir these grave it was the Deceaseds charge."
Gravestone 419 419 Here Lyeth the Body of ANNE, the wife of Samuel EVANS, Late of Brockton. She Departed this life November ye 16th Anno Dom 1753 Aged 76 Years. "Let no one offer by Night nor Day, To stir these graves nor tacke the stones away."
Gravestone 462 462 In Memory of THO.S EVANS who died October 1755 Aged 4_ Also ELIZABETH wife of THO.S EVANS who died 4th August 1770 Aged 55. "Grave where you must shortly lie, Here comes Eternity, in spite of all our Towers must lie as low as ours."
Gravestone 408 408 In Memory of WILLIAM EVANS, Dyed ye 8ht of Sept 1765 Aged 42 Years. "Farewell my Dear and Loving wife, my children and my friends. I hope in Heaven to see you all, When all things have their ends. God send you all to end your days, As he shall think it best. That in the Heavens we all may meet where I do hope to rest."
Gravestone 400 400 Here lieth the body of ANN daughter of Samuel and Ann EVANS late of Lower Down. who departed this life August 28th 1782 Aged 6 Years and 7 Months. Also ANN their daughter died June 21st 1786 aged 1 Year and 9 Months.
Gravestone 407 407 In Memory of SHUSANA the Wife of William EVANS who died April ye 1st 1797 Aged 70 years. "None can withstand Deaths fatal hand, It spares neither young nor old, All Living must return to dust, Thou Reader, art but Mould."
  426 In memory of JAMES the son of James EVANS and Jane his wife, who died Decbr. Ye 28. 1806 aged 15 years.
  412 [Table Tomb] In memory of SAMUEL EVANS, late of Brockton who died Oct 27th 1832 aged 72 years. Also of ANN, wife of Samuel EVANS died April 15 1834 aged 64 years.
  7 In memory of WILLm. EVANS who died Oct 14 1849 aged 55 years. "God keep us all from sudden Death, And grant when we resign our breath We may at the resurrection have a joyful raising from the grave."
  239 In memory of THOMAS EVANS who died May 20th 1850, aged 75 years. Also in memory of MARGARET wife of Thomas EVANS who died December 1st 1869 aged 80 years.
  238 In memory of ELIZABETH daughter of Thomas and Margaret EVANS, who died August 25th 1872 aged 62 years. Also of THOMAS EVANS who died Dec 10th 1871 aged 49 years. (Interred in Ludlow cemetary)
  295 In loving memory of PRYCE the beloved son of William & Elizabeth EVANS (of Totterton), who died Dec 10th 1886 aged 24 years. "Not lost, but gone before".
  240 In memory of SARAH beloved wife of John EVANS who died May 19 1888, aged 63 years. Also of ANN beloved daughter of the above, who died Dec 29 1888 aged 34 years. Also of JOHN EVANS beloved husband of Sarah EVANS who died February 11th 1915 aged 90 years. Also of MARY daughter of John EVANS who died April 19th 1910 aged 54 years. "Until the day break, and shadows flee away".
  241 In loving memory of JAMES EVANS (of Lawton Marsh, Kingsland) who died April 20th 1894 aged 79 years. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away". Also in loving memory of ELLEN, wife of James EVANS, who died at Newton Malvern, January 3rd 1900 aged 61 years. "He giveth his beloved sleep".
  296 In loving memory of ELIZABETH wife of William EVANS of Totterton, who died Nov 12th 1896 aged 63 years. "Her end was peace". Also of WILLIAM EVANS, who died Dec 21st 1912 aged 79 years. "His pain is eased, his troubles ceased".
  19 In memory of SARAH EVANS died Sept 16th 1897 aged 71 years.
  398 [Back of stone] W.E. "Allthough our Bodys turne to dust, as here you plainly see. Yett those yt obey and in God trust, Will live Assuredlye"
[Front of stone] Friend ___not thy heart with Earthly thought. For when thou to the grave art brought. two few cares where thy soul is gon. Soe they posess thy Goods and Room with utmost Dilligence Thou striv. to save thy Pretious soul alive, in obeying Christ thy Saviour, then thou through him will be secure" SARAH the wife _____Wm,EVANS.
Gravestone 380 380 Here Lyeth ye Body of WILLIAM EYTON who Departed this life January the 7 Anno Dom 1732 aged 35. Here Lyeth ye Body of ANN the wife of William EYTON. Dyed May ye 12th 1768. Aged 80 years.
