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Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  409 Sacred to the memory of THOMAS LANE late of this Parish, who departed this life July 10th 1858 aged 62 years. Also of JANE his wife, who died (at Aston on Clun) February 9th 1876 aged 79 years.
  451 In loving memory of ADAM LEE, who fell asleep on 7th June 1891 aged 68 years. Also in loving memory of AGNES, widow of the above, who fell asleep 8th May 1907 in her 84th year. "Peace Perfect Peace."
  259 [Table Tomb] Sacred to the memory of JOHN LEGGE of Bishop's Castle, who died December 20th 1859, aged 79 years. Sacred to the memory of SARAH wife of John LEGGE (and daughter of the late Edward BRIGHT of Acton) who died November 8th 1858 aged 74 years. In memory of WILLIAM BRIGHT LEGGE, son of John & Sarah LEGGE, who died Nov 24th 1844 aged 20 years. In memory of JOHN LEGGE son of John & Sarah LEGGE who died Oct 18th 1856 aged 46 years.
  60 "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord" In affectionate remembrance of ANNE wife of John LEWIS of Brockton, who died May 4th 1873 aged 49 years. Also LUCY JANE, infant daughter of the above. died Feb 22nd 1860 aged 4 months.
  59 "And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels". In affectionate remembrance of JOHN LEWIS (of Brockton) who died Sep 26th 1891 aged 72 years.
  82 In memory of EDWARD JAMES LEWIS of this Parish who died April 16th 1899 aged 25 years. "in the midst of life we are in death".
  81 In loving memory of EMMA wife of Edward LEWIS, born 21st May 1849, died 14th February 1916. Also of EDWARD LEWIS, born 24th December 1844, died 24th March 1921. Also of ELLEN daughter of the above, born 25th March 1872, died 15th August 1917.
  188 In loving memory of JOHN DAVIES of Walcot Avenue, died Aug 28th 1939 aged 89 years. Also LOUISA JANE LEWIS beloved wife of Gilbert LEWIS died July 5th 1935, aged 53 years. "Come unto me ye weary, and I will give you rest. GILBERT LEWIS, died Feb 9th 1959, aged 78 years.
  141 In loving memory of JOHN LEWIS of Brockton. Passed away Feb 16th 1944 aged 82 years. Also his loving wife HARRIET passed away Feb 22nd 1946 aged 75 years. "Peace perfect peace".
  471 In memory of JOSEPH, son of Edward and Elizabeth LLOYD, who died March 21st 1827 aged 30 years. Also ELIZABETH wife of Edward LLOYD, died July 22nd 1832 aged 71 years. Also EDWARD LLOYD died Octb. 2nd 1851 aged 88 years. ANN their daughter died April 30th 1838 aged 44. "Weep not for me my children dear, I am not dead, but sleeping here. My glass is run my grave you see, Therefore prepare to follow me."
  198 In loving memory of WILLIAM LLOYD, Lower Down, who died April 2nd 1924, aged 79 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". Also of Sarah his wife, who died Nov 12th 1925, aged 85 years. Also of WILLIAM, son of the above who died Jan 19th 1926, aged 58 years. "Thy will be done".
  160 In loving memory of EDWARD LLOYD of Totterton (Late of Whitton, Leintwardine) who died April 17th 1928 aged 64 years. "Thy will be done".
 Grave missing? 317 In remembrance of SUSAN LOUGHMAN, who died April 4 1879 aged 70 years. R.I.P.
  74 Sacred to the memory of GEORGE LUCAS, late of Oley de Hurst in the Parish of Clunbury, who died April 6th 1840 aged 85 years. Sacred to the memory of HANNAH wife of George LUCAS who died Novr. 14 1839 aged 72 years.
  328 In memory of FRANCES, daughter of Willm. and Elizth. LUCAS who died Sept. 18th 1878 aged 25 years.
  497 Here lies the body of SARAH the wife of William LUCAS, who departed this life ________
  150 ANNIE LAURA, wife of Prebendary W.M.B.LUTENER. June 2nd 1866 - October 21st 1938. "R.I.P." Also to the dear memory of WILLIAM MAURICE BONNER LUTENER. Priest in Holy Orders. Vicar of this Parish 1927-1934. Died August 22nd 1945. aged 85.
  212 In loving memory of WILLIAM LYNDON, beloved husband of Annie LYNDON who died May 4th 1921, aged 56 years. Also of ANNIE, beloved wife of the above, who died Dec 31st 1943, aged 78 years. "At rest".


