Christmas table runners
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Christmas table runners

I have been relearning some old quilting skills and learning some new ones.  I have been practicing on table runners.  They are all approximately
12" x 36" or so.  Machine quilting has been a huge learning curve, so I've made lots of mistakes!

#1 - pink/fuschia poinsettias, gold highlights - Sherrie gets this one!
#2 - Plaid center square, French Horns in lighter fabric.  This one taken - by David and McKayla.

#3 - Patchwork blocks - green/red/blue - Glenn and Lili took this one!
#4 - Christmas stars (quilted with Holly design - not perfect!!) - I've decided to keep this one for myself!

#5 - Blue glittery church scene - diagonal orientation.
#6 = Blue glitter church scene, horizontal orientation

#7 - red/green/gold - with French Horns in cream strips - Found a home with Mark and Becky.
#8 - Blue glitter church/ vertical orientation

#9 Ribbon twist.  (binding not quite finished yet.