The Records of Tennessee

GREEN CO., TENN. - 1786 (Eastern Tenn. including Monroe, Poke, and McMinns)
John McAdams grant # 1700 dated 1786, 300 acres on Mossy Creek, southside of Holston. Next to James Moore, William Donelson, James White, William Doak, James and John Hill, Robert Hood, and James McGill.



Joseph McAdams, son of James and Rebecca Hill McAdams of Orange Co., N.C. was born 3 April 1761. He married Margaret Whittset 2 Jan. 1782. He served in the Revolutionary War under Capt. Carring to and Capt. George Hodge. He moved to Tennessee and was around Nashville but settled in Lincoln Co. on Cane Creek south of Lewisburg. He died there 18 May 1823. His children were:

i......James b. 1782 married Rachael McFarland
ii......Irwin b. 1784 married Dorcas McLane
iii.....Mary b. 1786 married Mr. Davis
iv.....John b. 1788 married Margaret Matilda Darnell
v......Joseph b. 1791 married Elizabeth Cosby
vi.....Hugh b. 1794 married Maria Bagley
vii....Samuel b. 1799 married Nancy McRae
viii...Susannah b. 1801
ix.....Catherine b. 1801
x.....William S. b. 1804 married Levina McClain


MONROE CO., TEN N. (Meigs and McMinn Counties)
1829 - John McAdams married Celia Geoany in McMinn Co.
1846 - Robert McAdams Adm. to John McAdams dec. to John McAdams, both of Monroe Co., Tenn.

1850 - Charles Adams formally McAdams will, names Loretta, Mary, Martha, William next to W.H. Blackwell, Lawson and Kennedy.


George McAdams, servered in the War of 1812



John McAdams, son of Hugh and Catherien Scott McAdams, He substituted for his father, Hugh in the Revolutionary War and was at the battle of Camden. He married Nancy Morrow 6 Sept. 1789 and they moved to Tenn. in about 1800. He died about 1840 but left no will. Some of his children can be identified. In 1833, John was give a pension for his R/W service. The family records published in
"Sons of Adam" is not correct, but the following are members of this family.

i...... Sally, b. 1789 died unmarried but had a daughter.
ii..... Sanford, b. 1800 married Sabine W. Welch 27 July 1828
iii.... Alford, b. 1809 married Rachael Woodall, 12 Jan. 1839
iv.... Isaac E., cb. 1815 married Rebecca ? (2) Martha A. Pearson
v..... Rachael, cb. 1818 married Joseph McGlothin, 3 March 1839.
vi.... Walter b., 1820 married Adreath (Sina) E. Hollis
vii... John G., cb. 1822

ii. Sanford McAdams, b. 1800 married Sabine W. Welch, b. 1810, 27 July 1828.
Their children were:

a. William b. 1829 mar. Nancy S. Durham, 26 Aug. 1855
b. David W. B. 1831 married Sarah ?
c. Isaac b. 1833
d. George I., b. 1835
e. John W. b. 1837
f. James B. b. 30 Oct. 1839 married Sarah E. Perdue, 6 Dec. 1863
g. Elizabeth b. 1841
h. Martha J. b. 1843 married J.W. Brake, 14 Oct. 1866
Anamitta A. b. 1849 married B.R. Bradley, 25 Oct. 1872
i. R.G. b. 1853
j. Idella, b 1855

iii. Alford McAdams, b. 1809 married Rachael d/o Chrispthor and Lydia Woodall, 12 Jan. 1839. They lived in Simpson Co., Ky. and had no children.

iv. Isaac E. McAdams, cb. 1815, d. 1861 married Rebecca ? (2) Martha A. Pearson, 5 April 1855. Their children were:

a. William, b. 1840
b. John, b. 1842 married Jane Rutherford
c. Isaac E. b. 24 Aug. 1849 , d. 1933 mar. Queen Stringer (1849-1911). They
lived in Simpson Co., Ky. and had one daughter, Lucy.
d. Mary, b. 1848
e. James W., b. 30 Dec. 1849, d. 1915 mar. Jennie Hunt, 7 Dec. 1871. 2 daughters.

v. Rachael cb. 1818 married Joseph McGlothin 3 March 1839.

vi. Walter b. 1820 married Adreath (Sina) E. Hollis. Walter died in the Civil War.
Children were:

i. Jessie ii. James W. iii. John T. iv. W.C. v. D.H. (Dock) vi. Walter C. vii. C.M. viii. Lamb. B.



Thomas McAdams, cb. 1746 from York Co., Penn. was living in Rutherford Co., N.C. in the 1790 census. which became part of Washington Co., Tenn. when he died there in 1811. His wife, who may have been a Shipley, died before him. He left gifts to his 3 sons:

i...... John cb. 1772 - unknown
ii.....Hugh cb. 1774, d. 1815,  married Elizabeth Baron 9 June 1800 
iii.....Robert cb 1776 married Mary Slaughter 27 June 1799. He served in the War of 1812 



Samuel McAdams, Capt. light Infantry, 17th Regt, 28 Sept. 1811, Lt. Philip Fisher, James Lockhart, Joseph Kirkpatrick.