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  322 In loving memory of MARY ANN ALDRIDGE, daughter of C.J. and M.A. MABBATT who died March 7th 1892 aged 18 months. "Suffer little children to come unto me".
  321 In loving memory of VICTOR FREDERIC MABBATT, younger son of C.J. and M.A.M. MABBATT, who died the 17th January 1912 aged 24 years. "O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory?".
  57 In memory of MARGARET wife of Richard MARSTON who died September 24 1862 aged 77 years. Also of RICHARD MARSTON who died Febry.23rd 1872 aged 76 years.
  379 In affectionate remembrance of RICHARD GWILT of Aston Villa, who died Febry 17th 1888 aged 80 years. "My flesh and my heart faileth, But God is the strength of my Heart and my portion for ever." In affectionate remembrance of MARGARET wife of Richard GWILT of Aston Villa, who died July 11th 1879 aged 73 years. "Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of GOD." In affectionate remembrance of MARGARET wife of the late Richard MATHEWS, and daughter of Richard and Margaret GWILT, who died July 1st. 1867 aged 29 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
  106 In loving remembrance of RICHARD MATTHEWS died Feb 11th 1898 aged 36 years. Also of ELIZABETH MATTHEWS died April 25th 1960 aged 85 years.
  242 In loving memory of MARY ANN who died Feby. 28th 1877 aged 4 months. GEORGE SOLEY, youngest son of John & Jane MEDDINS of Brockton House, Born June 4th 1886, died Sept 28th 1888. THOMAS, who died Sept 5th 1880, aged 5 months. ANNIE who died Jany.24th 1881 aged 9 months. HENRY who died June 8th 1886 aged 1 year 8 months. Infant children of John & Jane MEDDINS. "For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven".
  244 In loving memory of JOHN MEDDINS, Brockton House, who died April 28th 1914, aged 67 years. "Peace perfect peace". In loving memory of JANE beloved wife of John MEDDINS, who died April 20th 1921. aged 71 years. "Thy will be done".
  243 In memory of MARY JANE the beloved wife of Edward Giles MEDDINS of the Villa, Aston on Clun, died 23rd May 1938 aged 61 years. "Until the day dawns". Also of EDWARD GILES MEDDINS. Died 15th Dec 1957 aged 83 years. "Peace perfect peace".
  245 In loving memory of WILLIAM GEORGE MEDDINS, died June 13th 1938 aged 61 years. "At rest".
  155 In loving memory of GEORGE T MERRICK-EDWARDS, died Nov 24th 1931, aged 54. "In God's keeping". Also of his wife BLANCHE, died Feb 15th 1937, aged 64.
  83 In loving memory of RICHARD MILES (of Plowden) who died September 15th 1904 aged 55 years. "Thy will be done". Also of HANNAH wife of the above who died Aug 19th 1935 aged 86. Also of RICHARD, third son of the above who died July 11th 1938 aged 61.
  93 In loving memory of PHYLLIS HANNAH dear little daughter of Thomas  Elizth. Mary MILES, Plowden, who died June 9th 1911 aged 6 weeks. "Jesus called a little child".
  84 In loving memory of WILLIAM MILES died May 26th 1912 aged 41 years. Also ELIZABETH his wife, died Nov 30th 1947 aged 73 years. "At rest".
  87 In loving memory of our dear Father EDWARD MILES, died 8th April 1924 aged 81 years. Also our dear Mother ANN MILES, died 21st Jan 1939 aged 94 years. "At rest".
  128 In loving memory of CHARLES MOORE (Walcot Lodge) who departed this life Sept 14th 1912 aged 81 years. "His memory is as dear today, As in the hour he passed away. Though death divides, Fond memory clings".
  103 In loving memory of MAJOR JOHN HENRY MOORE. RAOC. who died April 10th 1942 aged 47 years. "Happy Memories".
  183 In loving memory of EDITH ANNIE MORGAN, who died February 23rd 1942, aged 48 years. "In Life Beloved. In Death not forgotten".
  369 [West face] In memory of ANN wife of Thomas MORRIS who died Dec 12th 1855 aged 83 years. Also of THOMAS MORRIS (of Lydbury) who died Nov 13th 1872 aged 92 years.
[East face] In memory of ELIZABETH, daughter of Thomas and Ann MORRIS, who died Feb 15th 1818 aged 15 years. Also of ANN GOODMAN, sister of the above who died Sept 11th 1834 aged 31 years.
