On top of the hill, behind the Long Run Church of the Brethren

Former location of St. John’s Lutheran Church



Recorded, transcribed and with additional genealogical material


Gladys Ahner Ivory 

Online since April 2004

Several updates have been added since that time



On a wooded hillside overlooking the Long Run Creek in northern Franklin Twp. is the small cemetery best known as the Long Run Cemetery.  No signs mark its location and only a dirt road leads up the hillside to the site.  A very small church, St. John’s Lutheran, once stood at the site but no trace of this chapel remains today.  Recorded from the gravestones by Gladys (Ahner) Ivory, a native of the area, many of those buried here are members of her family.  From family history, personal recollection and other sources, she was able to augment the listings with genealogical information about many of those buried here.  There are several cases where no gravestone exists for the person buried there and this is the only record of their burial.  Although the cemetery is full and new plots are no longer available, it continues to be well kept by local people and family members.  




AMOS AHNER,  Sr.  Nov 1,1874 – Feb. 19, 1953

No stone, info from family records

Note: Son of Calvin and Mary J Strohl Ahner

Note: husband of Harriet Hollenbach Ahner and Elizabeth Ann Jane Ahner


HARRIET  AHNER    1877 – 1918

No stone

Note:  born Harriet Hollenbach,  1st. wife of Amos Ahner, Sr.


ELIZABETH ANN JANE AHNER, Oct 30,1888 - Nov 10,1944

Note: 2nd wife of Amos Ahner, Sr.,  d/o Catherine Wiggle and Perry Lenhart    no stone


AMOS AHNER, Jr.  1902 – 1937 no stone

Note: s/o Amos Sr. and Harriet Hollenbach  Ahner 


JOHN E. AHNER Aug 11, 1903 – Dec. 29, 1959  

Note: s/o Amos and Harriet Ahner


Baby CLIFFORD RUSSEL AHNER  May 4, 1924 – May 5, 1924,  Note: son of Russel and Sallie Green Ahner, Grandson to Amos Ahner, Sr. and Harriet Hollenback Ahner


ABRAHAM AHNER  B. July 19, 1907  D. May 2, 1949 

No stone or marker,

Note: listed in family records as buried on Long Run Cemetery  

s/o Amos and Harriet Ahner





CHARLES FREDERICK AHNER, Sr. July 13, 1914 – July 21, 1988

Veteran - US ARMY WW II, 1941-1945    

Note: Son of James Ahner and Minnie Heines Ahner

Note: husband of Ida  R. Williams Ahner


IDA R. AHNER  May 14, 1918 – May 30, 1999

Note: Born,  Ida Rose Williams    w/o Charles Frederick Ahner, Sr.

Note: d/o Evor Williams and Elsie Adeline Zellner Williams


CONRAD LARRY AHNER, Sr. May 2, 1943 – May 25, 1993

s/o Charles and Ida Ahner



Born: November 24, 1944    Died: December 30, 2004  Burial: January 5, 2005

Note: h/o Diane Wentz Ahner

Note: s/o Charles Frederick Ahner, Sr. and Ida Rose Williams Ahner


MARYELLEN AHNER  b. 14 May 1944       d. 27 Oct 2006, in Columbia SC.

