Mark & Becky
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Mark & Becky

Mark is enjoying his experiences in the Air Force.  He settled into his new duties at Aviano Air Base, Italy, the first time in a long time to be stationed at an Air Force Base.  They have been enjoying being in Italy and all the local vineyards and have traveled around, including certifying as scuba divers.

You can e-mail Mark.

Also see some of the comic strips he sent to us while on his LDS mission in Santiago, Chile.

Mark and Becky in Rome, May 2013.

Mark, Becky and Jared, July 2012

Jared, Becky, and Mark in Athens, July 2011 to watch cousin Jennifer bowl
in the World Special Olympics.

Mark and Becky, February 2011

Mark and Becky, January 2009

Mark, Becky, and Jared, March 2010

23 May 2010, The wedding.  (Mark missed having an extra stripe by just a few days!)

Becky and Mark at the Atlanta Denver airport on their honeymoon trip!
We sure had fun watching all the fun looks they got as they walked by.
Becky's Dad has worked for Disney World for over 30 years.

Mark, in Baghdad, Iraq, November 2007

Mark, December 2006, northern Italy Alps near Arabba.

His mother's favorite picture of Mark while he was in Santiago, with the city and the Andes mountains in the background, maybe in 2000.

Below, Mark at the Alamo after basic training, Spring 2002.

Last Sunday at home before
heading off to basic training, December 2001.

Mark doing some rapelling in Arizona, July 2003.