Upper Heyford & Banbury
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Upper Heyford & Banbury

September 23-24, 2006
We had been told by a friend that Upper Heyford had been "leveled"--that all the buildings had been razed and that there was nothing left. This was far from the truth. The base has been closed for about 10 years now. Most of the housing units are being used, but nearly all the base buildings stand empty - the new hospital, BX, Officer's Club, barracks, etc. Parts of the hangar/apron area of the runway are being used as a storage area for a new car company. A newspaper article from the area in December 2006 said the hangars will be designated as "protected buildings" so I guess they will be there for a while !

We had a nice party Saturday evening at Valerie Houston's (now Needle). Tony Moore and Josie Moore (now divorced) were both there, as was their son Zaron and his wife, Linda. Pauline Henderson also came. Several of Val's children were there. At church the next day we also saw Robert and Sarah Carvell, Arch and Marge Giles, and John Boik. Heather Brand came from Leamington Spa for church on Sunday morning also.  Here are some pictures from our couple of days in the Banbury area.

Airmen's barracks
555 Roper Road, Upper Heyford

Portables near where the Post Office was.
RAF Upper Heyford Hospital
Upper Heyford BX
Heather Brand, Leamington Spa
Josie Moore - she had not changed a single bit ! !
Zaron Moore and his wife Linda

Valerie Houston Needle
Alan Needle. He passed away in November. Valerie
told us he was quite ill when we were there. They had
actually known each other before she married Des.
Pauline Henderson
Tony Moore, had refereed 2 football games that day,
and still plays as well.
Banbury Chapel
Parking lot at the church had been redesigned.

Bishop Ninian Leblanc and wife Swan (Jennie).
We went on a temple session and they just
happened to be on the same session. He
received an OBE from the Queen in November.
Joseph and Irene Lawson (from the Milton
Keynes Ward) went with them to Buckingham
Palace for the presentation.
Joseph and Irene Lawson, Milton Keynes. He
is now in the Northampton Stake Presidency.