Burial: 03 Nov 2006

Note: b. MaryEllen LaRue (Walck) Behler  w/o James Elmer Ahner

D/o Wayne Roger Behler and Caroline Annette Walck






CHARLES SYLVESTER AHNER  Oct 18, 1883 – Nov 20 1908

Note: fatally injured on railroad

Son of Charles Ahner  and Abby Anna  Kibbler Ahner

Note: Husband of Minnie Heines Ahner


MINNIE (HEINES) AHNER  Nov 22, 1886 – Dec 17, 1940,

Note: d/o George Frederick Heines and Mary Heller Heines

Note: w/o Charles Sylvester Ahner and James Ahner





CURTIS LEROY AHNER Sept 17, 1919-April 18, 2002

Note: s/o Jacob Erwin Ahner and Bertha Victoria Horn Ahner

Note: husband of  Dorothy Shook Ahner

Dorothy Helen (Shook) Ahner  (living)  w/o Curtis Leroy Ahner

Curtis and Dorothy Ahner listed on same stone


DALE ELIZABETH AHNER  May 12, 1952-April 11, 1987

Note: d/o Curtis and Dorothy (Shook) Ahner

Died from a car accident





ELMER CHARLES AHNER  Apr 15, 1904 – Sept. 3, 1975

Note:  Son of  James and Ellen Schuck Ahner

Note: husband of Olive M. Prutzman Ahner


OLIVE  M. AHNER June 15, 1910–July 30, 1992

Note:  Born: Olive Marie Pricilla Prutzman  w/o Elmer Charles Ahner

Note: d/o Emery Rueben Prutzman and Emma Loretta Solt Prutzman


IRVIN E. AHNER Oct 23, 1927 – Sept 10, 1945  

Note: s/o Elmer and Olive Ahner


TWIN BOYS AHNER  June 5, 1929 

no names    

Note: s/o Elmer and Olive Ahner


CHRISTOPHER JOHN REYNOLDS  June 29, 1983 – July 3, 1988

Marker, no stone

Note: Grandson of Elmer and Olive Prutzman Ahner  buried on Elmer Charles Ahner Lot





ELMER ELSWORTH  AHNER Dec 16, 1923 – Dec 11, 1973  

Veteran - US ARMY WW II, 1941-1945  

Note: Son of Stanley Sylvester Ahner and Lillian Keiser Ahner, known as June

Note: husband of Beatrice (Betty) Kromer Ahner

Wife: Beatrice (Betty) Arlene (Kromer) Ahner  -- (living)


KEVIN STANLEY AHNER  Jan 24, 1955 – Sept 6, 1973

Note: s/o Elmer and Beatrice Ahner

Note: Elmer E., Beatrice A. and Kevin S. Ahner, on same stone


GEORGE ELMER AHNER Dec 24, 1952 – Feb 8, 2000

Note: s/o Elmer E. and Beatrice Ahner





HARVEY THEODORE AHNER, Sr.  Feb. 28, 1908 – Feb 9, 1972

Note: Son of Charles Sylvester and Minnie Heines Ahner

Note:  Husband of Edna M.  Horn Ahner and Mary F. Alkire Ahner


EDNA M. AHNER Sept 26, 1912 – July 9, 1935

Note: born Edna May Horn, 1st wife of Harvey T. Ahner,

Note: d/o Bertha Victoria Horn  Ahner  and step-daughter of Jacob Erwin Ahner


MARY F. AHNER  Oct 20, 1919–Aug 9, 1993 

Note:  born Mary Frances Isabelle Alkire, 2nd. wife of Harvey T. Ahner,

Note:d/o Courtney Tanner Alkire and Elizabeth Ann Jane (Lenhart) Ahner

Note: Mary, Harvey and Edna Ahner are all on same stone


DELORES JOAN AHNER  Jan 1,1939 –Jan 1, 1939

Marker, no stone

Note: d/o Harvey and Mary Alkire Ahner


KEVIN DOUGLAS AHNER  April 30,  1962 –  June 23, 1962,

Marker, no stone

Note: Grandson of Harvey and Mary Ahner, s/o Melba Ahner Kunkle





JAMES AHNER May 19, 1876 -  Dec 24,1941

Note: Son of  Charles Ahner  and Abby Anna Kibbler Ahner

Note: Husband of Ellen Schuck Ahner and Minnie Heines Ahner, information listed under Charles Sylvester Ahner


ELLEN J. AHNER June 15, 1878 – April 2, 1908   

Note:  born Ellen J. Schuck, 1st wife of James Ahner, 

d/o John F. Schuck and Mary Ann Moulthrop


CLARENCE JAMES (SNITZ) AHNER Nov 6, 1902 – Apr 15, 1929  

Note: s/o James and Ellen Schuck Ahner,

Note: James, Ellen and , son, Clarence on same stone 



Note: Child of James and Ellen Ahner



Note: Child of James and Ellen Ahner


RUSSEL AHNER  B. Feb 10, 1908  D. March 27, 1908

Note: s/o James and Ellen Shuck Ahner  no marker


WILMER HARRY AHNER  Sept. 9, 1921-Dec 1921 

Age 3 mo. No marker

Note: s/o of James and  2nd wife, Minnie Heines Ahner





MILTON DANIEL AHNER  May 8, 1890 – Feb 16, 1971

Same stone as Amanda Ahner

Note: s/o Charles and Abby Anna  Kibler Ahner,  husband of  Amanda Ziegenfuss Ahner


