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Talk about fun! Below are links to various parts of my ancestry (and I hope yours too). I started my first search in November of 1999, and am amazed at the amount of information available. I can not promise that all information here is correct, as some of the sources were verbal or unverified, but it should be a good starting point for you. Please contact me if you have additional information you feel should be added to this site. Pictures are welcome!
Following are the to various parts of our family:
On the Capps side:
Wesly Caps & Family - from Henry County, Georgia (updated 2/12/2011 - just Wesly's page)
Newton Bunn & Family - from Henry County, Georgia (completely updated 4/20/2002)
Daniel Shaw & Family - from Henry County, Georgia (added 9/3/2001)

On the Smith side:
Thomas J. Spencer & Family - from Gordon County, Georgia (last partial update 9/13/2001)
John J. Smith - from Cass/Bartow County, Georgia (completely updated 8/26/2008)
         John J. Smith tree also on
Descendants of Nathaniel Pass - from Gordon County, Georgia
       Compiled by Bill Hammond
         begin here.if you KNOW you are related to Dora Pass Smith! 
         (This links were updated 1/15/2020 to the website)
James & Lizzbeth Hustin? Tate - from Indiana (added 1/30/2003) (only photos and documents uploaded)
 On the Boggs side:
James Boggs - from Floyd County, Georgia (updated 4/6/2001)
James Green - from Floyd County, Georgia (added 1/1/2002)
James Tolbert - from Cass & Floyd County, Georgia (added 10/4/2002)
Sand Springs Baptist Church & Cemetery - Rome, Floyd Co., GA -
       photos (updated 2/1/2008)
Additional Resources for the various counties researched for the above family trees
Following are the to my Computer Class.
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