Beth’s List from

Gnadenhuetten Cemetery


            Beth Everett contributed the following burials from her research at the Gnadenhuetten & Lehighton cemeteries.  They are arranged in alphabetical order by surname, but not by first name, so search carefully! 





Harry Acker 1870-1884


O. Frank Acker 1853-1919


Emaline C. Acker 1852-1929--wife of O. Frank


H. Victor Acker 1855-1884


Lucy 1851-1875


Maurice Adler 1877-1940


Anna Adler 1877-1959





Walter Baderschneider 1898-1973--wife of Mildred

Brichetta Becker 1850-1918


Robert Becker 1880-1950


Matilda Becker 1883-1949--wife of Robert


Fred Blocker 1888-1960


Emma Blocker 1893-1940--wife of Fred


Michael Bordnar --1912-1990


Ruth Bordnar---1916-1974


Guy Bowman 1919-1982--husband of Dorothy


Jemie Buss 1882-1926




Lewis Daubert 1865-1935

Lucy Daubert (wife of Lewis) 1864-1936

Minnie Daubert 1895-1901

Mary Daubert 1886-1965

Harry Daubert (married to Mary)  1888-1952

Erma Daubert 1911-1974       


Edwin Daugherty --died 1929


Martha Daugherty 1894-1961--wife of Edwin


Mildred (Henry) Donner b. 10-1-1909 d 10-26-1951--daughter of Florence Pearl Henry


James E. Donner b. 7-15-1905 d 6-24-1972--husband of Mildred (Henry) Donner

Willard R. Donner--son of Mildred and James Donner  b 7-28-1934 d.9-27-1991--US Marines Korea


Adelia Dreher 1876-1912


John Drofich 1921-1966


Joan Drofich--1931--1971--wife of John




Harry E. Eisenhower b. 1906 d 1990

Ruth A. (Henry) Eisenhower b. 1913  d 1988--daughter of Florence Pearl Phillips and Benjamin Henry, wife of Harry E.


Pearl Emes 8-11-1895 d 10-9-1990

Harry Emes (husband of Pearl) 1886-1955

Robert Evert 1879-1940

Edward L. Evert 1884-1960

Cora Evert (wife of Edward L) 1884-1960

Ida Exner 1876-1898




James Fatzinger 1898-1986


Cora Fatzinger 1893-1982--wife of James


Carl Fatzinger 1919-1921


Adam Faust 1850-1934


Sallie Faust 1851-1924--wife of Adam


Ervin Faust 1880-1907


Marvin Faust 1880-1919


Charles Faust 1875-1949


Francis Faust 1871-1969


Sovilla Faust 1873-1964





Nestor Hartley 1893-1912


Clark Hartley 1895-1980

Mabel Hartley (wife of Clark) 1896-1969


William Hein 1872-1937


Ada Hein 1884-1956--wife of William


Verton Hein 1905-1967


Ervin Heiser --1870-1942


Emma Heiser --wife of Ervin --1868-1910



Harry Henninger 1888-1952


Bertha (Rehrig) daughter of Charles and Ella) Henninger --1890-1978


Alfred M. Henry b. 1911 d 1969

Margie May (Mertz) Henry (wife of Alfred M) b 1916 d 1974

Florence Pearl (Phillips) Henry b. 5-5-1880 d 2-2-1965--married Benjamin Henry


Maude Henry  b 1917 d 1975--daughter of Florence Pearl Henry


Neal Hinkle 1916-1948


Terrence Hinkle--1935-1937


Baby Girl Hinkle--1950-1950


Orville Hinkle 1930--2-1989


George Hinkle --1896-1979


Stella Hinkle---1899-1967---wife of George


Jess Hinkle 1921-1968


Pauline Hinkle --wife of Jess--1919-1965


Elizabeth Hontz 1892-1915


George Horn 1889-1945


Elsie Horn 1890-1946--wife of George


Joseph Horn 1869-1942





Clara Keller  --1913-1968--wife of Earl


Harold Koch --1903--2-1-1990--husband of Dorothy


Allen Kresge 1900-1982


Hattie Kresge 1901-1982--wife of Allen


Carrie Kresge 1903-1944


Florence Kromer 1892-1977





Lucille Lechleitner 1958-1965


Pearl Lechleitner 1930--10-1993


William Lechleitner 1920-1967


William Lechleitner 1952-1977

Ida Lentz 1864-1917


E. J. Lentz 1860-1938--husband of Ida


William Lentz 1861-1942


Charles Lentz 1831-1903


Adeline Lentz 1836-1917--wife of Charles





Edna Mertz 1900-1921





Sarah R. Oberts 1890-1964





Charles Rabenold 1851-1931


Susan Rabenold 1853-1921--(wife of Charles)