AMANDA C. AHNER Sept 17, 1890 – Feb 12 1965

Same stone as Milton Ahner

Note: born Amanda Carolina Ziegenfuss,  w/o Milton Daniel Ahner,

Note: d/o William and Sally Ann Sensinger  Ziegenfuss


LEON WOODROW AHNER May 24, 1913 – Feb 21, 1991   stone

Note:  s/o Milton and Amanda  Ziegenfuss Ahner


CARRIE PAULINE AHNER Apr 13, 1925 – Sept 7 1925  same stone with Wilmer

Note: d/o Milton and Amanda  Ziegenfuss Ahner


WILMER CLARENCE AHNER Apr 24, 1935 – June 12, 1935   same stone with Carrie

Note: s/o Milton and Amanda Ziegenfuss Ahner


DOAN YVONNE AHNER Sept 12, 1940 – Sept 14, 1940   

Note: d/o  Clyde and Marian (Farber) Ahner; granddaughter of Milton and Amanda Ziegenfuss Ahner




PERSHING HARRISON AHNER Aug 6 1918 – Nov 28, 1989

Note: Son of Harrison Benjamin Ahner  and Eva Finana Brown Ahner

Pershing and Beatrice Ahner are married and listed  on same stone


Beatrice M. Ahner Ju.y 5, 1923-May 29, 2005

Note: born Beatrice Mae Hawk  aka Beattie

Note: w/o Pershing  Harrison Ahner,

d/o Earl Sylvester Hawk and Ada Naomi Beers

Burial: June 2, 2005





FATHER: STANLEY SYLVESTER AHNER Feb 16, 1907 – Mar 13, 1979

Veteran - US ARMY WW II, 1941-1945       

Note: Son of Charles Sylvester Ahner  and Minnie Heines Ahner

Note: husband of Lillian Keiser Ahner and Margurite Keiser Ahner


MOTHER:  LILLIAN  A.  AHNER Aug 6, 1906 – Jan 12, 1972

Note: born Lillian Alvenia  Keiser, 1st wife of Stanley Ahner

Stanley and Lillian are listed on same stone


MARGURITE A.  AHNER  Feb 4, 1914 – Nov 25, 1996   stone

Note: born Margurite Alverta Keiser, 2nd wife of Stanley Ahner

Buried next to Stanley and Lillian Ahner

Note: Lillian and Margurite are daughters of Albert and Sarah Carolyn Ziegenfuss Keiser




WARREN AHNER 1886 – July 5, 1951   

Note: s/o Calvin D.and Mary J Strohl Ahner


Wife: Mary ANN AHNER  1887 – 1924   

Note: born Mary Ann Miller

Note: w/o Warren Ahner, d/o Richard Miller and Unetta C. Dorward


DENNIS AHNER  Died April 21, 1916   

b. Jan 1888  s/o Calvin D. and Mary J. Strohl Ahner (not Warren and Mary)

He is the h/o Anna Elizabeth Greenwood



HARRY ORVILLE AHNER  Feb 6, 1923 – June 21,1985

Note: s/o Warren and Mary Ann Miller Ahner


PRESTOM UX  b. Oct 17, 1906  D. 1923 

Note: s/o Mary Ann Miller Ahner





WILLIARD ALVIN AHNER  July 22, 1915 – Jan 14, 2000

Veteran - T/5 US ARMY WW II

Note: Son of James and Minnie Heines Ahner,  husband of  Beatrice Keiser Ahner


BELOVED WIFE AND MOTHER, BEATRICE E. AHNER  Feb 15, 1921 – May 3, 1996    

Note: Born  Beatrice Elizabeth Keiser,  w/o Willard Alvin Ahner

d/o Charles Edwin Keiser and Helen Elizabeth Ziegenfuss


RICHARD MELVIN AHNER, Jr. Feb 11, 1966 – June 15, 1997

Note: grandson of Willard and Beatrice Keiser Ahner, s/o Richard Sr. and Barbara Hines Ahner



