Trips 2014
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Trips 2014

Chief Washakie, Cheyenne Capitol, 15 Jan 2014
Church in Cheyenne, 15 Jan 2014

Sunset near Siebert Cemetery, Kansas, 15 Jan 2014.
Cadillac Ranch, Abilene, Texas, 16 Jan 2014

Helium Molecule Sundial in Abilene, Texas, the helium capital of the world.  16 Jan 2014.
Alexander the Dragon northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, 20 Jan 2014.

Medics Bronze statue at Sunset.   Odessa, Texas, 21 Jan 2014.
El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak, Guadalupe Mts, east of El Paso, Texas, 22 Jan 2014.

Pancho Villa monument, Palomas Viejo, Chihuahua, Mexico.  23 Jan 2014.
Kelso, California, train station.  25 Jan 2014, just south of Baker, California.

Death Valley, Badwater Basin.  Mountains to the west are over 11,000 feet above the valley floor.  26 Jan 2014

Tiny Fossils on Stansbury Island, 14 March 2014.
Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 11 May 2014.
Virgin Mary carved in old tree behind the church.

Modern stained glass window in little chapel in downtown Albuquerque.  12 May 2014.

Cultural center in Albuquerque.

Statues of Spanish settlers pioneers coming from Santa Barbara into Mexico; La Jordada, took place in 1598.
Taken from the top of West Mountain, looking west over the ripples on the south end of Utah Lake, 7 Jun 2014.

Silver Lake, Little Cottonwood Canyon, 20 Jun 2014.
Strawberry Pinnacles, along Strawberry River, 21 Jun 2014.

Red Canyon, Flaming Gorge, 21 Jun 2014.
Flaming Gorge Bridge, 21 Jun 2014.

Big Spring, Wyoming.  Lots of water out of a little hole in the rock.  12 July 2014.

Cliffs above the Strawberry River. 26 July 2014.

Toronto Temple, 29 August 2014.
St. Catherine's School, Ontario, Canada.  Used for the movie "A Christmas Story.  29 Aug 2014.

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, 29 Aug 2014.
American Falls, Niagara Falls, 29 Aug 2014.

Dusk at Lake Ontario, 29 Aug 2014.
One of the "Four Corner" churches in Palmyra, New York. 30 Aug 2014.

Smith Family Cabin reconstruction, Palmyra, NY.
Hill Cumorah, Palmyra, New York, 30 Aug 2014.

Dragon made with old car parts, near Erie, Pennsylvania, 30 Aug 2014.
"A Christmas Story" house.  31 Aug 2014, Cleveland, Ohio.

Kirtland Temple, Kirtland, Ohio.  31 Aug 2014.
The Whitney Store, Kirtland, Ohio, 31 Aug 2014.

Church in Columbus, Ohio, 31 Aug 2014.
"Shoo, Shoo, Shoo Baby, Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio.  1 Sep 2014.

Miami River, Dayton, Ohio.
Huffman Prairie Airfield, Wright Brothers Training Field. Dayton, Ohio. 1 Sep 2014.

About the best picture we got of the Indianapolis, Indiana state capitol building, and it was a reflection off a nearby building as we took a "selfie" with the capitol.  1 Sep 2014.

The moon and Moroni on the Louisville, Kentucky Temple.  1 Sep 2014.
Working flower clock at the Capitol at Frankfort, Kentucky.
2 Sep 2014.
One of the many roads through Kentucky between Frankfort and Louisville cut through these little cliffs of rock.  2 Sep 2014.

St. Louis Arch - as close as we got!! Lots of traffic and road work going on.  2 Sep 2014.
The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers confluence site.  3 Sep 2014.

Columns on old Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.  3 Sep 2014.
Details of columns on new Capitol in Springfield.

Statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith at Carthage Jail, Carthage, Illinois.  3 Sep 2014.
Statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith with the Mississippi River in the background in Nauvoo, Illinois.  3 Sep 2014.

Nauvoo Temple just before sundown, 3 Sep 2014.
Cypress tree in Nauvoo planted in 1857.

Window in the Capitol builiding in Madison, Wisconsin, 4 Sep 2014.

Dome in the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison.
Morning sun over Lake Michigan at Kenosha. 5 Sep 2014.
Lake Michigan at South Haven, Michigan, 5 Sep 2014.

T38 from Holloman AFB, New Mexico on display at Air National Guard Base in Luddington, Michigan.
West side of Power Island near Traverse City, Michigan, 6 Sep 2014.

Waves off the boat returning from Power Island.
This large tire in Detroit just northeast of the Temple sort of marked the start and the end of our trip.  We saw it the first day and the last day!  8 Sep 2014.

Salmon River Rapids, Idaho.  20 Sep 2014
Sunset at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers at Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington.  20 Sep 2014.

Sculpture of salmon made from canoes, Lewiston, Idaho. 21 Sep 2014.

1st Bank of Pizza, Juliette, Idaho! 21 Sep 2014.
Bethany Chapel near Kendrick, Idaho, 21 Sep 2014.
Dworshak Reservoir, Idaho 21 Sep 2014

Dent Bridge, Idaho, one of longest suspension bridges in the U.S.
Looking down on White Bird Grade road - lots of switchbacks! 21 Sep 2014

Roseberry, Idaho general store and gas pump.  22 Sep 2014.
Nearly hidden by trees - shortest rail tunnel in the U.S. - about 35 feet long! On the Payette River, Idaho. 22 Sep 2014