Gravestone 382 382 Here Lyeth yee body of MARTHA ye daughter of Andrew EYTON and Mary his Wife, Who Departed this Life February ye 5th Anno Dom 1736__7 Aged 34. "Weep not for me, but love one another."


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  391 [Table Tomb] In memory of GEORGE FARMER who died March 15th 1825 aged 73 years. Also M__________ In memory of MARY, wife of George FARMER (Late of the Folley) who died March 8th 1832 aged 70 years.
  390 Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH, daughter of Nathanael and Elizabeth FARMER who died Jan 19th 1832 aged 3 years. "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord."
  389 Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH wife of Nathanael FARMER who died May 22nd 1833 aged 31 years. "No more for these my mouldering ashes mourn. For though I never never shall return. There is a clime where we may meet again, ________this world of misry, grief and pain."
  392 [Table Tomb] In memory of GEORGE FARMER (of the Down) who died May 28th 1860 aged 68 years. "But thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 cor.XV 57. Also of JANE, relict of George FARMER, died at Clun, May 11th 1880 aged 76. "Behold, I come as a thief" Rev.XVI.15.
  399 GEORGE EDWARD infant son of John and Martha Louisa FARMER, died 22nd Feb 1869. In loving remembrance of JOHN FARMER of the Down. Born 8th Dec 1842. Died 18th Sept 1874. In loving memory of MARTHA LOUISA FARMER, widow of the late John FARMER. born 1st June 1842. Died 18th February 1917.
  393 In affectionate Remembrance of ANNIE, youngest daughter of the late George FARMER and Jane his wife (of Lower Down) who fell asleep in Jesus, August 25th 1871 aged 24 years.
  124 In loving memory of EMMA, wife of John FLETCHER of Brockton who died March 13th 1902 aged 66 years. "A Mother most dearly beloved, Now free from all sorrow and pain By death from our circle removed. Our hope is to meet her again". Also of JOHN FLETCHER who died June 4th 1908 aged 76 years. "His toils are past, his work is done, And he is fully blest. He's fought the fight, the victory won, And entered into rest".
  125 In loving memory of GEORGE son of John & Emma FLETCHER, who died Feb 14th 1912 aged 44 years. "Tis sweet to know well meet again Where parting is no more, And that the loved one we loved so well, Is only gone before".
  223 In loving memory of JAMES BURD, Brockton, who died January 24th 1914, aged 64 years. "Until the day break". Also of CHARLES FLETCHER, of Brockton, who passed away May 28 1932, aged 74 years. "Peace perfect peace" Also of JANE FLETCHER wife of above, who died January 23rd 1942, aged 76 years. "Thy will be done". In loving and affectionate memory of KATE BURD (KITTY) of Brockton, who fell asleep Feb 26th 1919 aged 27 years. "We cannot, Lord, thy purpose see, but all is well that's done by Thee". NB. Two headstones within one kerbed double grave".
  20 In loving memory of JAMES FRANCIS who died November 6th 1884 aged 60 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in Lord". Also JAMES son of the above, Born May 9th 1851. Died May 20th 1870.
  193 In loving memory of MARGARET infant daughter of Lizzie and William FRANCIS. Vase holder:- THOMAS FRANCIS died Oct 20 1936. In memory of EMMA FRANCIS, died Feb 21 1932.


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
Gravestone 335 335 [West face] Hear lyeth the Body of MARY GARRATT who departed this life May the 3. 1766 aged 24 years.
[East face] "My Parents Dear, I see thy Tears offered and at Our ____ing to Lament__ Dead_ but full of life, I laught whilst you did cry, so bid a dieu, and came thus for to die.
  496 ROBERT GEORGE departed this life June mi mdcccxxx uii aged sixty two years. CATHERINE wife of Robert GEORGE departed this life October 1111 md cccxxxiv aged Fifty six years. HARRIET daughter of Robert and Catherine GEORGE departed this life May _____mdcccxxii aged Eighteen years.
  2 In memory of MARTHA wife of Joseph GITTINGS who died Nov 11th 1881 aged 47 years. "Weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children."
  130 In loving memory of MARY beloved wife of Joseph GITTOES, Brockton, who died August 17th 1912 aged 76 years. Also JOSEPH GITTOES who died Oct 11th 1915 aged 91 years. "At rest".
  369 [West face] In memory of ANN wife of Thomas MORRIS who died Dec 12th 1855 aged 83 years. Also of THOMAS MORRIS (of Lydbury) who died Nov 13th 1872 aged 92 years.