Garrett Edgar Rabenold 1890-1905


Leroy Rabenold 1907-1921


Aquilla Rabenold 1879-1932


Amandus Rehrig 4-30-1873 –8-22-1948


Lillie J. Rehrig (wife of Amandus) --7-4-1873--7-13-1924


Warren Rehrig 1896-1965--husband of Edith


Pierce Rehrig 1875-1941


Emma Rehrig 1875-1962--wife of Pierce


Thomas Rehrig 1852-1908


Cordelia Rehrig --wife of Thomas 1856-1937


Oliver Rehrig 1894-1914


Dennis Rehrig 1855-1926


Julia Rehrig 1855-1942--wife of Dennis


Charles Rehrig 5-22-1868--2-18-1949


Ellen Rehrig --wife of Charles 1865-1954


Aaron Rehrig 1856-1926


Malinda Rehrig (wife of Aaron) 1859-1946


Clair Rehrig  5-16-1917--6-4-1995--husband of Ann


Edwin Rehrig 1893-1959


Daisy Rehrig 1892-1946


William Rehrig 9-22-1880--9-29-1915


Hattie Rehrig --wife of William 7-24-1887--12-13-1948


Joseph Rehrig 1906-1953


Edith Rehrig 1907-1942--wife of Joseph


George Rehrig 1875-1938


Cora Rehrig 1883-1963--wife of George


Quentin Rehrig 1906-1915


Asaby Rehrig 1886-1950


Pauline Rehrig --wife of Asaby--1888-1949


Jolene Rehrig 1975-1975


Kenneth Reid--1914-1980


George Rex 1887-1945


Nora Rex 1884-1953--wife of George


Norman Ronemus 1900-1985


Velma Ronemus 1901-1980--wife of Norman


Frank Ronemus 1879-1972


Ellen Ronemus 1879-1940--wife of Frank





Thomas Saurs 1915-1930


Edith Saurs 1891-1918


Paul Schaeffer 1901-1983


Beulah Schaeffer 1898-1961--wife of Paul


Stella Schaffer 1884-1903


Joseph Schlener 1905-1965--(husband of Florence)


Clayton Schoch 1897-1971


Helen Schoch-*--1899-1984--husband of Clayton


Lafayette Schoch --1863-1942


Nora Schoch--wife of Lafayette==1876-1969


Burdell Schoch 1902-1905


Wm. F. Semmel 1867-1912


Cassandra Semmel -wife of Wm. F. 1868-1933


George Setar 1909-1954


Alice Setar 1909---12-1996--wife of George


William Sharbaugh 1896-1948


Arlean Sharbaugh 1899-1943--wife of William


Edna Sheckler 1913-1968

Ada Shecker 1895-1975

William Shecker (husband of Ada) 1894-1953


Nathan Shellhamer 1896-1972


May Shellhamer--wife of Nathan 1900-1979


William Small 1929-1985


John Snyder 1942-1948

W. Richard Steigerwalt 1859-1941


Louisa Steigerwalt wife of W. Richard 1852-1940


Marlene Stein 1933-1948

John Stein 1910 to 9-1992--(husband of Marion)


Warren Stuckley 1910-1987


Mary Stuckley--wife of Warren --1913-1983



Audry Taschler 1957-1957


Florian Taschler --1884-1966


Stella Taschler 1896-1966--wife of Florian





Charence Utt 1894-1977


Helen M. Utt 1898-4-27-1996==wife of Clarence




Wilmot Wernett 1892-1971


Estelle Wernett 1893-1972--wife of Wilmot





William Zellers 1883-1953


Clara Zellers --wife of William 1883-1953

Pierce Zellner 1894-1983

Clinton Zellner 1866-1938

Emma Zellner (wife of Clinton) 1868-1939

Mark Zellner 1889-1970

Ruth Zellner (wife of Mark) 1899-1968

Charles Zellner 1887-1969

Minnie Zellner (wife of Charles) 1888-1951



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