Lydbury North

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Parish Register 1734

The new year started on 25 March in this year.

In the Register, the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are intermingled in approximate chronological order.

Register of Baptisms

Pg MM DD Child Sex Father Mother Surname Notes
18R 5 4 John M John Margaret MAWN  
18R 5 28 Daniel M John Hannah BOWEN  
18R 6 9 Margaret F William Mary PUGH  
18R 7 14 Margaret F Humfrey Ann DAVIS  
18R 8 11 Margaret F John Ann BEANE  
18R 9 7 Priscilla F John Priscilla BRIGHT  
18R 12 11 Mary F William Margaret HAY  
18R 1 26 Jane F Jonathan Mary COLLENS  
19L 2 2 Mary F John Elizabeth JONES  
19L 2 16 John M Richard Mary BEVON  
19L 2 16 Thomas M Thomas Hannah RAWLINS  
19L 2 18 Susannah F Abraham Joan CORNS  
19L 2 18 Mary F Richard Elizabeth HIGGS  
19L 2 22 John M William Jane HARPER  
19L 3 16 Margaret F John Elizabeth BOOLE  
19L 3 17 Ann F William Mary PALFREY  
19L 3 18 Susannah F William Elizabeth SAYCE  
19L 3 22 William M William Margaret JORDAN  

Register of Marriages

Pg MM DD Groom Bride Type Notes
      Given Surname Status Abode Given Surname Status Abode    
18R 4 15 William CARTWRIGHT --- Lydbury North Margaret PINCHES --- Lydbury North Banns  
18R 5 22 William JORDAN --- Lydbury North Margaret HAMMONDS --- Lydbury North Banns  

Register of Burials

Pg MM DD Given Surname Notes
18R 9 9 Humfrey NURTON Son of Humfrey & Mary NURTON
18R 11 3 Ann WARD Infant
18R 11 10 Martha MOOR Widow
18R 1 15 Mary JAMES Wife of Jeremiah JAMES
18R 1 22 Sage NICKOLDS Wife of John NICKOLDS
19L 2 28 John HARPER Infant


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