Trips 2011
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Trips 2011

A glimpse into our travels during 2011
Midway Ice Castle - January 2011
Midway Ice Castle

April 4, Wendover Sunset

Wendover Rainbow Cloud

Northeast from Boyd Station on the old Pony Express Road, April 2, 2011.

Fun rock just off the Pony Express Road.

Manti Temple, May 14, 2011

Looking down on the "Y" from the top, May 28

Cache Cave, Pioneer stopping spot, June 18
Cache Cave

The Needles, Wyoming/Utah border, on old pioneer trail

Piedmont kilns, Piedmont, Wyoming, June 18, 2011

July 2, 2011 - Getting ready for hot air balloon ride

View from hot air balloon - what a great ride!

Monument Rock, Echo Canyon, old pioneer landmark

The Witches rocks, Just north of Echo Canyon 2 July

Donner Lake, California, September 22, 2011

Donner Pass Pioneer Monument - as tall as the snow was when they were stranded there in 1846.

TR1 (U2 spy plane) at Travis AFB, CA, 22 September

Pony Express Station, Old Sacramento, 23 September

Sacramento Temple, 23 September

Bridal Veil Falls, California 23 September

South Fork of American River, 23 September

Cave Rock, east side of Lake Tahoe, 23 September

Lake Tahoe, 23 September

Lake Tahoe, 23 September

Sand Mountain, central Nevada, sand dune!  Those are 4 wheelers going down and waiting to go down!! 24 Sep

Hickson Petroglyphs, Nevada.  25 September 2011

Kolob Canyon, Zion's Park, Utah October 6, 2011

Mountains near Hurricane, Utah, October 6

Clouds, sunset in Northern Arizona, 8 Oct 2011

Sunset north of Flagstaff, Arizona, 8 Oct 2011

Widstoe, Utah old schoolhouse, 9 October 2011

Osiris, Utah old mill, 9 October 2011

Otter Creek Reservoir, 9 October 2011

Flintstones car, Marysvale, Utah, 9 October 2011

Brigham City Utah Temple, 15 October 2011

Welcome to Louisiana, 11 November 2011 - 11/11/11!

Greenwood, Louisiana Cemetery, 11/11/11 - Found more than a dozen Bryson headstones in this little cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery, Louisiana

Leeds Canyon, northwest of St. George, 2 December

Moapa Valley, Nevada, 2 December

December 26 Canyonlands National Monument -
Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point



Upheaval Dome

Baby arch

Green River Overlook

Green River Overlook

Mesa Arch

Monitor and Merrimac

Arches National Monument 27 December 2011 - Arches

Three Gossips

Balanced Rock just after Sunrise

Balanced Rock

Turret Arch

The Windows

Double Arch

Garden of Eden

Skyline Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Landscape Arch

Tree near Landscape Arch

Sand Dune Arch

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch from below

The Goosenecks, San Juan River

The Moki Dugway

Bridges National Monument, Kachina Bridge, 28 December

Sipapu Bridge

Hula Hoop Cow Sign!!
Utah Sunset north of Tikaboo, 28 December 2011