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Maddocks of Dublin, Isle of man & Liverpool

Earlier Maddock Ancestors in Dublin

Henry Hutton Maddock, Dublin and Tandregee (Armagh)

Maddocks in the Isle of Man

Arthur Hamilton Maddock and Eliza Birtles

George Frederick Maddock (Liverpool)


The Maddocks had title to an estate in the Isle of Man which was purchased by Henry Hutton Maddock from his wife's family, the Bernards. The Bernards were from Co. Carlow, but owned an estate called “Mount Bernard” in the 1830s and 1840s, in Lonan in the Isle of Man. In the 1841 census the Bernards are living at "Mount Bernard" which was next door to a property named Balladhoo. The family living there in 1841 was named Kelly.  The estate was 60 acres in Lonan near Douglas, the capital. There are some 600 'Balla's on the Island - Balla is the most common prefix for a place name and derives from Balley (Irish Baile) 'a homestead'. Balley doo, means 'Black farm.'

As described in the story of Arthur O'Brien Bernard and his wife Anna Frances Bernard the family became indebted in 1830 and the estate called Balladhoo was put into a trust for 21 years for Anna Frances Bernard. 

Henry Hutton Maddock married Anna Frances Bernard in Dublin in 1851. In the marriage notice for Henry Maddock and Anna Bernard her father was described as “Arthur O'Brien Bernard, esq., of Carlow, and Mount Bernard, Isle of Man”.  Anna Frances (Bernard) Maddock was born in1832 in Castletown, Isle of Man

In 1854 a document was drawn up for the Bernards to sell the "Balladhoo" estate in the Isle of Man to Henry Hutton Maddock for 200. This deed was registered in 1855. A year later another deed dated Jan 9th 1855 was drawn up to sell Balladhoo to Mary Maddock (Mary Maddock was the mother of Henry Maddock and mother-in-law of Anna Bernard). A later document in 1873, reveals that Henry and Anna Maddock did not execute the 1855 document to sell Balladhoo to Mary Maddock. 

In 1873 a deed shows the estate was sold to Mary Maddock for the sum of five shillings, far less than the 200 originally agreed on. Then, in an indenture dated 1875 Mary Maddock sold the estate back to Henry and Anna for five shillings. This indenture was not registered in the Isle of Man Registry Office until 1904, probably at the time that Henry Hutton Maddock was making his will

There was an additional deed in 1896 which described the sale of Balladhoo by Edward Gelling and  his wife Anne to Henry Maddock of Balladhoo House of  "lands of Balladhoo" which Gelling had purchased from Andrew Bowman in 1888.  It appears from the various documents that describe the property first owned by the Bernards called "Mount Bernard" (later called Balladhoo House) and the adjacent property also known as Balladhoo, eventually were all owned by Henry Maddock.

Several of these deeds were witnessed by Olivia Gracey.  Henry Hutton Maddock had a sister named Olivia who was born in 1815 in Dublin. I could not find a marriage for Olivia Maddock but I did find a burial record for Olivia Gracey of Rathfarnham, Co Dublin in 1894 at the age of 79 (which means she would have been born in 1815).  I can only assume that the Olivia Gracey who witnessed the deeds for Henry and Mary Maddock was Henry's sister and Mary's daughter. I have yet to find the proof.

Although the Maddocks owned Balladhoo in the Isle of Man they also maintained a residence in Tandragee, Co Armagh. Henry Maddock employed his son-in-law, John Kelly who owned an adjacent property, as steward of the farm.  While living in Tandragee  Henry Hutton Maddock and his son Arthur Hamilton Maddock rented a shop at 47 Duke St. Douglas in 1872.  


1891 census for Lonan, IoM, at Balladoo Farm lists:
Anna Maddock 1841 age 50 born in IoM
• Henry Maddock born in Dublin 1831 age 60. Civil engineer
• Mona Maddock 1873 aged 18 born in Dublin
• Standish 1877 aged 14 born Launde Ayce, Armagh, Ireland
• Edward Maddock 1871 aged 20 born in Dublin (actual birth year was 1861 so he was 30, not 20)

Henry Gayer Maddock was overseas in 1891. 
Either Mona's age is wrong or her place of birth. If she was born in Dublin then her birth year is before 1866.