  372 [Table Tomb] This tomb is erected in memory of JOHN MORRIS of Lydbury, who died Nov. 8th 1818 aged 60 years. Sacred to the memory of SARAH wife of John MORRIS, late of Lydbury, who departed this life Dec. 15th 1837 aged 71 years.
  359 [Table Tomb] In memory of PHILIP MORRIS (of Lydbury) who died May 15th 1849. Aged 56 years. In memory of JOHN MORRIS (late of Norbury) who died Sep. 15th 1827. aged 28 years.
  343 In memory of MARY ANN daughter of James and Elizabeth MORRIS, who died Aug. 3rd. 1842. aged 9 years 8 months. "Here sleep secure from life's unfriendly storm, Too good for earth, an Angel's buried form, Ere from the tent of clay the spirit fled, celestial honours crown'd her dying head."
  367 In memory of THOMAS, EDWIN and JAMES MORRIS, sons of John and Drusilla MORRIS. Thomas died March 20th 1844 aged 11 months. Edwin died Dec 2nd 1846 aged 3 weeks. James died May 9th 1855 aged 5 months.
  355 In affectionate remembrance of JOHN MORRIS who died March 29. 1865. aged 47 years. Also DRUCILLA wife of the above, who died Feb 23rd. 1875, aged 60 years. Also MARY ANN BEAMOND, daughter of the above, died Nov. 4th. 1874, aged 26 years. Also JOHN son of the above, who died Dec.13th. 1874.
  358 [Table Tomb] In memory of SARAH MORRIS (of Lydbury) who died Oct. 2nd 1879. Aged _8 years. ELIZABETH MORRIS (of Lower Gardens) who died Oct. 31st. 1880. Aged 78 years.
  323 In loving memory of AGNES ELIZABETH, daughter of John & Elizabeth MORRIS of Eyton, who died August 23rd 1884 aged 2 years 4 months. "Weep not for me my parents dear, Nor quake at death's alarms, It was a voice that Jeus sent, To call me to His arms.
  217 In loving memory of THOMAS MORRIS of Eyton, who died Octr. 4th 1901 aged 68 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".
  192 Sacred to the memory of GEORGE WILLIAM MORTLOCK, born Aug 8th 1881. died June 7th 1944. "At rest".


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
Gravestone 402 402 Here was buried the Body of ELIZABETH the wife of Edward NESS Black Smith. She Departed this life October ye 25th Anno Dom. 1755 aged 66 Years. "When God cuts off the tender thread of life, Then cruel Death doth part both Man & wife. Thus parted for a Time they must remain, we hope in Heav'n their Souls will meet again."
  492 [Table Tomb] ANN widow of Joseph NEWILL died Dec 5th 1888 aged 85. HENRY NEWILL died April 25th 1869 aged 49. "I know that my Redeemer liveth. Job XIX 25" In memory of JANE wife of Joseph NEWILL of Lydbury North. Died 23rd. January 1861 aged 67. JOSEPH NEWILL died December 3rd. 1869 aged 73.
  401 In loving memory of JOSEPH NEWILL born 21st March 1822. died 11th November 1882. JOSEPHINE ELLEN daughter of Joseph and Emily Evans NEWILL who died at Eastbourne 23rd June 1910 aged 41. EMILY EVANS wife of Joseph NEWILL. born 20th August 1830. died 25th June 1910. MARY ELIZABETH NEWILL daughter of Joseph and Emily Evans NEWILL died June 8th 1929 aged 67.
  491 In loving memory of JOSEPH HENRY NEWILL, Lt. Colonel in the Indian Army. Died February 20 1929 aged 84.
  158 ROBERT HENRY NEWILL, born 5th April 1859. died 11th March 1938. Also KATE his wife, died 13th Sept 1945. aged 80.
Gravestone 55 55 In memory of SAMl. MARY & ELIZ. son and daughters of Thos and Mary NORNCOTT. SAM died 13th June 1739 aged 1 year. MARY died 7th of Oct 1758 aged 11 years. ELIZ. died 4th day Nov 1774 aged 33 years. "our griefs is great and still increaseth, Because our children they ____gone before, but still it is ordained by God above, We hope in Heaven to see them whome I love.
Gravestone 56 56 In memory of THOMAS NORNCOTT who departed ys. life the 17th of June 1776 aged 66 years.