[East face] In memory of ELIZABETH, daughter of Thomas and Ann MORRIS, who died Feb 15th 1818 aged 15 years. Also of ANN GOODMAN, sister of the above who died Sept 11th 1834 aged 31 years.
  127 In loving memory of EDWIN CHRISTOPHER GOODMAN who died March 27th 1913 aged 51 years. Also of MARY ANN GOODMAN beloved wife of the above who died February 10th 1942 aged 74 years. Also of SARAH YAPP mother of Mary Ann GOODMAN who died August 15th 1912 aged 69 years. Also ROBERT YAPP, son of Sarah YAPP who died Dec 26 1903 aged 34 years. "Resting where no shadows fall, In perfect peace await us all".
  120 To the sacred memory of THOMAS GOUGH late of Mears Barn, Lydbury North who died May 29th 1900 aged 62 years. Also of MARY his beloved wife who died September 6th 1899 aged 64 years. "Thy will be done".
  135 In loving memory of MARIA wife of George GREEN, who entered into rest March 20th 1913, in her 56th year. "Thy will be done". Also of GEORGE GREEN who died Dec 4th 1926 in his 41st year. Interred in O__lawn, __ltry, Jorden, Ontario. "To-gether".
  27 In memory of EDWARD GRIFFITHS (of Lower Down) who died November 30th 1872 aged 74 years. Also of REBECCA wife of the above, who died March 5th 1850 aged 44 years.
  297 In affectionate remembrance of THOMAS GRIFFITHS (of this village), who died July 30th 1887 aged 59 years. "Watch ye therefore for ye know not when the hour may come". He is not dead but sleeping". Also of SARAH, wife of Thomas GRIFFITHS, who died January 27th 1906 aged 77 years. "Gone but not forgotten".
  26 In loving memory of REBECCA the beloved wife of William GRIFFITHS (Lower Down) who died Sept 16th 1892 aged 60 years. "Prepare to meet thy God". Also of WILLIAM GRIFFITHS who died Aug 21st 1897 aged 64 years. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away".
  113 In loving memory of WILLIAM J GRIFFITHS, born 3rd Feb 1926. died 6th Jan 1927. Also IRENE GRIFFITHS born 23rd Jan 1932. Died 27th Jan 1932.
  115 In loving memory of ISAAC GRIFFITHS died 7th Oct 1932 aged 82 years. Also his beloved wife ELIZABETH died 7th March 1939 aged 81 years.
  377 In memory of EVAN GWILT who died Oct 11 1852 aged 78 years, also MARTHA GWILT, died Nov 7 1868 aged 86 years.
  387 In memory of RICHARD GWILT, late of Acton, who died April 17th 1852 aged 79 years. Also of ELIZABETH relict of the above, who died Oct 22 1858 aged 74 years. Also of JOHN FRANCIS who died Nov 26th 1858 aged 57 years.
  379 In affectionate remembrance of RICHARD GWILT of Aston Villa, who died Febry 17th 1888 aged 80 years. "My flesh and my heart faileth, But God is the strength of my Heart and my portion for ever." In affectionate remembrance of MARGARET wife of Richard GWILT of Aston Villa, who died July 11th 1879 aged 73 years. "Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of GOD." In affectionate remembrance of MARGARET wife of the late Richard MATHEWS, and daughter of Richard and Margaret GWILT, who died July 1st. 1867 aged 29 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
  378 In memory of WILLIAM GWILT, late of Eyton, who died June 27th 1878 aged 68 years. In memory of MARY wife of William GWILT who died Decbr 21st 1892 aged 73 years.


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  90 Peace. In loving memory of SARAH beloved wife of Thomas HALL. died Jan 14th 1941 aged 61 years. "Peace perfect peace" Also THOMAS HALL. died June 21st 1957 aged 79 years.
  126 In loving memory of ABRAHAM HAMAR of Acton, who died June 13th 1900 aged 49 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".
  154 To the sacred memory of ERNEST JOHN & ETHEL BEATRICE beloved son & daughter of John Whiston & Emily HAMAR of the Lower Down, who departed this life Dec 5th & 16th 1918, aged 25 & 28 years. "Beautiful and holy were they in their lives, and in God's keeping shall we find them". In loving memory of EMILY beloved wife of John Whiston HAMAR of Lower Down who departed this life July 22nd 1933 aged 78 years. "At Rest". Also of JOHN WHISTON HAMAR who departed this life Sept 16th 1937 aged 82 years. "In sure and certain hope of eternal life. In loving memory of HILDA MARY, born March 7 1886, died Nov 12 1978.
