Sand Springs Cemetery and Church  
Sand Springs Baptist Church & Cemetery
Rome, Floyd Co., GA

Sand Springs Reunion Information:  A Sand Springs Reunion is held every year on the 4th Sunday in July. The service starts
around 11 am and they try to eat shortly after 12 noon.  In the afternoon there is an old fashioned singing starting about 2pm.
It usually last about 2 hours. The work day to clean the yard and cemetery is Tuesday afternoon before the 4th Sunday around 5pm. 
Bring your weed eater and enjoy! 

On the following pages you will find information concerning the Sand Springs Baptist Church and Cemetery of Floyd Co., GA. It is located between Rock Mountain and Lavendar Mountain in the Texas Valley Community at 342004N Lat., and 0851711W Long. 
I have completed adding the photos for this cemetery, with the most recent additions being in 2010.

The following is taken from the "Cordle Family History" book, by Jack L. Cordle, Elva Boggs Cordle, Avanelle Harris Weaver, and Gloria Cordle Wright, page 4. 
(I am the great niece of Elva Boggs Cordle.)

Copied from original Church Minutes.

Floyd Co., Ga.
January 12, 1883
     The following ministers C. E. Wright, & D. C. Espy -
by invitation met with brethren and sisters at Weathers School House for the purpose of organising a church.
     Deacons J. S. Espy, C. D. Murdock - 
& Brethren Virgal McKenney & Wm. McKenney were invited to become members of the Presbytery.
     Presbytery organised by electing D. C. Espy, Mod., J. S. Espy, Clerk.
     Sermon preached by C. E. Wright -
     On motion, Presbytery approved of the Church being organised. When the following persons presented letters
Wm. Caudel
Michel E. Cooper
Wm. R. Cooper
Cyrenious R. Caudel
Calvin Caudel
Joseph Hicks
A. A. Hicks
L. M. Caudel
Iantha Burnes
Nancy Cooper
Hulda Caudel
which were read and approved by Presbytery.
     On motion adopted covanant -
Presbytery extend hand of Fellowship to the church.
     On motion Presbytery adjourned.
D. T. Espy, Mod.
J. S. Espy, Sec.
     On motion the Church invited D. T. Espy to set as Mod. -
Wm. Caudel, Clerk Pro. Tem.
     Adopted the Articles of Faith and Gospel order of Oostanaulla Association.
     Adopted the name of Sand Spring for the Church.
     Elected Wm. Caudel,  Church Clerk -

     Elected C. R. Caudel and Joseph Hix Deacons. Both excepted for ordination.

On motion unamously elected Eld. J. M. Henderson for Pastor.
     Appointed Bro. C. R. Caudel a committee to see bro. Henderson and report to the Church if he will serve as Pastor.
     On motion agreed to meet on Sat. before the Second Sabath and on Sabath in next month at a house near Bro. Coopers. - On motion adjourned.

D. T. Espy, Mod. P.T.
Wm. Caudel, C.C.
(end of notes, page 4, from the "Cordle Family History".)

The church stopped having regular services in 1929 because the boll weevil destroyed the cotton crops on the surrounding farms, and many of the families moved away. In 1974 an arsonist burned down the little church. It was rebuilt in time for the Sand Springs Homecoming in July of 1974. This homecoming has been held for many years and continues into the present. 

Here are links to more information concerning the church and its members.

Thumbnails of Sands Springs and Tombstones - completed
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Plot layout of the cemetery with links - updated 04/23/2011 
List of the women that were members of the church - A-GH-Z more notes added 08/02/2010
List of the men that were members of the church - more notes added 04/23/2011
Past preachers of Sand Springs
List of people buried at Sand Springs as of Jan. 1983
(List provided by Raymond Floyd to the Library in Rome, GA) - added 6/11/2002
Newspaper Articles concerning Sand Springs - added 6/12/2002
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