Daughter of Wanda Ahner and Charles Webb

Note: great granddaughter of  Williard and Beatrice Ahner







WILLIAM A. ANDREAS   Oct 1910 – Dec 17,1976 

Same stone as Pauline

s/o Frank Andreas and Sarah Susanna Elizabeth Eck


Wife: PAULINE E. ANDREAS 1821 – 1992

Same stone as William

Note:  born Pauline E. Nansteel, d/o  Wilbur and Emeline M. May Nansteel



Note: s/o William and Pauline Nansteel Andreas






CHARLES H. ARNDT   Feb 12, 1923 – Feb 23, 1971


Wife:  SHIRLEY I. M. (SNYDER) ARNDT   May 23, 1935 – Jan 20, 1970

Note: d/o John Snyder and Alice Jane Ahner Snyder

Charles and Shirley Arndt are married and listed  on same stone


BABY GIRL ARNDT  Oct 22, 1963 

Note: d/o Charles and Shirley Snyder Arndt






MARTHA  BARRY  1922 – 1926

Note:  Stone located near Sarah A. Hunsicker






THOMAS G. BRADY 1890 – 1952   PFC. CO. F. 14th. ENG. WW I

Note Husband of Helen L. Ziegenfuss Brady


HELEN  L.  BRADY  Dec 21, 1901 – Aug 16, 1983

Note: born Helen Louise Ziegenfuss  w/o Thomas G. Brady,   same stone

Note: d/o Jacob Shelton Ziegenfuss and Mary Moyer Ziegenfuss






JOHN W. CAFFREY 1893 – 1949   Note: s/o Patrick and Mary Sharkey Caffrey


MINNIE R. CAFFREY  1895 – 1947   John and Minnie on same stone





WILLARD J. CAFFREY 1913 – 1984    Willard and Sarah on same stone


SARAH E. CAFFREY 1907 – 1971    Willard and Sarah on same stone






RAYMOND D. CHRISTMAN  July 29,1902 – July 10,1976


Note: s/o Sylvester and Carrie E. Smale Christman, h/o Lillian Walck Christman


LILLIAN E. CHRISTMAN   1904 – 1958   

Note: born Lillian E. Walck w/o Raymond D. Christman


ARLINGTION H. CHRISTMAN  Feb 4, 1923 – Feb 10, 1977  

Veteran - PVT.US ARMY WW II, 1941-1945   

Note: s/o Raymond  and Lillian Walck Christman


ROSE MARIE SMITH            Nov. 27, 1937 – June 9, 1994

Sp/o Arlington H. Christman; d/o Ruth Smith Christman


EDGAR W. CHRISTMAN  May 24,1929 – Oct 25,1973

Note: s/o Raymond and Lillian Walck Christman,  sp/o Shirley M. Steigerwalt Christman


Wife: Shirley M. Christman   -  (living)

name is on the stone

Note:  born  Shirley M. Steigerwalt,  d/o James E. Steigerwalt and Florence Rausch


GARY KEVIN CHRISTMAN  Mar 21, 1963 – Sept 11, 2000

Note: s/o Edgar and Shirley Steigerwalt Christman


JOANN WATT           1955 – 2006

Note: D/o Arlington H. & Rose Marie (Smith) Christman; sp/o Dennis Watt






AMANDUS  M. COCHRAN   Nov 9, 1870 – no date on stone


HIS Wife: MARY E. COCHRAN  Mar 5, 1866 – May 19, 194 4 

Aged 78y, 2m, 1D


Listed on Headstone of Mary E. Cochran

Note: Cochran and Whiteman on same monument. Cochran on one side, Whiteman on other






JOHN F. DERR   1923-2005

Born October 16, 1923   Died: March 23, 2005

h/o Bertha Derr 1930-1987

Same stone as Bertha Derr


Wife: BERTHA A. DERR   Jan 12, 1930 – Sept 26, 1987  same stone as John E. Derr


SON: ROBERT L. DERR  1963 – 1973  

Note: Son, as listed on stone


SON: JOHN F. DERR 1953 – 1953  

Note: Son, as listed on stone






MARY DOTTER Feb 24, 1890 – Mar 7, 1927






BERNARD W. DREHER Dec 9, 1923 – Nov 9, 1980 

Veteran - P.F.C. 1379th. A.A.F. Base Unit, WW II  1941-1946

Note: s/o Chester and Alice Dreher


Florence R. (Voll)  Dreher    –  (living)

