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My great grandmother, Caroline White married Thomas Porter Grayson (senior).

Caroline’s great, great, grandparents were Richard White and Anne (Dolton?). Their children were born in South Willingham, Lincs:

John White, born 1719 married Elizabeth Watters, on 17th Aug 1742 in Lincoln. (They were Caroline’s great grandparents): Children of John and Elizabeth, all born in South Willingham, Lincolnshire are:
William White, born 1750 in South Willingham, Lincolnshire; died Nov-1813 in South Willingham, Lincolnshire. He married Ann Sharp 4th Nov 1778 in South Willingham. (She was born in 1760 died Oct-1850 in South Willingham, Lincolnshire). William and Ann were Caroline’s grandparents. Children of William White and Ann, all born in South Willingham, Lincolnshire are:

William White, born 1793 in South Willingham, Lincolnshire; died May, 1860 in Wispington, Lincolnshire. He married Jane Wilkinson 19-Apr-1814 in Benniworth, Lincolnshire. (She was born 1795 in Hawerby Cum Beesby, Lincolnshire; died Mar-1873 in Wispington, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of John Wilkinson and Frances (unknown). William White was a game keeper. He and Jane (Wilkinson) White had 16 children. Born in South Willingham, Lincolnshire:
There appear to have been two sets of twins: Richard and Sarah 1814; John and Richard 1821


Jane’s Wilkinson's parents, Caroline’s maternal grandparent’s, were John and Frances Wilkinson. Children of John Wilkinson and Frances, all born in Hawerby Cum Beesby, Lincolnshire are:
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