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Harvey E. Bash
Basher, Missouri
Basher, Missouri is located about 7 miles Northeast of Ava, Missouri at the intersection of Highways 76 & U.  A post office was established on July 1, 1907 by Henry Huffman and named for Harve (Harvey) Bash the owner of the land where the post office was located.  The post office was discontinued on March 31, 1920. 

Basher Church is all that remains now of the little town.  A tomato canning factory was once located where the church now stands.  There were also two stores, a blacksmith shop and the post office which closed in 1920.  Nearby is the Dyer Cemetery, known to some people as the Basher Cemetery.

Sources: Names and Places by Barbara DeVore;   'Basher Church", Journal of Douglas County (MO) Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc., Douglas County Museum, Ava, MO;  How Missouri Counties, Towns and Streams Were Named by David W. Eaton

We visited Basher on June 20, 2008 and took the photos on this page.

Douglas County, Missouri Courthouse
The gazeebo in the Ava city square
  Some of the first services were held in a brush arbor while the wood frame church was being built.  Land was deeded to the Free Pentecostal Holiness Church of God by G. W. and Emily Purtle on July 29, 1933 with the stipulation that if services were not held regulary the church would revert back to the owner.  Some dedicated people kept the church doors open by walking several miles carrying lanterns.    Then on November 15, 1954, I. S. and Vera Merriett deeded more land with no stipualtion, to the Trustees of the Basher Church.

A new church building was built in 1961 of blocks with glass cross inserts on each side of the front door.  In 1965 a well was drilled and in 1973 the south addition was added with bathrooms and three classrooms.  The crosses can no longer be seen from outside the church but are visible on the inside.  A fellowship hall was added to the east side of the church in 1988.   Services are still held regularly on Sunday morning, Sunday nights and Wednesday night as well as Family night dinners and a once a month singing. 

Source: "Basher Church", Journal of Douglas County (MO) Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc., Douglas County Musuem, Ava, MO
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Scenic view
This scenic photo was taken standing by the Basher Church sign and looking across Highway 76
Basher Church sign
The Basher Church
Background by Zelda: Basher, Missouri Scenic View