Lydbury North

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Parish Register 1722

The new year started on 25 March in this year.

In the Register, the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are intermingled in approximate chronological order.

Register of Baptisms

Pg MM DD Child Sex Father Mother Surname Notes
6R 4 23 Martha F William Margaret HAY  
6R 5 13 William M John Elizabeth MAP  
6R 5 13 Ann F John WOOD Elizabeth HOTCHKIS Bastard
6R 5 29 Sarah F Edward Elizabeth HOTCHKIS  
6R 8 6 Samuel M Samuel Ann HOTCHKIS  
6R 9 10 Margaret F John Mary HARPER  
6R 9 29 Ann F Richard Elizabeth WILLIAMS  
6R 11 11 Martha F John Eleanor EVANS  
6R 11 11 John M Job Martha EVERALD  
6R 11 19 Robert M Robert Margery PAR  
7L 1 7 Ann F Thomas Elizabeth JENKS  
7L 2 17 Susannah F John Margaret CORNS  

Register of Marriages

Pg MM DD Groom Bride Type Notes
      Given Surname Status Abode Given Surname Status Abode    
6L 5 4 John CLEATON --- Lydbury North Margaret BRAZIER --- Lydbury North Banns  
7L 1 2 John BEDDOES --- Churchstoke Elizabeth WELLENS --- Lydbury North Banns  

Register of Burials

Pg MM DD Given Surname Notes
6R 4 21 Elizabeth MAP Wife of Thomas MAP
6R 5 7 Thomas CORNS Son of Thomas & Sarah
6R 7 29 Benjamin EYTON  
6R 10 6 Joyce WARD Widow
6R 11 12 Joseph HARPER Son of John & Mary
7L 12 6 Samuel YOP  
7L 1 24 George BROWN  


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