In the 1881 and 1894 Brown's Directory - Lonan, Henry Maddock is listed as "farmer and landowner, Balladhoo"

In the Isle of Man Times in 1894 a notice of sale of farm stock was posted

sale farm stock

The family relocated to 1 Newsham Terrace in Douglas but retained the farm.   (I could not locate Newsham Terrace on Google maps. It appears to be a row of houses on Woodbourne Street near the junction with York Rd. in Douglas)

In 1901 Henry, Anna, Edward, Mona and Henry Gayer Maddock were back in Tandragee. At the same time Anna Olivia (Posie), who was married to John Kelly, was living in the Isle of Man and Standish, her brother, is staying with Olivia and John Kelly.  Arthur Maddock, the eldest son, died in Liverpool in 1895.  In both the 1891 and 1901 Isle of Man census Elinore (Ellie) is visiting a cousin, Eliza Daly. In the 1901 census Harriet (Bridie) is also visiting Eliza Daly.

1901 Irish Census

Anna Frances

Anna Frances Maddock (nee Bernard)

This photograph was taken in Douglas, Isle of Man, by Abel Lewis a renowned photographer sometime between 1873 and 1885.  Anna Frances Maddock died in 1903 in Onchan, Isle of Man, at the age of 68. She was buried on the 11th May 1903.

Henry Hutton Maddock died in Douglas, Isle of Man at the age of 84. He was buried in Onchan on the 13th November 1905.  Henry Maddock left a will dated May 1904. 


The application for probate, filed by his executor, son Edward, lists Henry's children: Edward, Eleanor, Harriet, Olivia (Kelly) and Mona on the Island and Standish and Henry G in South Africa.

The sale of the farm was advertised in the Isle of Man Times in February and June 1906

sale HHM goods
sale balladhoo

Following the death of Henry Hutton Maddock there were Acknowledgements in  the Isle of Man Times in 1908 "Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, Baldroma, wish to thank their many friends for kind enquiries and letters of sympathy during their very sad bereavement".  "The misses Maddocks (The Nook) wish to thank their many friends for kind enquiries and letters of sympathy during their very sad bereavement"  The misses Maddocks referred to were Mona, Harriet and Elinore.



The Census of 1881 lists Eliza (Birtles) Maddock 23, as living in Douglas, Isle of Man. Although Eliza was described as a widow in the census she  had left her home and husband in Liverpool and returned to live with her mother in 1878 or 1879 (before Emily was born). Her husband Arthur was still alive and living in Lancashire. Living with Eliza, in Douglas, are her sons George (7), Henry (4) and daughter Emily (2)

The Census of the Isle of Man of 1881:

  • Eliza’s mother – Mary Birtles, 52 (1829)
  • Eliza (Birtles) Maddock (1858) widow age 23. Born in Bendigo Victoria, Australia
  • George Fredrick Maddock age 7 (born 25 Mar 1874, St. Helens in Lancs,)
  • Henry Maddock age 4 (born in Liverpool 26 Aug 1876, 43 Cornwallis Street,)
  • Emily Grace Hutton Maddock age 2 born in Douglas, I of Man (18 Mar 1879) Died in I of Man in 1920 aged 29

After his wife Eliza (Birtles) Maddock left to return to the Isle of Man Arthur married Rachel Jane Sagg (bigamously) in Liverpool in 1886. He died, aged 42, from  excessive drinking.

Edward was appointed as the executor of his father's estate but, after apparently failing to get on with the business of selling his father's assets, he was taken to court and removed as the executor.

log 1
log 2

Several other articles about the case appear in Isle of Man publications.

In 1911 Edward Maddock  moved to Liverpool following the death of his father. He married Elizabeth (Bessie) Kelly (aged 26) on the sixteenth of May 1911, in Chorlton, Lancs. Edward (was a bachelor, aged 45) he stated his occupation was as a publisher although he still owned the shop in  Douglas.  In 1915 he declared bankruptcy.  Notices of the bankruptcy appeared in the Isle of Man newspapers.

AH Maddock

Olivia to Kelly

John was a farmer and a neighbour of the Maddocks in the Isle of Man, son of John Kelly. Anna (Posie) is listed in both the 1901 and 1911census of the Isle of Man. There is a burial of an Anna Kelly in Douglas in 1913 but I cannot confirm if this is Posie.
Most of the information about Standish Maddock was obtained from the death notice of Elizabeth Maddock who died in 1966 in Johannesburg.