  178 In memory of ELIZA HAMAR, wife of William HAMAR of Brockton Farm. Interred July 24th 1934, aged 71 years. "God is our hope and strength" Also of WILLIAM J HAMAR, who died April 3rd 1940 aged 81 years. "At rest".
  132 In loving memory of JOHN ABRAHAM HAMAR. Died May 19 1945 aged 62 years. "Peace perfect peace". Also BERTHA, his beloved wife died 12th April 1963 aged 70 years. Also their daughter DOROTHY died Dec 21st 1977 aged 63 years.
  156 Sacred to the memory of IVY HAMAR. "In God only is our trust".
Gravestone 454 454 Here Lyeth the body of JACOB the son of Edward HAMMONDS and Elizabeth his wife, who departed this life April ye 20th 1754 in the 23rd year of his age.
Gravestone 453 453 In Memory of ELIZABETH the Wife of Edward HAMMONDS, who Departed this Life May the 7 1759 Aged 59 Years. Also the remains of EDWd. HAMMONDS who Departed this life Sep. the 25th 1771 Aged 74 Years. "Our children deare, Serve God in feare. Prepare to follow your Parents heare." "When God cuts of the tender thread of Life, Then cruell Death he doth part Man and Wife. Then parted for a time they must Remaine, We hope in Heaven their Souls will meet a Gaine."
Gravestone 269 269 In memory of ELIZABETH the wife of Thomas HAMMONDS Junr. Who departed this life April the 18th 1787 aged 30 years. "O cruel death that would not be deny'd, To break the knot that was so latly ti'd. Pale King of Terror how couldst thou destroy, The baby's comfort and the Fathers joy. But now my time is spent and glass is run, Lives the Lord, so let his will be done."
  273 In memory of THOMAS HAMMONDS, late of Newhouse, near Bishops castle, and 52 years an inhabitant of this village. He died Apr. 9th 1837, aged 72. "Mercy good Lord, mercy I crave. This is the total sum. For mercy Lord is all my suit. Lord let thy mercy come". Also to the memory of MARTHA wife of Thomas HAMMONDS, who died March 17th 1842 aged 71 years. "Happy souls thy days are ended. All thy mourning days below Then _____attended, Didst ______
  278 In memory of THOMAS HAMMOND, who died March 11 1860 aged 64 years. Also of JANE his wife, who died November 10 1877 aged 81 years. In memory of JANE ELIZth. PHILLIPS, who died Aug 28th 1865 aged 15 years. In affectionate remembrance of GEORGE HENRY PHILLIPS who was lost at sea, Feb 11th 1873 aged 21 years. In memory of JANE wife of Willm. PHILLIPS. she died March 24th 1861 aged 41 years. In memory of WILLIAM PHILLIPS, late of Lower Farm, Lydbury North, who died Nov 28 1898 aged 84 years.
Gravestone 210 210 Here Lyeth the body of THOMAS HANKINS who departed this life the 16th of May 1772, aged 55 years. Also here Lyeth the body of MARY BIDDLECOM, who departed this life the 20th of November 1768, aged 72 years. "Give them O Lord Eternal rest and let Everlasting light shine upon them. Amen".
  432 In memory of JON HARDING. late of Chon____ died in the 77th year of his age 1777. In memory of MARGARET his wife died in 68th year of her age 1773 "Near to this stone____ within this ____ Lyes a gr______ As _______"
  313 In memory of JOHN HARDING, Lydbury North. Born July 4th 1835. Entered into rest, June 24th 1913. Also in loving memory of MARTHA HARDING born 1835m died 1924. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away.
Gravestone 337 337 Here Lyeth the Body of FRANCES the wife of Francis HARRIS. She OBt May the 21st 1746. Aged 31. R.I.P.
Gravestone 331 331 In memory of MARY the wife of John HARRIS of this Town, she dyed November the 13th. 1762 aged 48 years. "A Mother, who with evry grace was blest, With all the ornaments of Virtue drest, With whatsoe'er Religion recommends, The best of wives, of Mothers, and of friends.
Gravestone 206 206 In Memory of HENRY HARRIS, Late of Brockton. He departed ye life December the 22d. 1764, aged 69 years. "Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord. Even so saith the Spirit, for they rest from their Labours".
