Russell & Sherrie
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Russell & Sherrie

Russell and Sherrie and their family are doing well.  E-mail them.

Russell and Sherrie have been in West Valley City now for 7 years.  Russell is driving for a cookie/edible bouquet delivery service.  He never knows when he'll be needed or how many deliveries he will have, but it is good for him to be out in the work force again.

Sherrie has is still working in the cafeteria at the school and keeps very busy taking care of her home and family.

David turned 18 in July.  He graduated from Hunter High School in May.  He is currently working/training at Deseret Industries. He is interested in computers and possibly a career in cooking.

Mary is 16.  She is in 10th grade and does really well in school. She recently got her driving permit and has been doing well navagating the roads.  She writes extremely well and loves to read. She likes doing puzzles and art projects and horses. She enjoys her Young Women activities.  Mary was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January 2014, with a stay in the ICU at Primary Children's Medical Center.  She is learing to cope with the changes that has made in her life and looking forward to getting an insulin pump.

Emily is now 14 and in 8th grade. She is enjoying school and her teacher is really impressed with her. She is playing the violin in the orchestra and singing in the school choir.

Brandon is 11 and constantly surprises us with some of the observations he comes up with. He keeps us all hopping! He recently started taking piano lessons, and seems to be very quick at learning to play.

Russell and family, February 2013; clockwise from Russell; Emily, Sherrie,
David, Mary, Brandon.

February 2012 - Boys - Russell, David, Brandon  Girls - Sherrie, Mary, Emily

Clockwise:  Russell, David, Brandon, Sherrie, Emily, Mary - January 2011

January 2009 Top: Clockwise: Russell, Mary, Brandon, Sherrie, Emily, David.

January 2008. Top: Brandon Sherrie, Emily.
Bottom: Mary, Russell, David

Emily, David, Brandon, and Mary with their then 99-year-old
great-great-grandmother, Irene Hatch, 24 July 2005.

David, July 2003. One of Nana's favorite pictures of him.

David placing David's Dino near Wendover, Utah,
March 15, 2008

Mary and Emily, May 24, 2008, out geocaching with
Maureen. This was in the grass in a little park in
Grantsville, Utah.

Bryson Family (all but Russell) on Antelope Island, 24th of July 2010.
Sherrie, Mary, David, Brandon, Emily