  53 In memory of SAMl. NORNCOTT, who died Nov 15th 1803 aged 57. In memory of MARY NORNCOTT who died May 18th 1808 aged 48. JOHN NORNCOTT died April ___1805 aged 9 years ?. "When blooming youth & beauty is most brave, Death plucks us up & plants us in the grave. Tke care young man your precious time to spend, Our lives are short and quickly at an end".
  51 In memory of JOHN & THOMAS NORNCOTT (sons of Richard & Mary NORNCOTT) JOHN died June 18th 1823 aged 23. THOMAS died October 8th 1837 aged 26 years. "Prepare to meet thy God".
  479 In memory of Thos. NORNCOTT who died June 15th 1823 aged 58 years. "Afflictions sore long time I bore. Physicians were in vain; Till God did please death should me seize, And ease me of my pain."
  52 In memory of RICHARD NORNCOTT (of this village) who died August 18th 1844 aged 68. Also MARY his wife, who died September 11th 1843 aged 61. "Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life. he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live".
  54 In memory of MARY NORNCOTT, daughter of Richard & Mary NORNCOTT who died February 27th 1866 aged 58. "Your life is hid with Christ in God".
  50 In loving memory of RICHARD son of Richard & Mary NORNCOTT, who died April 6th 1893 aged 75 years. "The last of his Race".
  209 Here lyeth ye body of ROBERT NORTON who departed this life August the 3rd. in the year of our Lord 1759, aged 71 years. Also here Lyeth ye body of MARTHA the wife of Robert NORTON, who departed this life March ye 19th, in the year of our Lord 1757, aged 69 years.
Gravestone 205 205 In Memory of ROBERT NORTON who was Buried Octobr ye 1st 1759, Aged 37 Years. Also ELIZABETH his wife. She departed this life February 12 1797, Aged 76 Years.
Gravestone 267 267 To the memory of SAMUEL NORTON late of Bishops Castle, who departed this life August 2nd 1798 aged 44 years. "Here lies the joy and comfort of my life, Who was the best of husbands to a wife, and a tender father to a child. By wating pains his life if wore away, which brought him down unto this bed of clay, there to remain with-in the silent dust, Until the resurrection of the just"
  268 J. N. 1817. (Joseph NORTON)
  256 [Table Tomb] In _____MARTHA, the beloved wife of John NORTON, who departed this life (at the Henfron) 26th January 1850, aged 30 years. "Oh, what a burst of rapture from her lips. What tears of joy her heavenward eyes suffused. Those eyes are closed, But all her loveliness is not yet flown. She smil'd in death, but still her cold, pale face Retains that smile: as when a waveless lake On which the wintry stars all bright appear, Is sheeted by a nightly frost of ice, Still it reflects the face of Heav'n unchanged, Unruffled by the breeze or sweeping blast".


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  368 In affectionate remembrance of ROBERT OWEN, who died July 22nd 1830 aged 37 years. Also of MARY, relict of the above, who died December 1st 1877 aged 87 years. "When Christ who is our life shall appear, Then shall we also appear with Him in glory". Also of ANN, daughter of the above, who died March 12th 1884 aged 64 years.


Photo Grave Monumental Inscription
  347 In loving memory of FRANCIS PEAKE of Brockton, who died Dec. 13th. 1894 aged 49 years. "Soon shall come the great awakening, soon the rending of the tomb. Then the scattering of all shadows, and the end of toil and gloom."
  4 In memory of MARTHA wife of John PEARCE who died May 17th 1858 aged 74 years. In memory of JOHN PEARCE who died June 8th 1861 aged 74 years.
  475 Sacred to the memory of GEORGE PEARCE the dearly beloved son of Thomas and Mary PEARCE, who died September 19th 1865 aged 25 years. "My time was short when death drew near, To part from wife and parent dear. I little thought my race was run, When suddenly my time was come. May we all meet in Heaven."
  480 In loving remembrance of THOMAS PEARCE who departed this life (after a painful ilness) January 17th 1879 aged 59 years. "Farewell dear wife an children, a sad farewell Till we shall meete above, Where pain and parting is unknown, In realms of blisss and love."
  306 Sacred to the memory of MARY ANN PECKHAM, daughter of John PECKHAM of Frant, Sussex, who died at Walcot May 25th 1876 aged 48 years. (This stone is erected in affectionate remembrance by her loving sister Harriet DIPPIE.)
