Layne & Maureen
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Layne & Maureen
Well, we did it - no more work!  We have both retired!!  2016 was an interesting year of changes, and now we are 66, retired, Medicare card carriers, trying to fill our spare time!  
Layne retired from the LDS Church Printing Center the end of October 2015, after working there nearly 12 years.  He hasn't quite decided what to do with his retirement extra time.  He enjoys Googling around on Google Earth, and following cruise ships and airplanes.  He is helping with the Webelo Scouts at church.  
Our biggest change is our move to Texas in July 2016.  After Maureen's parent's deaths in February, we made good on our plan to move to Texas when they were gone.  We are really glad to be out of the snow! We found a lovely home in Temple, Texas, between Waco and Austin, and are loving the green, and the rolling hills.  We do miss the mountains, but not the snow!
We continue to enjoy geocaching - finding back roads we haven't been on before and finding caches along the way.  We have taken our Toyota FJ Cruiser, "Big Blue" on lots of dirt roads and one memorable few miles of no road to a geocache in the western Utah desert.  Our newest adventure is visiting all 254 counties in Texas.  We are currently up to 176, so "only" 77 left!!  We are having fun traveling around our new home state.

Maureen quit her job the middle of September 2015.  She spent most of the next few months taking care of her mom and dad.  They both passed away in February 2016, and she spent the next couple of months settling their estate.  She is the organist and the compassionate service leader at church.
We took several trips in 2016; Death Valley in the spring, Hawaii in May, Florida in June, Alaska in July, two trips to Texas in April and June, a 6200-mile trip to New England in the fall, and lots of mini-trips around Texas.  We have now visited and Geocached in all 50 United States and the District of Columbia.    
At the Laie Hawaii Temple, May 2016
At Volcanos National Park, May 2016

At Capitol Reef National Park, October 8, 2015.

Maureen on the top of Mt. Olympus, September 19, 2015, with her nieces, Bethany and Susan.

On Power Island, Michigan at site of MIchigan's oldest Geocache,
6 September 2014.

The LOWS and HIGHS of our travels!!!!
January 2014 - below sea level in Death Valley, California

September 2012 - at almost 11,000 feet on South Skyline Drive, central Utah

December 2011 - Finally got a picture with the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign!

30 Nov 2010 - Four Corners.  Not another soul around, about 9:30 in the morning.  
Thank goodness for digital cameras with timers!!

23 May 2010 - Mark's Wedding on Jekyll Island, Georgia

1 March 2008, Paris, Idaho, our 35th Anniversary

Christmas table runners