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~~ Military Service ~~ A Tribute ~~
A tribute to those who sacrificially served their country during times of military conflict.  Who put their lives on the line to serve their country and the principles they believed in.
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~~ Civil War ~~
Henry Bersch/Bash
(came to America from Germany)
At the age of 43 years, Henry Bersch/Bash enlists at Springfield [later known as South Whitley], Whitley County, Indiana, in the Civil War -- Union Army, in Company I -- 152nd Regiment of the Indiana Infantry volunteers commanded by Captain John Albright, for 1 year.  Henry was mustered into the service 16 February 1865 at Kendallville, Noble County, Indiana.  He spent most of his time (about 7 months) about 10 miles from Charleston, West Virginia, at Camp Piatt, in or near the Kanawha Valley.  He was a wheel wright [wheel wright is a person whose trade is making or repairing wheels, wheeled carriages, etc.]  and doing guard duty.  On or about 15 July 1865, he contacted Camp Diarrhoea.  Mustered out, Honorably Discharged, 30 August 1865, at Charleston, West Virginia, at the end of the war.  He returned to his family at South Whitley, Whitley County, Indiana very sick with Camp Diarrhoe.  He was never again able to follow his trade as a wagon maker.  He attempted to farm his forty acres but was able to do very little of a days work due to the resulting dropsy and eventually some liver and heart problems.  He struggled to get a full pension and finally on 26 January 1887 was awarded full pension.

Source: Doris (Neal) Bash
Henry Bersch/Bash enlisted as a Private on 6 February 1865 in Company I, 152 Infantry Regiment of Indiana and mustered out on 30 August 1865 in Clarksburg, WV.  He contacted Camp Diarrhoea about 15 July 1865.

Source: Historical Data Systems, comp Military Record of Individual Civil War Solders [database online] Provo, UT:, 1999.  Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of work.  Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999,2000.  Historical Data Systems Inc., P.O. Box 196, Kingston, MA.

Note: Indiana Soldiers Civil War Infantry, 152nd Regiment, Regimental History, 1 Year Service.  Organized at Indianpolis, Indiana, and mustered in May 16, 1865.  Left Stevenson's Station, Summit Point and Clarksburg, West Virginia, until August.  Mustered out August 30, 1865.  Lost during service 49 by disease.

William Frank Bash
(husband of Elizabeth R. (Edmonds) Bash
William Frank Bash, son of Henry Bersch/Bash, enlisted in the 152nd Regiment Indiana Volunteers during the late rebellion and served until close of the Civil War. Union side.  I have been unable to find any other information regarding his military service. 

Source: Wabash county, Indiana Biographies b;
Ephriam Edmonds
(father of Elizabeth R. (Edmonds) Bash
Ephriam Edmonds was an American Civil War Soldier.  He enlisted as a Private on 27 Jan. 1864 in Company I, 45th Infantry Regiment Indiana.  Died Company I, 45th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 30 Jul. 1864 in New Orleans, LA.  Union Side. -- Distinguished Service

He died at the St. Louis Government Hospital, New Orleans, Louisana.  Cause of death Prolapsus (to fall or slip out of place) Anus & Chronic Camp Diarrhea.

Sources: National Archives and Records Administration Civil War Pension Index.  [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000.  Data indexed and imaged from National Archives and Records Administration.

Historical Data Systems, comp.  Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers [database online] Provo, UT:, 1999.  Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.  Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 - Historical Data Systems Inc., P.O. Box 196, Kingston, MA  02364

William Edmonds, son of Ephriam Edmonds, of North Manchester, Indiana, enlisted as a Private 15 Nov 1861, Company B, 47th Infantry Regiment Indiana.  He renlisted in Company B, 47th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 15 Dec 1863 and mustered out Company B, 47th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 23 October 1865 in Shreveport, LA.  Union Side -- Distinguished Service

Source: Historical Data Systems, comp.  Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers. [database online] Provo, UT:, 1999.  Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.  Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 -- Historical Data Systems Inc., P.O. Box 196, Kingston, MA  02364
William Edmonds
(brother of Elizabeth R. (Edmonds) Bash)
John Sherman Capehart
(son of Andrew & Lettitia (Briggs) Capehart
John Sherman Capehart, of Montezuma, IA, enlisted as a Private on 15 August 1862 at the age of 23.  Enlisted in on 22 Sept 1862.  Received a disability discharge on 28 February 1863 in Helena, AR