Note: d/o Henry D. and Violet Elizabeth Ziegenfuss Voll

Note: Bernard and Florence Dreher  are married and listed on same stone


SON: GARY A. DREHER   July 11, 1955 -  July 4, 1999  Note: as listed on stone

Note: s/o Bernard and Florence Dreher






BABY BOY EBERT  Aug 16, 1972      marker, no stone






RAYMOND LEE EHLY  June 13, 1969 – Mar 8, 1972    stone






FATHER: JOHN FISHER 1851 – 1915  

Same stone as Elizabeth Fisher



Same stone as John Fisher



Note: s/o John and Elizabeth Fisher, sp/o Abby S. Ahner  Fisher


ABBY S.  FISHER  1885 – 1961

Note: Born Abby Sylinda Ahner,    w/o George Washington Fisher

Note:  d/o Charles and Abby Ann Kibler Ahner  

Note: George and Abby  Fisher on same stone   


BROTHER: ADAM F. FISHER 1871 – 1935 

Note:  stone next to Elizabeth and John Fisher




GEORGE  I. FISHER  1854 – 1931


MARY E. FISHER  1854 – 1939  

Note: George and Mary Fisher on same stone




ADAM S. FISHER 1871 – 1952


IDA A. FISHER 1872 – 1949

Note: Adam S. and Ida Fisher on same stone, next to Ada and Woodrow Fisher


ADA R. FISHER  1913 – 1913 


WOODROW W. FISHER  1913 – 1913

Ada R. Fisher and Woodrow  W. Fisher on same stone




JOSEPH FISHER  Nov 5, 1875 – JUNE 15, 1930


ALVENIA FISHER  July 1, 1881 – May 25, 1971

Note: Joseph and Alvenia Fisher are husband and wife and listed on same stone






RALPH  S. (Spergond) FLOWERS   Mar 14, 1919 -  Sept 20, 1984 

Veteran - Pvt. US ARMY WW II       

Note: s/o Andrew Bornes Flowers and Rosa Ann Jones


MILDRED A. FLOWERS  Sept 10, 1926 – Nov. 12, 1994

Note: born Mildred Alberta Ahner, d/o James Ahner and Minnie Heines Ahner

Ralph and Mildred  Flowers are  married and are on same stone



Born: March 9, 1969  Died: May 23, 2005  Burial: May 27, 2005

Note: s/o Charlene Flowers

Note:g/s/o Ralph and Mildred Ahner Flowers






ADAM FOSTER  Mar 12, 1840 – Mar 7, 1921

Aged 80y, 11m, 25d


HIS Wife: LUCY A. FOSTER Mar 24, 1844 – Jan 10, 1911

Aged 66y, 9m, 16d


AGNES J.R. FOSTER  Sept 14, 1854 -  Apr 18, 1918

Aged 83y, 7m, 4d


LOUISA M. FOSTER  Oct 4, 1815 – Mar 17, 1897

Aged 91y, 5m, 13d

Note: Adam, Lucy, Agnes and Louisa Foster,  all on one large monument


MABEL M. FOSTER   Sept 27, 1890 – June 11, 1969


DAVID E. FOSTER  Jan 6, 1889 – Jan 26, 1948 

Note: Mabel M. and David E. Foster on same stone located next to large Foster monument




AUGUSTUS U. FOSTER Mar 9, 1896 – Nov 2, 1955

Augustus and Lillian same stone


Wife:  LILLIAN M.M. FOSTER  Jan 1, 1900 – Dec 2, 1970


Foster children: same stone

MARIAN M. FOSTER 1918 – 1921


CLARENCE A. FOSTER 1920 – 1923


OLIVIA L. FOSTER.  1923 – 1923


RICHARD R. FOSTER 1931 – 1934


WILLIAM V. FOSTER  1935 – 1938






FRITZ, CARL E. (Edwin) Oct 24, 1947 – Feb 24, 1948

Note: Son of Gladys E. Fern (Kunkle) Koch,

grandson of Quinton and Gladys May Kunkle






MARVIN EDWIN FRITZINGER.  Oct 9, 1902 – Oct 2, 1970

Note: Husband of Buelah E. Kunkle Fritzinger


BUELAH  E. FRITZINGER Dec 28, 1902 – Dec 23, 1981

Note: born Buelah Estella Kunkle  w/o Marvin Edwin Fritzinger

Note: d/o Paul Edwin Kunkle and Sarah Jane Ahner Kunkle

Note: Marvin and Beulah Fritzinger on  same stone


RUTH VIOLET FRITZINGER  Jan 30, 1921-Dec 19, 1922

Note: d/o Marvin and Buelah Kunkle Fritzinger





GERALD KENNETH FRITZINGER b. 17 Jul 1933  d. 23 Jan 2007

S/o Marvin Edwin Fritzinger and Buelah E. Kunkle Fritzinger

Sp/o Lona E. Fritzinger


Lona E. Fritzinger  b.21 Nov 1924  d. 06 June 2005

Born:  Lona Elizabeth (Betty) Fritzinger  d/o Clayton Zimmerman and Lona Eisenbach

