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We are standing in front of the college Administrative Building.   Photo was taken just before the Formal Reception at the beginning of the college year.  Zelda is wearing a formal and the corsage I gave her.   I am sporting a crew hair cut.
~~ Our Wedding ~~
Zelda walking down the aisle with her father
The newlyweds with their attendants
Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. Capehart
The information on this website has been compiled from many sources.  We have tried to document and verify all information as much as possible and will continue to do so.  If you find an error or have additional information please contact us.
Creations by Zelda
The Martin & Zelda Capehart Genealogy Website
Our wedding cake
~~ Our First Home ~~
We lived in the upstairs apartment of this house
Our kitchen
Our living room
We slept on hide-a-bed in living room
Our wedding certificate hung on wall of our living room with Zelda's corsage at lower right and my boutonniere at upper left
The window fan quit working the second night we lived in our apartment.  It got so hot and I sweat so badly that I could literally wring water out of the towel I used to wipe off the perspiration.  Then about a month later the weather did a flip flop and cold air moved in bringing hail with it.  We actually used the space heater one evening.

I worked the evening shift at a local factory.  Our landlord owned a restaurant and would get home late at night after closing.  So, we often would lay in bed at night and sing, knowing no one was home to disturb.

We both like buttermilk and I think we were the milkman's best customers.  I bet he hated to see us move.

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Background by Zelda: Zelda's father escorting her down the aisle and the two of us following our wedding and reception
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Wedding Invitation
Wedding Napkin
Certificate of Marriage