Gravestone 330 330 Near this place lie the Remains of JOHN HARRIS, late of Lidbury. he died May 17th 1793 aged 79 years. "Christ was my guide on Earth, And Death to me was gain. Because in him I put my trust, Salvation to obtain". SAMUEL GRIFFITHS BA___
  384 In memory of JANE, daughter of Edward and Ann HARRIS who died Janry 13th 1832 aged 10 months. "Like a bird of prey Death stole away This young and tender dove. Her heart so pure, is now secure with with Christ in Heaven above.
  463 [Table Tomb] In memory of ANN wife of John ANTHONEY, who died March 30th 1833 aged 88 years. In memory of JOHN ANTHONEY who died July 29th 1788 aged 45 years. In memory of MARY wife of John HARRIS, who died Decr. 18th 1832 aged 56 years. In memory of JOHN HARRIS, who died July 13th 1835 aged 37 years.
  383 [Table Tomb] In memory of EDWARD HARRIS who died March 19th 1871 aged 76 years. In memory of ANN wife of Edward HARRIS, who died July 27th 1837 aged 33 years.
  247 [Table Tomb] Sacred to the memory of RICHARD HARRIS late of Totterton, who died Janry. 13th 1867 aged 62 years. Sacred to the memory of JANE HARRIS late of Totterton. She died February 2nd 1848 aged 47 years. "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, Even so Them also which sleep in Jesus, will God bring with him". _TU_E_. Also of JAMES HARRIS who died July 30 1871 aged 78 years.
  139 In loving memory of CHARLES HARRIS of Kempton, who died October 17th 1934 aged 62 years. Also of HESTER ANN HARRIS his beloved wife, who died September 14th 1930 aged 60 years. Also of GLADYS MAY HARRIS daughter of the above who died October 7th 1911 aged 8 years. Also of KENNETH BRANVILLE HARRIS, grand-son of C & H.A.HARRIS, who died February 16th 1925 aged 11 months. Also of JAMES STRANGWARD, father of H.A.HARRIS who died February 20th 1916 aged 76 years. "Thy will be done".
  138 In loving memory of BEATRICE GWENDOLINE HARRIS, passed away May 13 1912 aged 3 years 6 months. "At rest".
  137 In loving memory of WILLIAM HARRIS, passed away Nov 18 1948 aged 79 years. Also of SARAH ANN HARRIS his beloved wife, passed away June 25th 1943 aged 77 years. "At rest".
  483 I.H.S. ANN daughter of John and Mary WILLIAMS and wife of James HARRISON (of Lathom, Lancashire) died on the 17th and was buried on here on the 21st Feb 1852 aged 33 years. "may she rest in peace". Amen. MARY AGNES only child of the above Ann and James HARRISON died April 10th 1852 aged 3 months.
Gravestone 422 422 Here Lieth the Body of JOHN HAY who died July 17th 1798 Aged 81 Years Also GEORGE the son of John and Eliz. HAY who died Aug 10th 1777 Aged 25 Years. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."
  194 In loving memory of ALEXANDER HENDERSON, late of Littlewood, who fell asleep January 1st. 1928 aged 65 years. "In the midst of life we are in death".
  108A MARY LILLIAS, daughter of the Rev. Nicholas Frank HILL of Abancourt, Cheltenham 1862-1938, widow of William Lawrence STANTON of Armscote, Co. Warwick. Also their daughter BEATRICE MARY 1889-1966. (Wooden cross looslely lying on No 108.)
  265 In memory of BENJAMIN HODGES (late of Totterton) who died Sept 23 1850 aged 71 years. Also SARAH, wife of Benjamin HODGES, who departed this life December 21st 1866 aged 79 years. "___ my wife and children kind, ___a short time stay behind, ___e___it will not be, ____ ____ow me.
  286 In loving memory of WILLIAM HODGES of Broadway Hall, Churchstoke, who died March 9 1905 aged 90 years. Also of JANE wife of the above, who died Feb 25th 1906, aged 68 years. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away".
  234 In loving memory of dear little twin sons of Thomas & Mary HOLDER, born January 4 1948. MAURICE JAMES died January 7 1948. MICHAEL GEORGE died January 21 1948. Vase holder:- "Suffer little children to come unto me".
  375 In memory of WILLIAM son of John and Martha HOLL who departed this life April 17th 1821, in the 2nd. year of his age.
  373 [Table Tomb] In memory of JOHN HOLL, who died Jan 22nd 1827 aged 48 years. "A time of death there is, we know full well. But when or where or how, no one can tell. Short and uncertain is the life of Man, ____n to die_____". Sacred to the memory of MARTHA wife of John VICKERS of Bishops Castle. parted this life March___1843 aged 55. Sacred to the memory of JOHN son of John and Martha HOLL, who died July 25th 1842 aged 20. "Thy will be done". ________died Sept 1_____ aged ____months.