  287 In loving memory of JOSEPH the beloved husband of Mary PERCIVAL, who died Nov 14th 1907 aged 60 years. "Peace perfect peace". Also of MARY beloved wife of the above, who died December 9th 1923 aged 72 years.
  28 In memory of JANE wife of John PERRY who died October 7th 1872 aged 34 years. Also of MARY JANE daughter of the above, who died died March 21 1873 aged 6 months. "Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as you think not, the Son of man cometh".
  29 In memory of WILLIAM PERRY late of Lower Down, who died September 4 1874 aged 65 years. "Then shall the day………God…."
  278 In memory of THOMAS HAMMOND, who died March 11 1860 aged 64 years. Also of JANE his wife, who died November 10 1877 aged 81 years. In memory of JANE ELIZth. PHILLIPS, who died Aug 28th 1865 aged 15 years. In affectionate remembrance of GEORGE HENRY PHILLIPS who was lost at sea, Feb 11th 1873 aged 21 years. In memory of JANE wife of Willm. PHILLIPS. she died March 24th 1861 aged 41 years. In memory of WILLIAM PHILLIPS, late of Lower Farm, Lydbury North, who died Nov 28 1898 aged 84 years.
  416 [Table Tomb] In memory of THOMAS ROGERS (Late of Brockton of this Parish) who died July 4th 1829 aged 79 years. Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died Sept. 7th 1829 aged 79 years. Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, daughter of Thos. And Elizabeth ROGERS, who died September 7th 1873 aged 82 years.
  276 In loving memory of SAMUEL CHARLES PHILLIPS, who passed to the higher life, July 7 1898, aged 52 years. Also of HARRIET PHILLIPS, widow of above, who died June 26th 1938 aged 90 years. In loving memory of ARTHUR WILLIAM, son of Samuel & Harriet PHILLIPS, who passed to the higher life, June 25th 1905 aged 18 years.
  277 In loving memory of THOMAS HENRY PHILLIPS who died 19th February 1931 aged 88 years. Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of T.H.PHILLIPS of Strickstenning Hall, in the County of Hereford, who died the 5th day of April 1898, aged 52 years. "A loving wife, a true friend and a good Christian".
  142 In loving memory of ELLEN, the beloved wife of Henry PHILLIPS, Wrights cottage, who passed away March 22nd 1916 in her 60th year. "In sure and certain hope". Also of HENRY, beloved husband of the above, who fell asleep Septr. 26th ____.
  129 JOHN EMMANUEL PINCHES died June 16th 1949 aged 86 years. In loving memory of MARY PINCHES, beloved wife of John Emmanuel PINCHES, 26 Brockton (Late of Totterton) who died January 22nd 1941 aged 76 years.
  445 This stone is Erected in memory of JOHN PLANT, who died August 6th 1836 aged 27 yrs. "God took me in the Glory of my prime, Because it was his own Appointed time. Farewell Dear wife my bosom friend adieu. Christ will prepare a happy place for you.
 Grave missing? 316 In memory of ELIZABETH wife of John PLOWDEN (of Park Cottage in this Parish), who died April 19th 1844 aged 55 years. "Requicat in Pace". JOHN PLOWDEN, died April 21 1873 aged 84. "Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ".
  385 In memory of ANN POSTON, late of B.Castle who died Feb 25th 1833 aged 84 years.
  67 In memory of ELIZABETH wife of James POWELL who departed this life June 6th 1817 aged 24 years. Also of JOHN their son who died in his infancy. "The Lord who gave hath takenaway, me and my Babe in his appointed day. Dear Husband do no sorrow take, But love me Child for my sake".
  414 Sacred to the memory of HENRY POWELL who died March 7th 1819 aged 3 months. Also ELIZABETH POWELL who died August 29th 1819 aged 4 years, Children of Matthew and Ann POWELL.
  65 In memory of ANN the wife of William POWELL of Brockton, who died Dec 3 1824 aged 74 years. "A loving wife a tender Mother. A sincere friend a good Christian. In memory of WILLIAM POWELL of Brockton, who died May 26th 1838 aged 88 years. "None can withstand death's fatal hand, It favours nither young nor old. All living must return to dust. Thou reader art but mould". (Hopesay).
  66 Sacred to the memory of JAMES POWELL who died July 12th 1848 aged 32 years. "Reader, consider well thy latter end, and make thy Judge thy Saviour and thy Friend".
