Bruff Parish Records

Updated:  Sunday, May 12, 2002


The following data was also donated by 

Pat Naughtin

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

He extracted it from the Original Records in Bruff, Co. Limerick, Ireland in 1985.

They were extracted and typed as recorded.  Every effort has been made to preserve accuracy but please check original records at source.

Judith Roberts has donated the Fitzgerald entries which she recently received from the Parish Priest of St. Peter's and Paul's Parish, Bruff.  Des Dineen has also donated some Fitzgerald records and  Regan Kanaley has donated the Kennelly/Kenneally records


Earliest records begin November 1781 per James G. Ryan.

Missing dates September 1792 - December 1807.


. . . . .
yy/mm/dd . . . .
1784.03.23 Catherine John Naughton 

Honora Slattery

. .
1784.03.25 Patrick Daniel Hogan

Mary Naughtin

. .
1785.08.04 Catherine William Naughtin

Mary Kenelly

. Maurice Keily

Honora O'Donnell

1785.11.06 Mary Thomas Naughtin

Honora Dawly

b. Oct 24, 1785 ? James O'Donnell

Catherine Maloney

1786.03.05 Daniel Daniel Hogan

Margaret Naughton

. Joseph Taylor

Mary Doyle

1786.03.11 Eleanor John Naughton

Honora Slattery

. .
1786.07.25 Roger Daniel Carthy

Ellen Naghten

. Michael Kenelly

Honora Ryan

1788.05.02 Honora Denis Gorman

Johanna Naghten

. William McNamara

Joanna Fitzgerald

1788.06.29 John John Naughton

Honora Slattery

. Edmund Kearley

Mary Moloney

1789.02.12 Brigid Thomas Naughtin

Honora Daly

. .
1789.03.26 Margaret Daniel Hogan

Margaret Naughtin

.. James Dooly

Honora Guarin

1790.12.16 Timothy (Denis ?) Denis Gorman

Johanna Naughtin

b. 13 Dec 1790 John and

Honora Madden

1791.01.06 Margaret John Naghten

Honora Slattery

. Thomas Dwyer

Brigid Slattery

1791.02.18 David James Coleman

Mary Sherin

. David Coleman

Ellen Sherin

1792.01.21 Bridget James Kennelly 

Margaret Quishion

. Thomas O'Donnell
1792.04.25 Thomas Thomas Naughtin

Honora Daly

. .
1808.05.19 John Michael Naughtin

Anna Naughtin

. . Margaret James Naughtin

Catherine Benson

. .
1808.03.27 Patrick John Kennelly

Mary Connery

. Denis Brian

Mary Brian

1808.04.04 John John Kennelly

Ellen Hewitt

. John Conners

Catherine Fitzgibbons

1809.01.31 John Michael Kennelly

Alicia Smith

. James Kelly

Mary Kelly

1811.01.27 Michael John Kennelly

Honora Fitzgerald

. Michael Gorman 

Mary Weekes

1811.04.30 Patrick Thomas Naughton

Honora Daely

. George Weekes

Catherine Hogan

1811.06.24 Johanna John Kennelly

Ellen Hewitt

. Michael Rourke 

John Shaughnessy

1811.08.20 John James Naughton

Catherine Benson

. Timothy Lalee

Matilda Bouchier

1811.12.17 John Michael Kennelly

Mary Weekes

. James McInerney

Mary Kennelly

1812.12.28 Patrick James McEniry

Mary Naughton

b. . Daniel Kirby

Honora Weekes

1813.09.25 Honora James Naughtin

Catherine Benson

. John Ryan

Mary Lally (?)

1816.02.08 Ellen Jeremiah Naughtin

Margaret Naughtin

. Patrick Keane (?)