Source: - American Civil War Soldiers

He served with Company C of the 28th Iowa Infantry.  The twenty-eighth Iowa Infantry, was composed of Company A, Captain W. C. Gaston, Benton County; Company B of Iowa and Tamara Counties, Captain B. W. Wilson; Company C, Captain J. W. Carr, Poweshiek county; Company D, Captain S. P. Vannatta, Benton county; Company E, Captain David Stewart, Johnson county; Company F, Captain John A Staley, Tamara county; Company G, Captain Thomas Dillin, Iowa county; Company H, Captain Aaron Wilson, Poweshiek county; Company I, Captain John B. Kerr, Iowa county; Company K, Captain John  Meyer, Jasper county, was organized during the

autumn of 1862.  William E. Miller, of Iowa City, was Colonel, John Connell, of Toldeo, Lieutenant-Colonel, and H. B. Lynch, of Millersburg, Major.  James E. Pritchard, of Iowa City, was chosen Adjutant, Thomas Hughes, Quarter-master, and irrepressible Doctor John W. E. Vest, of Monteuzma, Surgeon.  The Reverend J. T. Simmons, of Marengo, a good man and an abolitionist, was appointed Chaplain.  The rendezvous of the regiment was at Iowa City, where it had some weeks of drill and discipline.  On the 10th of October, then numbering, rank and file, nine hundred and fifty-six men, it passed from the control of the State to the control of the general government, being mustered into the service by Captain H. B. Hendershott, of the regular army. 

Organization & rendezvous at Iowa City; first encampment near Helena, Arkansas; a hard march; expedition to Duvall's Bluff; removing obstructions from the Yazoo Pass; the Vicksburg Campaign; Battle of Port Gibson; Champion Hills; siege duties Jackson, Mississippi; transfer to the Department of the Gulf; Red River expedition; an ocean voyage - Sheridan's Shenandoah Valley Campaign - battle of Cedar Creek; another sea voyage to Savannah, Georgia; disbanded.


Everit William oxley
(William E. Oxley)
(Nephew of Andrew & Lettitia (Briggs) Capehart
and son of Nancy (Capehart) Oxley)
William E. Oxley, age 20, of Poweshiek County, native of Ohio, enlisted May 18, 1864 in Company B, 46th
Iowa Volunteer Infantry.  Mustered in June 10, 1864.  Mustere out Sept. 23, 1864, Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.

The 46th Regiment was organized at Davenport, Iowa and mustered into the United States service on the 10th day of June 1864, to serve for the term of one hundred days.  They arrived in Cairo, Ill on June 15th and from there embarked to Memphis, Tenn., where the regiment performed heavy picket duty from June 20th through June 27th.  The regiment then moved to Collierville, Tenn. to take command of the post and guarded the railroad agaist the interference of rebels and also performed heavy picket duty.

On Sept. 1st they returned to Memphis where they remained until Sept. 10th.  They then embarked for Cairo, Ill arriving Sept. 14th and taking cars the same day for Davenport, IA.  They reached Davenport on the evening of Sept. 16th and were mustered out and paid off on Sept. 23, 1864.

Source: "Roster and Record of Iowa Troops In the Rebellion", Vol. 5 by Guy E. Logan - Historical Sketch Forty-Sixth Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry.
His military marker
His military marker
Salathiel Stanley
(father of Paulina (Stanley) Morgan)
His military marker
Salathiel Stanley enlisted on 8 Aug 1862, 8 days before his 40th birthday, in Company H of the 79th Illinois Infantry, at Mattoon, Edgar Co., Ill.  (Union side)  On 3 Dec 1862, on the first day of the Battle of Stone River, near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, he was wounded in the left leg.  The musket ball went through the leg.  He was left in the field hospital, near Murfreesboro, Tennessee for awhile and then sent to a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Disability Discharge 26 July 1863.