  470 In memory of ELIZABETH wife of Thomas POWELL of the Cwm, Parish of Clun, who died June 15th 1876 aged 71 years. Also EDWARD son of Thomas and Elizabeth POWELL, who died March 25th 1851 aged 4 years.
  64 Sacred to the memory of JAMES POWELL Snr. late of Brockton, who died May 1 1852 aged 66 years. In memory of MARY relict of James POWELL late of Brockton who died Febry, 3rd 1867 aged 72 years. "Go home dear Friends and shed no tears. We must lie here till Christ appears. And when He comes we hope to have, a joyful raising from the grave."
  466 In memory of WILLIAM POWELL who died at the Lodge in the Parish of Clunbury, 28th May 1852 aged 60. In memory of ANN widow of William POWELL, late of the Lodge, Walcot Park, who died (at Bs. Castle) March 22nd 1880 aged 82. "My flesh shall here awhile remain. My soul to God I trust, By whom I hope to rise again From death and earthly dust."
  348 Sacred to the memory of LYDIA, wife of William POWELL, died July 13th 1858 aged 48 years. "Patient and meek beneath afflictions rod. And why? Her faith and hope are fixed in God." Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM POWELL. died May 12th 1861, aged 54 years. "A good neighbour and an honest man. Respected in life and lamented in death."
  63 Sacred to the memory of JOHN POWELL of Brockton, who died April 4th 1861 aged 41 years. "God gives us life and takes away That life whene'er he will, And he can make our slumbering clay His pleasure to fulfil.
  62 Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH POWELL of Brockton who died Jan 25th 1865 aged 34 years. EDWARD infant son of the above. died May 28th 1865 aged 8 months. "I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord. He that believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live"
  179 In loving memory of ERNEST POWELL, died 1st nov 1940, aged 60 years. "At rest". Also MARY his beloved wife, died 10th Dec 1960, aged 66 years.
  167 In loving memory of FANNY PREWER, who died September 26th 1937. aged 75 years. "Blessed are the meek".
  473 In memory of BENJAMIN PRICE who died May 15 1854 aged 66 years. Also in memory of WINIFRED wife of Benjamin PRICE, who died October 12th 1868 aged 75 years. Also of JOHN, son of the above who died March 13th 1833 aged 14 years. Also of BENJAMIN, son of the above who died February 13th 1863 aged 35 years.
  476 In memory of EDWARD PRICE _____Dow______year. Also JAMES PRICE son of the above, who was killed in the Battle of Gwalior. Dec 22 1843 aged 23 years. //____ELIZABETH wife of Edward PRICE Also ANN PRICE Grand-daughter of the above, died April 5th 1848 aged 14 D_____ "Why do we mourn departing friends, or shake at deaths alarms; Tis but the voice that Jesus sends To call them to his arms."
Gravestone 318 318 In memory of JOHN PRITCHARD, who departed this life December the 15th in the year of our Lord MDCCIXXX aged 89 years. In memory of ELINOR the wife of John PRITCHARD. She died 11th June in the year of our Lord 1778 aged 74 years.
  48 In memory of THOMAS PUGH who died Oct 16th 1801 aged 64 years. Also in memory of MARGERY his wife who died Jan 6th 1805 aged 67 years.
  47 In memory of HESTER the wife of Samuel PUGH who died Aug 17th 1811 aged 78 years. In memory of SAMUEL PUGH who died Feb 25th 1813 aged 77
  406 In memory of JOHN PUGH of Kempton who died March 2nd 1851 aged 70 years. Also of MARY relict of the above who died August 16th 1859 aged 76 years.
  404 In memory of ANN the beloved wife of Edward PUGH who died June 7th 1860 aged 42 years.
  397 In affectionate Remembrance of EDWARD, second son of Edward and Ann PUGH of Kempton, who died Augst 23rd 1876 aged 24 years.
  147 In loving memory of HERBERT GEORGE PUGH, died 21 Nov 1933 aged 66 years. Also of ELIZABETH MARIA, dearly loved wife of above. Died 6 Feb 1945. aged 71 years. Also of EDITH, dearly loved daughter of above. died 8 April 1966 aged 64 years. "At rest".
  175 In loving memory of FREDERICK PYE of Plowden, passed away Feb 17th 1950 aged 75 years. Also EMMA, his beloved wife, passed away April 22nd 1945, aged 63 years. "Rest in peace".
  174 In loving memory of DIANE PYE, died May 31 1946. aged 2 days.


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