Gerald and Betty were cremated.  Burial Jan 2007.next to his parents






FATHER JOHN GREENZWEIG Sept 27, 1849 – Apr  20, 1923 


MOTHER SARAH GREENZWEIG  Apr 16, 1853 – May 25, 1918 

Note: John and Sarah Greenzweig on same stone





SASSAMAN HAINES  Jan 15, 1876 – Feb 5, 1955 


SOPHIA HAINES  Aug 2, 1870 – July 20, 1932

Note: Sassaman and Sophia Haines on same Large Stone






VERINA  M.  HARDY  Nov 29, 1924 – Mar 29, 1933 

Stone hard to read       


MOTHER,  MABEL  I. HARDY  1896 – 1960 


ALBERT J. HARDY   1935 – 2002






JOSEPH T. HARTMAN  Feb 12, 1877 – June 19, 1943


LAURA E. HARTMAN  Oct 9, 1882 – Nov 30, 1953

Note: Joseph and Laura Hartman on same stone









Note: Herman E. and Bertha H. Hartranft on same stone



Marker, no stone, next to Herman and Bertha


PAUL W. HARTRANFT 1918 – 1981

Marker, no stone



Marker, no stone


ROBERT  M. HARTRANFT, Sr.   1936 – 1997

Marker, no stone






CLEO S. (STERLING) HAYDT    Nov.6,1923 – Aug 21, 1997

Note: Husband of Irene Fritzinger Haydt

Note: Cleo and Irene  Haydt on same stone


Wife: Irene Larue (Fritzinger) Haydt     – (living) name is on stone

Note: d/o Marvin and Buelah Kunkle Fritzinger


EDWARD LEWIS HAYDT  Sept 10. 1946 – Jan 19, 1947

Note: s/o Cleo and Irene Haydt






GEORGE FREDERICK HEINES  Mar 4, 1846 – Mar 28, 1910

Note: Known as Fred Heines, Husband of Mary Heller Heines


MARY  WIFE OF FRED HEINES  June 6, 1849 – June 28, 1905

Aged 56y, 22d

Note:  born  Mary Heller in Long Pond, Pa. w/o George Frederick Heines


ALVIN HEINES  May 19, 1879 – Jan 18, 1902 

Aged 22y, 7m, 29d

Note: s/o George Frederick and Mary Heller Heines


CHARLES HEINES  Jan 26, 1876 – Jan 12, 1895

Note: s/o George Frederick  and Mary Heller Heines



Note: d/o George Frederick and Mary Heller Heines


MINNIE (HEINES) AHNER   Nov 22, 1886 – Dec 17, 1940

Note: d/o George Frederick  and Mary Heller Heines and 

Note: Wife of  Charles Sylvester Ahner and James Ahner


JACOB H. HEINES   1881 – 1917     

Note:  s/o George and Mary Heller Heines


MARTHA E. HEINES 1874 – 1917  

Note:  born Martha E. Schuch  w/o Jacob H. Heines  

d/o John F. Schuck and Mary Ann Moulthrop

Jacob H. and Martha Heines on same stone


ELLEN M. HEINES 1904 – 1935

Note: w/o John Souers, d/o Jacob and Martha Schuch Heines


NAOMI  LILLIAN HEINES  b. July 27, 1900 D. June 3, 1942, bur: June 8, 1942

Note: w/o Charles Franklin Holtzer  d/o Alvin Heines and Martha E. Schuch  


CLINTON J. HINES May 1, 1906 – Dec 28, 1956

(Spelling changed, same family)

Note: Son of Jacob and Martha Schuck Heines same stone as Eva Keiser


Wife: EVA M.  KEISER  Feb 9, 1911 – Jan 20, 1987

Note: born Eva Mildred Andreas, 2nd husband named Keiser

Eva M. Keiser On same stone with 1st husband Clinton Hines


MARTHA E. (HINES) NANSTEEL  Aug 24, 1936 – Feb 23, 2001

Note d/o Clinton Hines  and Eva Andreas Hines Keiser  buried on parents lot





CHARLES HEPTNER Feb 7,1881 – Nov 11, 1939





RUSSEL A.HETTLER 1915 – 1932 marker, no stone

Note: s/o Ira and Katie Grow Hettler


MABEL R. (CAFFREY) HETTLER  July 10, 1923 – Jan 9, 1968 

Daughter of John and Minnie Caffrey





AUGUSTUS HOFFMAN  Feb 11, 1878 -  1940


HIS Wife: ANNIE J. HOFFMAN   Jan 4, 1874 – Feb 15, 1911


INFANT DAUGHTER HOFFMAN:  Stillborn  Apr 27, 1908


INFANT SON HOFFMAN: Stillborn  Mar 20, 1909

Note: As listed on same  Monument, Augustus, Annie,  infant daughter and son




JOHN HOFFMAN  Nov 6, 1837 – Feb 21, 1907


ELIZABETH HOFFMAN Apr 10, 1851 – Apr 11, 1926

Note John and Elizabeth Hoffman on same stone



Amelia Hoffman  and Marci Weider on same stone, next to John and Elizabeth Hoffman