Court and Land Records

1780 - James McAdams on jury duty with Adam Willson, Moses Moore, Jacob Brown, Isaiah Martin, on case James English vs Arron Pinson. Records are Thomas Gillaspy, George Russell, Thomas Davis, and Charles Robertson.

1782 - NC land grant #333 to James McAdams, 400 acres on Cherokee Creek adj. Ben Johnson, Abraham Anthony. Grant 332 is to Corneluis Brown, others nearby are John Robenson, Robert Rodgers, Robert Allison, George Gillespie, John Rice, Joseph Wilson, Charles Cunningham, John Williams and Robert Blackburn.
James McAdams, a planter sells 200 acres of his grant to Peter French on 3/16/1783. James signs deed and his wife Jemina makes her mark, wit: Pearson, R. Cannon, and Samuel Duncan. One the same day her sell the other 200 to Mary and Samuel Duncan. Deed names both James and Jermina McAdams, wit; Pn Brummit, Sinneth Cammon, Foster Furing. In 1785 Duncan's sold land to James Keele who sold it to Benj. Brown in 1791 wit: by Joseph Rodgers. Brown sold 100 ac. to Joseph and Sarah Booth.

1784 - NC land grant to Charles Robertson 500 acres on north side of Nolachucky next to Thomas Gillaspie and McAdams. near Joseph Pison and Aron Pison who formely lived on Cherokee Creek. in 1789 Charles and his wife Susannah sold 640 acres to John Tadlock on Nolachucky River next to Thomas Gillaspey, McAdams, McGray.

1784 - Samuel Wood sold property on Cheerokee Creek adj: James McAdams, John Fain, Daniel Bailey, Hezekiah Bayles. Hezekiah and Jan Bayles sold their land to David Layman n in 1787 next to James McAdams, wit: John Bayless, John Keele, John Layman

1790 - Charles Robertson lived on north side of Nolachucky River next to David Huffman, McAdams, and Jacob Brown.

1796 - Colonel Charles Roberson of Jonesborough sold to Samuel May, merchant, 190 acres on north side of Nolickucky next to John Lemons, David Huffman, James McAdams, Jacob Brown, wit: Balwin Harle, James Gordon, William Chester, registed in 1806.

1798 - Robert McAdams was a witness to the land sale of David Carson to John Webb, with Nathian Jones and Joseph Tucker.
1799 - Hugh McAdam Ensign with Capt. Alexnder Moore, Capt. Brice Blair, Lt's G and Nathan Davis, Allen Gillespie and George McGee.

1801 - John Webb sold land to Henry Forguson, wit: Robert McAdams and William Purselly.
1803 - Thomas Shipley sold 100 acres each to Robert McAdams and Hugh McAdams next to each other on Big Limestone.
1805 - William Crawford sold land to Ben Rector, wit: Hugh McAdams and John Haws. Proven by John Haws and John McAdam.
John Brown sold land to Levi Hartman, wit: Robert McAdams and John Hartman.

1810 - Will of John Blair, metions David Huffman, James McAdams and Jacob Brown, 2 entires on Nolachucky River 1811 - Thomas leave a will, leaves plantation of 100 acres on Mill Creek to son, John, money to Hugh and Robert., wit: John Gilworth, Hugh Campbell, and Nathan Shipley.
1812 - Robert McAdams sell 100 ac. , to James Duncan on Big Limestone next to Hugh McAdams part of NC grant to Abednigo Enman of 1782.
1813 - Robert McAdams buys 90 ac. from Samuel Davis on Mill Creek adj; Rev'd John Cosson, Thomas McAdams, dec., wit: John Cosson, Isaac Cosson, George Gillis.

1818 - Jane Allison's will dated 5 July, gifts to two daughter, Conly and Thompson, wit: John Stephenson and Thomas C. McAdams. Polly Ann Conly died 11842, lived on Bigh Limestone, meintioned are Thomas McAdams, R.A. Thompson, and John Martin. Cynthia Stephenson McAdams had sisters, Martha Strain, Mary Wyly, Emily H. Michell, and brother David.

1831 - Robert Allison dec. was father of Polly Duncan who never got her land and filled suit. Joseph Duncan's codicil names Samuel B. McAdams as husband of Ann Duncan, son, Robert Duncan had suit over slaves with James W. Duncan 7 Dec. 1858 Samuel and Ann Duncan married 18 April 1831 and was his 2'd wife. She died 8 April 1861. Mathew J. McAdams, a son of Samuel B., was wit to Henry Buchanan will dated 1860.


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