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This update has been & will continue to be an ongoing project.  Don't be surprised to see a totally different page pop up here on occasion.  The links should be there, although in different areas, as I try to make them easier to navigate. 

I have taken a keen interest in San Joaquin County, California.  I will continue to peruse the Iron County, MO area, along with the other areas my ancestors occupied over the centuries.  

Join me in my quest to solve the Ellis Campbell road block; along with the other family members who have closer ties than I do.

Also, we will strive to save, or at least gain the release of the identities of those unfortunate soles buried in the Old Stockton State Hospital/Asylum Cemetery. 

Venture through my growing photo collection of California memorabilia, documents &  photos of the old & present cemeteries, Historical Sites, museums, and more.

What's New? Click this button to find out what has been added since the last update. 

Links  This will take you to some of my favorite links, including California & Missouri research sites, and sites I just found and really like. 

Photos Check out our family photos, most are identified, some are not.  If you can help with the identification, please let me know!

Guest Book  This is the normal guest book, and also where you can request help in the Stockton & Lodi, CA areas.  I do have a few books for Iron County MO, but not much.  Since I live in Calif, I can't readily do lookups for you.

Send E-Mail  Self explanatory.  Email me with specific questions, information, or to just let me know how you like the site. 

About Your Host   This will take you to my introduction page.  Find out a bit about me & my family. 

Our Genealogy  Click on this link to go to Lonnie & Margie's family page links.  This will also take you to a link to the old gedcom that I had on-line.  I noted it was over 5 years old. Time to update, I think!

Free Stuff (coming soon!)    Fun free page links!  (WARNING: Many of the link pages will take you to free stuff sites that have those annoying pop up menus).  Also, you will find free webpage graphics I have found over the years.  Some of the backgrounds are my own creations.  This area is just beginning.  Let me know what you think. 

San Joaquin co. CA DCT page  Click here to request a death certificate transcription if your ancestor died in San Joaquin co. Calif.