EMMA A. HOFFMAN April 1, 1875-Nov 1, 1942





HAROLD H. HOTTENSTEIN  Feb 16, 1923  d.  Dec 2003 

Sp/o Ruth T. Hottenstein

Veteran - WW II, 1941-1945


RUTH  T. HOTTENSTEIN  May 20, 1928 – June 24, 1995

Married Dec 25, 1946

Note: Sp/o Harold H. Hottenstein; d/o David U. & Pearl L. Kromer





JOHN M. HRIZIK  Mar 17, 1936 – July 6, 1948

Note: s/o Harriet Nansteel Wolfgang






DUANE E. HUNSICKER   Aug 22, 1961 – Jan 19, 2001

Note: s/o Dale Hunsicker  and Shirley Fritzinger 

Note: stone next to grandparents, Marvin and Beulah Fritzinger


CHARLES G. HUNSICKER  1885 – 1960  Marker no stone


GERTRUDE K. HUNSICKER    (no dates)  Marker no stone


SARAH A. HUNSICKER  1899 – 1974  Note:  Stone located  next to Martha I. Barry






JOHN J. KASHLAK, Sr.  May 4, 1921 – Apr 4, 2002 

Veteran - WW II 1941-1945



Married Dec 5, 1946  

Note:  John and Charlotte  listed on same stone







Note: born in Germany, from 1930 census

Note: husband of Sarah C. Keiser


Wife: SARAH C.  KEISER 1886-1970

Note: born Sarah Carolyn Ziegenfuss  w/o Albert Keiser


PFC PAUL M. KEISER  1924 – 1943 

Note: s/o Albert and Sarah Keiser

Veteran - Co. B. 180th. CIV. AGF.  Killed in Salerno, Italy    WW II


RAYMOND C. KEISER   June 15, 1922 – Jan 3, 1991


CURTIS D. KEISER  May 3, 1921–Oct 16, 1987

Note: s/o Albert and Sarah Ziegenfuss Keiser


Wife: Helen I. Keiser   – living  

Note: w/o Curtis D. Keiser, Curtis and Helen are listed  on same stone


CLARENCE W. KEISER  1909 -1997

Note: husband of  Fern A. Wentz  Keiser

Note: s/o Albert and Sarah Ziegenfuss Keiser


Wife: FERN A. KEISER   Sept 12, 1920 – d. June 9, 2003 

Aged 82 years

Note; Born Fern A. Wentz,  d/o William Wentz and Ada Dorward.  

Clarence and Fern Keiser  on same stone.


Dorothy D. Keiser  (Living)







Note:  born, Penn Forest Twp. Carbon Co.

Note: s/o James Henry and Leah M. Hoffner Knappenberger

Note: husband of Laura M. Koch Knappenberger  



James and Laura Knappenberger on same stone, married according to 1930 census


Son:  MILES H. C. KNAPPENBERGER    Dec 31, 1917 - May 16, 1988

Note: s/o James Henry Knappenberger and Laura M. Koch Knappenberger

Note: husband of 1) Lorraine Getz Knappenberger and 2) Iva Keiser Knappenberger


LORRAINE R. (GETZ) KNAPPENBERGER July 2, 1921 – Oct 9, 1956

Note: Lorraine R. Getz was 1st. wife of Miles H. C. Knappenberger


Iva M. (Keiser) Knappenberger  (living)

Note: Iva was 2nd wife of Miles H. C. Knappenberger

Note: Lorraine, Miles and Iva on same stone


BERT KNAPPENBERGER 1910 – no date 

s/o James Henry Knappenberger and Laura M. Koch



Note: w/o Bert Knappenberger

Note Bert and Ada Knappenberger listed on same stone





JULIA A. KOCH 1884 – 1973

Known for her Indian Call

Note: d/o Mrs. Josephine Fisher according to 1930 census


LUTHER R. T. KOCH Aug 6, 1915

Note: s/o Julia A. Koch, according to 1930 census, Husband of Fern Kunkle Koch


GLADYS E. F.  KOCH May 22, 1928 – Feb 4, 1995

Note: w/o Luther R. T. Koch; previously married to Monroe Kressley, with whom she had 4 children

Note: born Gladys E. Fern Kunkle   d/o Quinton Kunkle, Sr. and Gladys (May) Kunkle


