Jenner & Sandee
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Jenner & Sandee

Jenner and Sandee have been enjoying their home in Grand Prairie.  Jenner is still working for Commercial Metals. He does their corporate state tax accounts. They are a steel manufacturing and recycling company, with plants in several states. They make rebar and joists for construction.

Sandee has been able to stay home and take care of the boys. She makes regular visits to "the Ranch" in Milford to visit her parents. She took a cake decorating class and has made some fun cakes, and some fancy ones, including a wedding cake for her brother, and several others since then.

Charlie is 13 years old. He is very happy, talks a mile a minute, and loves to talk on the phone. He is playing the tuba in the school band.  He loves playing all kinds of ball games. The boys all love playing Wii in their new media room on the projection screen and on their iPads.

Josh is 12. He is a real ham when a camera gets turned his way! He loves school, it taking some exceptional classes and doing well.  He loves math!  He's a pretty mean drummer when the Wii Rock Band is going!

Jake will soon be 10.  He can really wail when singing in the "Rock Band" on the Wii.  He's also a real chatterbox on the phone.

The boys play softball and soccer during the summer and fall and love all things Cars and Harry Potter. Jenner and the boys have made some fun stop-action videos.

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March 2015;  Back - Charlie, Jenner, Josh;  Front - Jake, Sandee

March 2013, Clockwise from Jenner: Charlie, Jake, Sandee, Josh

March  2012  Charlie, Jenner, Josh, Sandee, Jake

January 2011
Josh, Jenner, Charlie, Sandee, Jake

Family Picture, June 2010 -       
Clockwise from Jenner; Josh, Sandee, Charlie, and Jake
July 2010 - Those Bryson boys: Josh, Jake, Charlie

Jake, June 2010

Josh, June 2010

Charlie, June 2010

Josh,  July 2005

Jenner's family, 24 July 2005.

What a couple of hams - Jake and Josh, 10 Apr 2010

18 Jun 2010, 3 boys in Murray, Utah

5-Generation pictures with Charlie -
8 Dec 2002; Lorraine Smith, Irene Hatch (age 96), Jenner Bryson, Charlie Bryson, Maureen Bryson.  
4 July 2003; Sandee Bryson, Jamie Johnson, Bob Pace, Virginia Spies (age 92), Charlie Bryson.