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Strang is one of the first settlements in Fillmore County and one of the smallest towns in Nebraska on the World Wide Web.  It is located in southern Fillmore county, Nebraska, eight miles south of Geneva and 18 miles north of Hebron  It is an active rural community of 38 people located at the junction of Highways 81 and 74.   Strang was platted in 1886 and was first called Media, then Bixty.  It became Strang in 1886 when a windmill dealer, A. L. Strang, offered to donate a windmill to the town if it would bear his name.

Strang has several actively used buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Strang Museum is housed in the former Belle Prairie Township Hall built in 1889.  The hall was moved to town in 1984
The Strang city sign donated by the Country Cousins 4-H Club
The windmill donated by A. L. Strang.  It stands in the middle of Main Street
and during Strang's centennial year in 1986 the building was transformed into a museum.  A wooden windmill and steeple bell from the United Brethren Church are also standing on the grounds.  The museum is open by appointment by calling 402-759-3706 or 402-759-0120.  The historic Belle Prairie Township Hall, Jail and Strang District #36 Schoolhouse are nearby.

The Town Hall/Jail building built in 1907 was converted to a library in 1977.  Many book categories are available for all ages and new books are added on a regular basis.  The library is open one day a week or by appointment by calling 402-759-4726.

Strang still has its own post office which is the center of communication in the Strang area. 

Strang's City Park which is located along Main Street between Sharon and Racine Streets is equipped with picnic tables, grills and hook-up facilities for campers.  Pumper Park, a children's playground area, is located beside the ball field.

My grandfather, Kephart Morgan, was born at Strang.

The Hamilton Township Hall and the wooden windmill and steeple bell from the United Brethren Church
The plaque reads, "IN MEMORY of Phoebe C. (Spence) Potter who loved teaching children, this bell was donated to Riverside by her son, Gerald E. Potter in June 1997. It was used by the Strang, NE E.U.B. Church from 1886 to the 1960's. Gerald removed the bell from the belfry in 1976 after Phoebe purhcased the abandoned building, and he stored the bell. "

Sign above door says HAMILTON HALL. Sign on door reads " To see STRANG'S MUSEUM call Janet Lentfer 759-0120 or Joy Lentfer 759-3706"
Close-up of the Hamilton Township Hall and the wooden windmill and steeple bell from the United Brethern Church
Front and back sides of the memorial to area veterans which sits to the left of the windmill
The Strang Town Hall/Jail and the Belle Prairie Township Hall
Close-up of the Belle Prairie Township Hall
Close-up of Strang Town Hall/Jail
Another view of the Strang Town Hall/Jail
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NOTE:  We visited Strang, NE in May of 2005 and took the photos shown here.  We arrived here about lunch time on a Sunday and the little restaurant appeared to be busy.  No doubt it is a meeting place for this farming community.  A place where they can take time out of their busy lives to stop and visit with their neighbors.  
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