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The next record of my Maddock line is in the notice of the marriage of Henry Hutton Maddock, my great, great grandfather.  In the notice his father, Joseph Maddock, is referred to as a solicitor. Henry Hutton Maddock was 30 at the time of his marriage on the 28th Feb 1851 when he married Anna Frances Bernard, aged 19, in Dublin.  Henry Hutton Maddock was therefore born in 1821 (probably in Dublin). So far no record of birth has been found. Birth year has also been confirmed from other sources of information. (In the burial record in the Isle of Man he died in 1905 aged 84) 

Married by license on 28th Feb 1851, in St. Peter’s C. Of I. Dublin, Henry Maddock, of full age, a gentleman, bachelor with an address in Harold’s Cross. To Anna Frances Bernard, a minor, spinster of no stated occupation, with an address at 66 Aungier Street. Henry Maddock was the son of Joseph Maddock, a solicitor.  Anna Frances Bernard was the daughter of Arthur O’Brien Bernard, a gentleman. -  Record of marriage from St. Peter’s Parish.

There was also a Notice of Marriage in the 1851 Annual Register “At Dublin, Henry Maddocks, esq., to Anna Frances, daughter of Arthur O'Brien Bernard, esq., of Carlow, and Mount Bernard, Isle of Man.”

Ref - The Annual Register. http://www.archive.org/stream/ annualregister139unkngoog/annualregister 139unkngoog_djvu.txt  

Also, in the Gentleman’s Magazine. “At Dublin, Henry Maddocks, esq. only son of the late J. Maddocks, esq. to Anna Frances, third dau. of Arthur O'Brien Bernard, esq. of Carlow, and Mount-Bernard, Isle Man.”

One of the witnesses is Robert Masaroon, brother-in-law of Anna Frances Bernard
Note: spelling varies from Maddock to Maddocks in the notices of marriage

Henry Hutton Maddock was described as a civil engineer in the 1880 Belfast/Ulster Street Directory (living on Church St. Tandragee), in the 1891 Isle of Man census, the 1901 Irish census  and on one of his children’s birth records however, there is no record of him graduating from Trinity College with an engineering degree nor was he ever registered with the The Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland. 

 Griffiths Valuations 1857:  Maddock Henry – Haroldcross W. St. Peter’s parish, Co. Dublin

 Ireland’s Valuation office conducted its first survey of property ownership in Ireland from 1848 to 1864. This survey became known as "Griffiths Valuation" after Richard Griffith who was the director of the office at that time. The survey was used to determine the amount of tax each person should pay towards the support of the poor within their poor law union. This involved determining the value of all privately held lands and buildings in rural as well as urban areas to figure the rate at which each unit of property could be rented year after year. The resulting survey was arranged by barony and civil parish with an index to the townlands appearing in each volume.

Town Clerk’s Office – City Assembly Hall, Dublin.

“I hereby certify that Henry Maddock of 36 North Cumberland St. in the City of Dublin was admitted into the liberties and franchises of the City of Dublin on the eighteenth day of January 1853 by right of birth." 

Dated 25th Feb 1853.  Roll # 4241. William Ford, Town Clerk, City of Dublin.

The Maddock children

There are records of eleven children born to Henry and Anna Maddock between 1852 and 1875 (census information but not actual birth records of the children born in Dublin). The first six children were born in Dublin. In approximately 1865 Henry and Anna moved from Dublin to Tandragee, Northern Ireland. There, he was agent to the Duke of Manchester, Tandragee Castle, Co. Armagh where the other Maddock children were born. The children took lessons with the children of the Duke of Manchester and their tutors, in Tandragee Castle.

The Maddock children each had several names.  Many of these names came from Anna’s relatives. Others came from Henry’s family or outside the family. Children of Anna and Henry Maddock, born in Dublin: 

    • Arthur Hamilton Maddock, 1853, my great, grandfather
    • Elizabeth Galloway Maddock born 1856. Died in Tanragee, Co Armagh 1872 aged 15 (Notice in the Belfast Telegraph)
    • Elinore (or Ellie) Maddock, 1859
    • William Hayes Maddock 1860, was born at 63 Heytesbury St, Dublin. No further record so it is probable that he died as an infant
    • Edward Bailey Bernard Stackpool Odell Maddock Oct 29th 1861. (In the Parish Register only the names Edward Stackpoole Odell are shown). He was born at 63 Heytesbury St, Dublin. His marriage certificate gave all the names.

Born in Tandragee, Armagh  

    • Anna Olivia (Posie) Maddock 1863
    • Charlotte Masaroon Morgan Maddock 10 July, Tandragee1866. Died aged 7 in Isle of Man in 1873
    • Henry Henderson Gayer Maddock.  12 Oct Tandragee, Co Armagh 1867
    • Harriet Hamilton Trail Maddock (Bridie).Tandragee 12 April 1870
    • Mona Maud Mary Maddock, Tandragee, 1873
    • Standish O’Grady Joseph Ira Dwight Knaggs Maddock.  9 Jul 1875 Tandragee

Sources: Names and dates of birth, of the children of Henry Hutton Maddock, have been extrapolated from several sources i.e. International Genealogical Index, head stones, church records, family documents and oral history.  Information from different sources, in some instances, is conflicting.  Only baptismal certificates from Tandragee are available to verify these names or dates.

There are various references to Henry and Anna Maddock in both the Isle of Man and Ulster in the years between 1865 and 1906. 

In 1872 he is the receiver for the sale of hay from the lands of the Duke of Manchester (27 July 1872 - Portadown News - Portadown, Armagh)

Hay sale

It is probable that Henry remained in the employ of the Duke of Manchester at Tandragee Castle as well as spending time in the Isle of Man. His mother, Mary Maddock appears to have lived with Henry and Anna in Tandragee as a deed between them in 1873 describes Mary Maddock, a widow, as "of Tandragee"

In Slater’s Directory Co Armagh 1881, under the section - Fire, &c. Office Agents. Lists  Henry Maddocks, Market St. English & Scottish Law (life)”. (Note spelling variance.)

Members of the family are also mentioned in the 1886 edition of  "Report of the Ulster Society for promoting the education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind". Donations noted from H. Maddock and Miss Maddock (Tandragee).

There was a death notice in the Belfast Newsletter May 1876 of the death of Mary Maddock of Tandragee on the 8th may 1876, widow of Joseph Maddock. 

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