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Introduction to the Bernard Family of  Carlow, Laois and Offaly, Ireland

Charles Bernard of Carlow  born circa 1638 - died 1668 (Children: Thomas John and Philip)

Thomas Bernard and Deborah Franks (Children: Charles, Franks, Elizabeth, Joseph and Anne)

Philip Bernard (1668-1721)

Charles Bernard of Laois (Queen’s Co). (Eldest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Franks Bernard of Carlow (Second son of Thomas and Deborah)

Joseph Bernard of Carlow (youngest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Thomas Bernard of Castletown, Offaly (Son of Joseph and Mary)

John Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

William Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

Thomas Bernard of Carlow (Son of William and Mary)

Arthur O’Brien Bernard of Carlow and the Isle of Man (son of Thomas and Anne)

Bernards of Tullow, Aghade, Newstowne and Rathrush, Co Carlow

Philip Bernard (Sen.), was the youngest son of Charles and Mary Bernard. He was born about 1668 he would have married, about 1698/1700. His wife Elizabeth was sister of Lorenzo Hodson.  Philip died between 1735 and 1738 see Registry of Deeds Memorials (1) . Some of his children were born in Aghold (near the Wicklow Co. border).    Children born to Philip and Elizabeth Bernard:
  • Anne Bernard born 1700 Married Lieutenant John Hall of Carlow and Dublin in 1718 (8). Son of John and Elizabeth Hall. Parties to the marriage settlement were Lorenzo Hodson of Coolkenno, Wicklow; Philip Bernard; and Elizabeth Hall, widow and mother of John Hall.
    • William Hall
    • Elizabeth
  • Philip Bernard (Jun), born 1701 (married Catherine Bambrick of Maidehead, Leix in 1740). He died in 1760. children:

      • Elizabeth Bernard (1742-1786) who married Bartholomew Newton (son of John Newton of Bushertown) October 4th, 1755. Their children were:
        • Catherine Newton, about 1756
        • John Newton, about 1758
        • Philip Newton b. 1759 and
        • Elizabeth Newton. about 1760
Note 1: Bartholomew Newton’s grandfather, also Bartholomew Newton and a Notary Public, witnessed the will of Thomas Bernard in 1720
Note 2:
Burke states that Philip (son of Charles Bernard) married Catherine Bambrick, of Maidenhead in Queen’s Co.  However, according to the Parish Records, the mother of Philip’s children was Elizabeth [Hodson]. It was their son Philip (Jun.) who married Catherine Bambrick in 1740. Also recorded in Memorial 264551(5). His mother Catherine is mentioned as well as John Bambrick a trustee for Philip Bernard (Sen)
Burke was therfore mistaken.  Interestingly a Thomas Bernard also married a Bambrick. I have not been able to determine if Mary and Catherine Bambrick were related.
      • Philip Bernard - 1744-1789
      • Frances Bernard (a spinster in 1788)
      • John Bernard born July 15th 1746, baptized, August 6th 1746., died in infancy
  • Hodson Bernard* (see below), born in 1705 (2) Died before 1784
  • John Bernard (born 1711) (2). Named as youngest son in a deed in 1733  (3)
  • Elizabeth Bernard 1704
  • Jane Bernard Born about 1710
        .Baptismal records for some of the Bernard children

The three sons of Philip Bernard (Sen) were named in a lease dated May 1720 from Benjamin Burton, i.e. Philip (Jun), Hodson and John  (4)


    There were three generation of Bernards named Philip.

Abstracts of deeds from the papers of the Burton family, county Carlow provide evidence that Philip and his son Philip (Jun) lived in Carlow. Reference is also made to Philip (Jun.) being the eldest son of Philip.

Hodson Bernard* was born in 1705. There is no record of a marriage.  He was probably named after his mother Elizabeth Hodson, who was, most likely, a sister of Lorenzo Hodson of Carlow, whose mother was also named Elizabeth.  In 1712 Philip Bernard made a payment of 900/49 to Lorenzo Hodson providing further evidence of that relationship.

There is proof that Hodson and Philip Bernard were brothers as they were both named as "life" benificiaries and brothers in a deed registered in 1739 (6). Also named as a "life" beneficiary was William Hall, son of John Hall, who was the brother-in-law of Philip Bernard. 

Several references to Hodson Bernard were found:
  1. He was party to a deed with Philip Bernard 1728 ;
  2. Listed in the Court of Common Pleas about 1730;
  3. 1738 listed with brother Philip in a deed  (6
  4. From 1745 to 1749 Hodson Bernard served with the 35th Royal Sussex Regiment. He started as an Ensig, was then promoted to First Lieutenant and then Captain (in 1748).
  5. 1766 party to a deed which was witnessed by a William Bernard;
  6. 1767 he is listed as a freeholder in Carlow.
  7. 1768 Listed in the writ of election in Carlow;
  8. Died in 1780. 
Hodson was a party to the transfer of a deed regarding the Mortlestown lease, (mentioned previously) in both  1728 and 1766 (7

There are also two leases which cite Hodson Bernard, from the Burton Papers

Document code P1/0426
Date [1841]

Also recites lease dated 8 October 1768 whereby Grace Loggan, widow of Reverend Joseph Loggan, demised to Hodson Bernard, esquire, the enclosed park known as the Quarry field then in the possession of Samuel Fitzgerald. Contains 4 acres and 3 roods plantation measure and lying by the road leading from Carlow to Castledermot, county Kildare. Lease to run for three named lives renewable forever. Annual rent of 2.19.4.

Also recites details of lease dated 24 December 1776 made between William Leybourne and Hodson Bernard in respect of the garden on the east side of Chapel lane, Carlow. Bounded on the south with the land Hudson Bernard purchased from Peter Webb and which Webb held from Jocelyn Davison, on the east with Bernard's Quarry field, on the west with the house inhabited by John Rothe and to the north with the chapel and Michael Rooney's holding and limekiln. Lease to run for three named lives with covenant for perpetual renewal. Annual rent of 2.5.6 sterling.

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