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Maddocks of Dublin, Isle of man & Liverpool

Earlier Maddock
Ancestors in Dublin

Henry Hutton Maddock, Dublin and Tandregee (Armagh)

Maddocks in the Isle of Man

Arthur Hamilton Maddock and Eliza Birtles

George Frederick Maddock (Liverpool)


Joseph Maddock (my 3rd great grandfather)

When my research into the Maddock’s of Dublin began, the earliest Maddock identified was Joseph Madddock (b.circa  1772) , father of Henry Hutton Maddock.  When Joseph Maddock entered the King’s Inns in 1788, he would have been about 16 years of age. Upon graduation he qualified as an Exchequer Attorney.  Based on this date of admission the probable year of Joseph’s birth is about 1772 (estimated based on qualification as an Exchequer Attorney at age 18).  Also listed in the King’s Inns Admission Papers is another Joseph Maddock, also Exchequer Attorney. His year of admission is not found but it is noted that he died in 1762. Were these two Josephs related, grandfather and grandson perhaps?

King's Inns

Abbreviations: TCD – Trinity College Dublin E - Easter Term, M- Michaelmas term, H - Hilary Term and T - Trinity Term.

Dates and ages are based on research completed by Dublin archivists.


Joseph Maddock (my 4th great grandfather)

I have not been able to definitively identify the father of Joseph Maddock, however there are clues that he was also named Joseph and that he too was a solicitor. 

In 1780 a Joseph Maddock is mentioned as Deputy to Clerk of the Crown. This is most probably the father of Joseph Maddock , my 3rd great grandfather (1773-1858)

JM clerk

In the The Gentleman's and London Magazine: Or Monthly Chronologer, 1741-1794 there is a notice. The same notice appeared in the Dublin Evening Post of March 1790.
JMSen p1
JM Sen p2

A partial translation of the Anglo-French "Oyer et Terminer" which literally means "to hear and to determine" was the legal French name for one of the commissions by which a judge of assize sat.

Then in the 1818 notice of the death of Joseph Maddock(s) he is described as Deputy Clerk of the Crown for the Connaught Circuit.  This is the same office later held by Joseph Maddock, my 3rd great grandfather and, father of Henry Maddock. There is a high probability that these two were father and son.

JM death 1818

The Registry of Deeds holds an Assignment of Mortgage dated 1828 which mentions Joseph Maddock, gentleman of Newtown Avenue, Dublin, eldest son of Joseph Maddock, deceased on or about 1818. Also mentions Mary the wife of Joseph Maddock (1

In the Dublin Directory of 1803 there is a listing for Joseph Maddock, attorney, King's Bench Office. This could be this Joseph Maddock (my 3rd great grandfather) or Joseph Maddock (my 4th great grandfather).

Registry of Deeds: Vol #, Page #, Memorial #
(1)   Memorial    846/324/566824     Image # 169

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