Honora Naughtin

1816.03.13 Honora William Naughtin

Mary Riordan

. Juliana Keane

Maria Casey

1817.09.17 Daniel Maurice Fitzgerald

Catherine O'Brien

. John Shinnors

 Anne O'Brien

1818.03.16 Patrick Jeremiah Naughton

Honora Burns

Michael Naughtin

Catherine Quinlan

1819.06.15 Johanna Jeremiah Naughtin

Honora Burns

. Johanna Burns

Mary Fleming (Flynn ?)

1819.08.03 James William Naughtin

Ellen Keily

. Johanna Dempsey

Mary Collins

1820.04.20 Daniel John  Fitzgerald 

Anne McCarthy

. Catherine Walsh.
1820.08.04 Patrick Patrick Naughtin

Judith Keane

. Joanna Keyes
1823.11.02 Margaret William Naughtin

Ellen Kiely

. David Keily

Honora Daly

1827.04.25 Honora John Naughtin

Mary Coleman

. Jeremiah Naughtin

John (?) Coleman

1827.12.13 James Patrick Kennelly

Sarah McNamara

. William O'Rourke

Bridget Connors

1828.02.03 Patrick Patrick Kennelly

Bridget Sheahan

. Thomas Walsh

Margaret Meade

1828.08.12 William William Naghten

Ellen Kiely

. William Callahan

Brigid Meade

1828.08.17 Thomas Michael Kennelly

Mary Weekes

. Patrick Kinane

Mary Madden

1828.12.20 Mary John Naughten

Mary Coleman

. Patrick and Catherine Coleman
1829.01.07 Thomas Thomas Naghten

Margaret Molony

. Catherine Connolly
1829.01.12 Frederick James Kennelly

Margaret Fitzgerald

. -
1829.12.09 Michael James Nochtin

Bridgid Herbert

. Jeremiah Dooly

Mary Howard

1830.05.12 Margaret Thomas Naughtin

Margaret Molony

. William Flynn

Alice Hennessy

1830.06.15 Bridget Michael Kennelly

Bridget Healy

. Allicia Healy
1830.07.?? John Cornelius Kennelly

Mary Naughton

. William Kennelly

Mary Ryan

1831.01.10 Mary John McGrath

Mary Kenelly

, John Duneen
1831.04.03 Mary Michael Kennellly

Margaret Carroll

. Michael Carroll

Bridget McCarthy

1832.01.06 William Michael Kennelly

Margaret Carrol

. Martin Kennelly

Judith Furlong

1833.01.30 Mary James Nochtin

Bridget Herbert

. Jeremiah Dooly

Catherine Herbert

1833.06.20 Mary Michael Kennelly

Margaret Kennelly

possible typing error with Mother's name Thomas Wall

Ellen Carroll

1833.10.24 Honora Patrick Naughtin

Johanna Coleman

. James Slattery

Brigid Coleman

1834 Mary James Fitzgerald

Catherine Ryan

Des Dineen

1834.01.14 Mary Thomas Naughtin

Margaret Molony

. Patrick McInerny

Honora McInerny

1834.05.06 John James Bray

Johanna Duhig

[email protected]  .
1835.02.03 Michael John Kennelly

Mary Kirbey

. Alicia Mack
1835.04.10 Thomas James Naughtin

Brigid Herbert

. James Herbert

Mary O'Brien

1835.04.12 Ellen John Kennelly

Catherine Browne

. William O'Brien

Margaret O'Brien

1835.10.06 Michael Patrick Naughtin

Johanna Coleman

. James Slattery

Anna Coleman

1836 Catherine James Fitzgerald

Catherine Ryan

Des Dineen .
1836 Nov William Thomas Naughtin

Margaret Moloney

. Edmund Bolster

Alicia Molony

1837 John James Fitzgerald

Johanna (? Catherine) Ryan

Des Dineen .
1837.07.12 John Patrick Naughtin

Johanna Coleman

. Patrick Coleman

Mary Dillon

1837.08.06 John Thomas Naughtin

Johanna Melville

. Richard Currin

