This page is dedicated to my Beal and Haller ancestors who fled
Germany in order to practice their religious beliefs.  They
established a religious colony in Blooming Grove, Lycoming
County, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Haller was the founder and religious
leader of the original colony. The Beal family eventually
migrated to Crawford County, Ohio where most of the descendants
still live. 

Conditions in Moehringen leading to emigration to America in 1817. From "The Journal of the Blooming Grove Historical Society", Volume 1, Number 6. Spring 1985.
Read a historical sketch of BLOOMING GROVE COLONY written by David C. Ulmer in 1928.
Blooming Grove And Its First Inhabitants. An article from the USGENWEB Archives, contributed by Harold E. Bower, Jr.
View the descendants and ancestors of Michael Bühl and Frederick Conrad Haller two of the original founders of Blooming Grove Colony.

Obituaries taken from:
"Blooming Grove - A History of the Congregation of Dunkers who settled in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, 1805, together with the origin of the German Baptist Church in America, 1840." Joseph H. McMinn, Williamsport, PA 1901.
The obituaries marked with "*" contain additional interesting information about the colony.

Obituaries of some of the early settlers of Blooming Grove Colony
Rev. Doctor Frederick Conrad Haller Wendell Harmon
Ferdinand Frederick Scheel Michael Bertsch
Michael Buehl John George Waltz
Frederick Gross John George Kiess
Christopher Kiess Frederick Schaffer*
David Young Ernest Maxamillian Adams
Leonhard Staiger Christian Raisch
Frederick Weinman Leonhard Ulmer
Leonhard Ulmer(Jr.) John & Gottlieb Heim*
"Christly" Heim Jacob Heim
Christian Heim Christian Heim(Jr.)
Jacob C.Heim Jacob Heim
Jacob Heim

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