Family Pictures
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Other Family Pictures
December 2014 - Compiled with a little help from Photoshop!
Our four boys - Jenner & Sandee, Sherrie & Russell, Becky & Mark, Glenn & Lili

June 2006, at Grandma Hatch's 100th Birthday Party.
Clockwise from Grandma: Irene Hatch, Mark, Russell, Glenn, Layne, Maureen, Jenner.
5-generation picture with Maureen, her mom Lorraine, and Grandma Irene Hatch, 27 July 2005;
Russell (far right), Jenner (second from left in back) and grandkids: (left to right)
David, Emily, Josh, Brandon, Charlie, Mary.
5-generation pictures , Nov 2004.
Jenner with Charlie and Josh.                                      Russell with David, Mary, Emily, and Brandon.
Our "family" portrait, aka the crew of the Enterprise, (with a little help from Photoshop - OK a LOT of help!)
Back: Glenn, Sherrie, Layne; Front: Maureen, Mark, Jenner, Russell.
Pictures below taken December 2002
Sherrie, David, Russell, Glenn, Mark, Jenner
     Emily, Mary, Maureen, Layne, Sandee, Charlie

The grandkids
David, Mary, Emily, Charlie

5 Generations
Emily, Russell, Grandma Hatch, David, Grandma Smith, Mary, Grandma Bryson, Jenner, Charlie