Mary Casy

1838.11.14 Mary David Naughtin

Ellina Ryan

. John Dooly

Brigid Mulqueen

1839 Bridget James Fitzgerald

Catherine Ryan

Des Dineen .
1840.11.30 Bridget Thomas Noctin

Johanna Melville

. Eoin (?) Noctin

Mary O'Brien

1842.09.11 John James Coleman

Mary Regan

. John Regan

Alice Coleman

1842.11.27 Ellen David Naughtin

Ellen Ryan

. Timothy Mulqueen

Anna Connel

1842.07.06 Thomas Michael Noctin

Margaret McNamara

. Daniel Connors

Johanna Long

1843.06.20 Armarn (? Eamon) David Naughtin

Ellen Ryan

. David Keily

Catherine Horan

1844 Alice James Fitzgerald

Catherine Ryan

Des Dineen .
1844.01.08 James John McCarthy

M. Naughton

. Honora Naughton

Bridget Herbert

1844.02.16 Patrick Timothy(? Patrick) Naughton

Johanna Coleman

. John Kennedy

Margaret Coleman

1844.11.24 Thomas Thomas Naughtin

Ellen Mulqueeny

. Michael O'Brien

Anne O'Brien

1845.06.08 Patrick Thomas Naughton

Margaret Conway

. Thomas Naughton

Elizabeth Forsyth

1845.07.20 Catherine David Naughtin

Ellen Ryan

. Michael Hayes

Bridget Mulqueen

1845.12.05 Johanna Patrick Naughtin

Johanna Coleman

. Michael Naughtin

Catherine Coleman

1847.01.15 John Michael Naughtin

Margaret McNamara

. John and Mary Buckley


1848.04.12 James Patrick Naughtin

Johanna Coleman

. John Naughtin

Margaret Coleman

1848.09.17 Mary James Coleman

Mary Regan

. John Fitzgerald

Mary Hedderman

1850.03.31 Michael James Coleman

Mary Regan

. John Healy

Johanna Leo

1850.04.08 Michael Patrick Naughtin

Ellen Barry

. Ellen Barry
1850.09.26 Mary (?) Michael Naughtin

Margaret McNamara

. Jeremiah Dinneen

Bridget Naughtin

1853.02.18 Patrick James Coleman

Mary Regan

. Patrick Coleman

Mary Naughton

1853.12.24 Michael Michael Naughton

Catherine Naughton

. Honora Connors
1855.09.17 Mary Patrick Naughten

Ellen Barry

. David Barry

Mary Rourke

1855.08.07 James Michael Naughton

Mary O'Brien

. Edward O'Brien

Honora Mulqueen

1857.01.29 Bridget James Coleman

Mary Regan

. John Coleman

Honora Nagle

1859.04.23 Michael Thomas Naughtin

Honora Kearney

. Michael

Brigid Kearney

 1864.29.05   James Patrick Galligan

Ellen Hickey

[email protected] ' .
1867.30.09 Mary John Galligan

Bridget Kinnane

'[email protected] .
1874.05.24 Thomas John Kenneally

Anne Lyons

.. James Leo

Honora O'Brien

1874.07.15 Mary John Kenneally

Bridget Sullivan

. James Kenneally 

Catherine Meade

1876.09.11 Mary John Kenneally

Bridget Sullivan

. James Kenneally

Catherine Meade

1877.03.20 Edward James Kenneally

Johanna Kennedy

. John Goggin

Bridget Donohue

1878.08.11 Mary John Kennelly

Bridget Sullivan

. John Kennelly

Catherine Kennelly

1894.10.25 Catherine John Kenneally

Bridget O'Sullivan

. James Keating

Mary Raleigh

1895.03.24 John John Kenneally

Mary Heelan

. John Leo

Bridget Leo

1896.07.19 Michael Joseph John Kenneally

Mary Heelan

. Edmund Heelan

Margaret Heelan

1898.08.30 Edmund Joseph John Kenneally

Mary Neilan

. Patrick Shearin Anne Mitchell

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