Trips 2013
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Trips 2013

A few pictures from 2013 - some local (mostly Geocaching) trips and our GRAND trip to Europe and our Mediterranean cruise.
(Really only a FEW of the nearly 1000 pictures we took on our trip to Europe! If you REALLY want a day by day with more pictures, go here.)

Icicles at University of Utah - it was about 15° that day!
Joshua tree in bloom in NW Arizona, March 2

Train Station in Nuremburg, Germany
Cologne Cathedral

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Hague LDS Temple
Tulips at Keukenhof, Netherlands

The Colosseum, Rome
One of many, many domed ceilings in Rome

The Trevi Fountain.  Yes we threw in a coin.
St. Peter's, Rome.

Vatican Museums ceiling.
Marble inlaid table.  It is gorgeous!!
Vatican Museums

Fort in Civitavecchia, Italy

Sunset on the Mediterannean!
Tower of Pisa

Steps inside the tower - worn unevenly because of the tilt!
Pisa Cathedral from the Tower.

Church in Marseilles, France.
The "Block Building" in Marseilles

Marseilles Cathedral
Cathedral in Palma, Majorca.

Getting our feet wet in the Mediterannean in Palma
Doorway arch of the Palma Cathedral.

Inside roof of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
Stained Glass in Sagrada Familia.

South side of Sagrada Familia
Tile wall in Barcelona

Mt. Vesuvius at sunrise from the ship.

Funny sculpture on the road up Mt. Vesuvius!
Mt. Vesuvius crater.

Pompeii, body cast.   You could easily envision the tears running down his cheeks as he waited to die...

"Mickey Mouse" on the Mountain north of Silver Lake.

Colorado Columbine - gorgeous flower

Moose at Silver Lake, June 28, 2013.

Rotor clouds, Bell's Canyon, July 15.
Lower Falls, Bell's Canyon, July 15.

Castle Rock, Fremont State Park, July 24th
This is the Place Monument at Sunset, July 29.

The "Great Hunt Panel" in 9-Mile Canyon, August 3.
Green River, August 3

Oquirrh Lake, near home, August 16
Blazing Star wildflower, September 6, near Kanosh, Utah

Hot Spring near Kanosh, September 6
Snow Canyon in the morning mist, September 8

Snow Canyon later in the afternoon, September 8
Pine Valley, September 8

Sulphur Pot in Southwest Wyoming, September 21