  403 In memory of ELIZABETH wife of John HOWARD who died Ap 13th 1824 aged 73 years. In memory of JOHN HOWARD who departed this life Nov 30th 1822 aged 72 years.
  326 In loving memory of WILLIAM HOWELLS (Lower Down) who died Sept. 17th 1888 aged 55 years. Also of JAMES eldest son of the above, who died April 27th 1888 aged 25 years, and who was interred in the Royal Victoria Cemetery, Netley, Hants. May 1st "We all do fade as a leaf".
  98 In memory of M.S.HOWELLS. Late Chairman Bishops Castle F.C.
  46 In memory of WILLIAM son of William and Elizabeth HUMPHREYS who died May 18th 1863 aged 23 years. Also ELIZABETH wife of William HUMPHREYS who died March 18th 1872 age 68 years.
  1 In memory of ELIZA daughter of William & Mary HUMPHREYS who died Aug 26th 1876 aged 20 years. In memory of WILLIAM HUMPHREYS who died Nov 26th 1890 aged 74 years. Also of MARY the beloved wife of William HUMPHREYS who died April 27th 1906 aged 79 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".
  185 In loving memory of GEORGE HUMPHREYS, died July 7th 1939 aged 77 years Also of MARY HUMPHREYS, wife of the above, died March 27th 1942, aged 87 years. "At rest".


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  34 To the memory of MATHEW JAMES (late of Down) who died Jan 11th 1823 aged 50 years. Also HANNAH his wife, who died June 27th 1865 aged 82 years. Also their two sons. SAMUEL (who was interred at Dudley) died Dec 23rd 1847 aged 30 years. JOHN died May 30th 1851 aged 45 years. "Prepare to meet thy God". In memory of MARY daughter of Matthew & Hannah JAMES who died Sep 22nd 1876. aged 71 years.
  425 Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM JARRETT who died March 27th 1865 aged 77 years. Also in memory of MARY wife of William JARRETT, who died January 11th 1844 aged 61 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Amen."
  394 In affectionate Remembrance of JAMES JARVIS, who died June 6th 1854 aged 52 years. Also of MARY, relict of the above, who passed through death unto life, August 24th 1874 aged 67 years.
  275 In memory of ELIZA _____/ __gec_Harley JENKINS. Bishops Castle, died AP _____th. 1882. aged 89 years.
  469 In memory of RICHARD JONES (of Brockton) who died Feb 14th 1881 aged 71 years. Also of ELLEN his daughter, who died Jany. 1st 1847 aged 2 years. Also of GEORGE his son, who died March 18th 1849 aged 7 years. Also MARY, died May 15th aged 1 year. "There is a hope, a blessed hope. A hope which Christ has given, The hope when days & years are past, We all shall meet in Heaven".
  305 In affectionate remembrance of HANNAH the beloved wife of John E JONES, who died March 5th 1880 aged 63 years. "The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms". Also of JOHN E JONES, who died Octr. 8th 1886 aged 60 years. "Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ".
  303 Sacred to the memory of ANN JONES, who died December 10th 1898 aged 86 years. Also of FRANCIS JONES, who died September 17th 1900 aged 68 years.
  109 In loving memory of John Thomas BARNES of Plowden, who died November 5th 1938 aged 75 years. Also of SARAH BARNES beloved wife of above who died July 30th 1939 aged 71 years. Also of MARY JONES of Lydbury North, who died January 2nd 1914 aged 70 years. "Now the labourers task is o'er".
  216 The beloved children of William & Amelia JONES of Choulton. CHARLES died Feb 6th 1915, aged 4 years. ARTHUR, died April 6th 1918 aged 8 months. "Suffer little children to come unto me".
  171A In loving memory of SARAH ANN dearly loved wife of John JONES (Lower Down) who died July 16th 1929, aged 54 years. Also of LEONARD CHARLES, son of the above, who died October 29th 1933, aged 24 years. "We will remember them". Also of VICTOR HAROLD, youngest son, who died November 28th 1943, aged 25 years. Also of JOHN JONES, who died May 17th 1946, aged 70 years.
  112 In loving memory Baby MICHAEL JONES of Acton, died Oct 12th 1934 aged 9 months. "Keep thy lamb in safety keep".
  77 In memory of HERBERT JONES died March 12 1949 aged 72.


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