Source: Army of the United States Certificate of Disability for Discharge.  Military Casualty Sheet.  National Archives - Civil War Records

On about Sept. or Oct. 1862, he contracted Rheumatism caused by he believed, exposure of Army life and sleeping on the damp ground and the hardships of army life.  He was so lame, had pain in his back and was considerably disabled at the time. -- William H. Roberts, Edgar County, Illinois

Source: General Affidavit dated 18 Feb 1893
Robert T. McCullough
(Brother of Sara Ann (McCullough) Capehart)
Source: National Archives - Civil War Record.  Robert R. McCullough of Millersburg, Iowa enlisted as a private 15 August 1862.  He enlisted in on 10 Sept 1862 and mustered out on 31 July 1865 in Savannah, GA.  Distinguished Service -- Union side.  He served with either Company H or I of the 28th Iowa Infantry.  It is thought that he died on the Mississippi River on the steamer, The City of Memphis, between Natchez, MS and New Orleans, LA.  More research needs to be done on this.

The 28th Iowa Infantry Regiment organized at Iowa City and mustered in 10 Oct 1862.  It mustered out 31 July 1865.  Its total strength was 956 men.  Lost while in service were 271 men -- 6 officers and 76 enlisted men killed and mortality wounded and 3 officers and 186 enlisted men killed by disease.

~~ World War I ~~
Howard L. Fleak
(Husband of Retta (Capehart) Fleak)
Howard L. Fleak was a veteran of the US Navy WWI.  He registered with the World War I Draft on June 2, 1917 in Grant Co., North Dakota.
Elmer Severin
(son-in-law of Jennie Bell (Capehart) Marion)
Elmer Severin of Cedar County, Iowa registered with the World War I Draft on June 5, 1917.  He was PFC with Company F, 64th Infantry.
Dr. John Earl McAninch
(Son-in-law of John Sherman Capehart)
Dr. John Earl McAninch enlisted during WWI in 1917.  He was an O/S surgical assistant, base hospital, 104 Camp Beaudessert France and was discharged Camp Dodge in 1919.  He was the son of Emma Rosetta (Capehart) McAninch, the grandson of John S. & Mary F. Capehart & the great grandson of Andrew & Lettitia (Briggs) Capehart.
Albert Wigant
(Son of thomas F. & Clarissa (Burton) Wigant
and nephew of Sara Elizabeth (Burton) Capehart)
Edward Wigant
(Son of Thomas F. & Clarissa (Burton) Wigant and
nephew of Sara Elizabeth (Burton) Capehart
Edward Wigant, was a Private in the Depot Brigade during WWI.  He registered for the draft at Flat Top, Lincoln, Colorado.  Years of service 1917-1918

Source: - World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918; - Colorado soldiers in WWI, 1917-18
~~ World War II ~~
Donald H. Severin
(Son of Elmer & Blanche (Marion) Severin
Donald H. Severin, the oldest son of Elmer Severin, drafted into the Army in 1941 or 1942.  He served with the Army 101st Airborne Division as a paratrooper.  Everytime he jumped he had 100 lbs on his back -- survival equipment needed until he could be picked up.
Photo from my mother's photo album
All grave marker photos by Zelda except otherwise noted.
Background by Zelda: Cannons at Pea Ridge National Military Park, Pea Ridge, AR

The information on this website has been compiled from many sources.  We have tried to document and verify all information as much as possible and will continue to do so.  If you find an error or have additional information please contact us.
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Captain Mahlon B. Briggs
Son of Benjamin B. & Mary "Marie" (Capehart) Briggs
"Mahlon entered the service on 21 Oct. 1816 and was appointed 1st Sergeant on 16 Dec. that same year.  He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on 24 Mar. 1862; to 1st Lieutenant of Company H on 06 Oct. 1862 and to Captain on 18 Jan. 1863.  The Roster of Ohio Soldiers says he died on 03 July 1863, which is one day later than the date on his gravestone." 
Source: Skip Magyar on his My website
Photo Courtesy of Skip Magyar
Albert Wigant was a Private in the 164th Depot Brigade during World War I.  He was living at Flat Top, Colorado in Lincoln County when he registered for the draft.

Source: Gravmarker photo; - World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918; - Colorado Soldiers in WWI, 1917-18.