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Hi i am looking for information on these family members. Wilma Lois Hogle Vorhees born on Apr 2 1925 in Los Angeles Ca. she has been missing since 1965 from Clevealnd Ohio. She is the mother of Roberta Carol, Cynthia Lee, Suzanne Geraldine, Faith Marie, Sandra Melissa, Geri Mae, Elizabeth Lynn, Michael Pierre. George A Vorhees (Voorhees) born on Apr 19 1922 and died on Sept 29 1966 in Clevelan Ohio. He had two other children by his frist wife Audrey they were George Jr. and Judith Ann. Frank Siruph Hogle born Apr11 1898 in Marion Ind. and died on Apr 1987 in Harlingen Tx. Frank married three more time to Maude, Gerta, and Ida. Ida was born on Nov 26 1913, died in 1985 and was married in 1972. Mildren Elfreda Lorenz Hogle Simmonds was born on Jun 1 1902 and died on Nov 2 1959. Mildren was married to Charles Norman Simmonds who was born on Nov 1 1899 and died on Dec 24 1972. Mildren has four children. Robert Hogle, Frank Edward, Wilma Lois Hogle, and Ethel Lynne simmonds. William Voorhees no other information for him. Ida Marie Whitman Vorhees Everly born on Apr 16 1889 and died on Sep. 1979 in Cleveland Ohio. Ida was married to William Voorhees and had one child George a Vorhees. She was also married to James Everly. James Everly born on Dec 30 1898 and died on July 1971 in cleveland Ohio.

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