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In February 2008, Maureen got to take a trip to Newfoundland to visit with her friend from Las Vegas, Jennifer Bell. She stayed in St. John's with Jennifer's mom, Mary Yetman, and cousin, Sonia Edison. They were wonderful hostesses. We did some genealogy (of course!), 3 days at the Provincial Archives. But she also got to do some sightseeing, though on the one day when it was really cold, Jennifer and Sonia stayed in the car while Maureen braved the freezing wind to do some hiking and taking pictures. Here are a few of her favorite reminders of her trip.

St. John's Bay

Frozen pond southwest of St. John's
There were wooden garbage containers in the countryside near Bay Roberts and Harbour Grace. Most were just plain, but some were decorated.

Town of Harbour Grace from the south. This is the area where many of Jennifer's ancestors came from.
Harbour Grace Catholic Church.

Harbour Grace Anglican Church (Church of England).

Statue of Amelia Earhart and the "Spirit of Harbour Grace." She took off from Harbour Grace at the start of her historic trans-Atlantic solo flight.

Shops in St. John's. Some of the houses are also multicolored like this - "jelly bean houses."
Cabot Tower on Signal Hill in St. John's. From this hill Marconi received the first tranoceanic radio message. The wind was so strong up there that day I could hardly hold onto the camera.

Lighthouse at Cape Spear, St. John's.
When the ice freezes on the rocks like this, they are called ballycatters. There had been some heavy rain a few days earlier, so not as much ice as there had been.

Cape Spear - the easternmost point of land in North America (if you don't count Greenland). Quite the little hike I had out to the viewpoint on an icy and snowy path.
Cliffs north of Cape Spear with ice falls.

Long Street, with its 5 houses. Said to be one of the shortest streets in North America.

Flying into Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Flying into Toronto.