(Our Loved One)  CARL B. FRITZ Oct 24, 1947-Feb 24, 1948

Note:  s/o Gladys E. Fern Kunkle Koch, stone is next to Luther and Gladys Koch






THOMAS JACOB KROMER   Apr 18, 1885 – Apr 21, 1971

Same stone as Elizabeth


Wife: ELIZABETH E. (MILLER) KROMER 1883 – 1944

Same stone as Thomas


CHARLES ERWIN KROMER   July 21, 1902 – June 28, 1981

Note: s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Miller Kromer


Wife: ELLEN MARIE (AHNER) KROMER Jan 29, 1903 – Sept 23, 1975

Note: d/o James and Ellen Schock Ahner   w/o Charles Erwin Kromer

Note: Charles and Ellen listed on same stone


RUEBEN HAROLD KROMER Nov 1, 1923 – Dec 11, 2001

Veteran - US NAVY WW II, 1941-1945

Lovingly Known as  “REDS”  

Note: s/o George and Eva Ahner Kromer, g/s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Kromer

Note; Rueben Harold Kromer is buried on same lot with Kevin, Elmer E. and Beatrice Kromer Ahner





ERWIN KROMER May 18, 1847 – Feb 22, 1898 50y, 9m, 4d

Sp/o Martha Hartman; s/o Jesse & Mary Kromer





JAMES D. KROMER Aug 2, 1909 – July 10, 1966   





ARTHUR KROMER 1823 – 1929





ARTHUR U. KROMER 1903 – 1989


Wife: MABEL E. KROMER 1902-1972

Note:  Arthur U. and Mabel on same stone


ARTHUR KROMER, JR. 1923-1929  

Note: Stone next to Arthur and Mabel Kromer






Stone not near any other Kromer





DAVID U. KROMER Oct 8, 1891 – Nov 20, 1964

S/o Erwin Kromer and Martha A. Kromer Kunkle

Sp/o Pearl L. Kromer



PEARL L. KROMER Apr 9, 1905 – Dec 8, 1986


LYNFORD D. KROMER (POP POP) June 22, 1944 – June 14, 2005

Age 60             Cremated

Note: Grandson of David U. & Pearl L. Kromer; s/o Eva Kromer Hill






CAROL A. KUEHNER           Feb. 9, 1946 – Aug. 2, 1996

Note: D/o Beatrice Lockwood; grand d/o Thomas & Helen (Ziegenfuss) Brady;

Great grand d/o Jacob & Mary E. (Moyer) Ziegenfuss 





CHARLES KUNKLE May 1, 1858 – Apr 2, 1936 

Aged 77y, 11m, 1d


Wife: MARTHA A. KUNKLE Apr 9, 1852 – July 23, 1922

Aged 70y, 3m, 14d

Charles and Martha Kunkle on same stone

d/o Daniel Hartman and Elizabeth Haydt Hartman


PAUL EDWIN KUNKLE Nov 21, 1872 – Oct 22, 1942

Note: Husband of Sarah Jane Ahner Kunkle

S/o Hiliours Kunkle and Louisa Zimmerman


SARAH   KUNKLE   Mar 17, 1878 – Apr. 17, 1929,

Note:  born Sarah Jane Ahner   

Wife of Paul Edwin Kunkle      

Note: d/o Charles and Abby Anna Kibler Ahner

Note: Paul and Sarah Kunkle on same stone


QUINTON A. KUNKLE. July 13, 1908 – Oct 28, 1992

Note: S/o Paul and Sarah Jane Ahner Kunkle, Husband of Gladys May Kunkle


GLADYS E. (MAY) KUNKLE Feb 3, 1908 – Feb 10, 1996

Note:  w/o Quinton A. Kunkle

Note: d/o James May and Sarah S. Ziegenfuss May

Note: Quinton A. and Gladys E. Kunkle on same stone


LORRAINE M. KUNKLE Oct 7, 1935 – Aug 18, 1982

Note: born Lorraine May Evon   w/o Quinton Charles Kunkle


CHRISSEY KUNKLE            Infant, died Aug 14, 1956   

Note d/o Quinton Charles and Lorraine Kunkle

Buried on lot of grandparents Quinton A. and Gladys Kunkle


PAUL MARVIN KUNKLE Sept 23, 1921 – June 29, 1972 

Veteran - WW II  1941-1945

Note: s/o Paul and Sarah Jane Ahner Kunkle, husband of Stella Guldner Kunkle


STELLA E. KUNKLE  Dec 23, 1919 – Aug 24, 1981

Note: born Stella Emma Guldner, w/o Paul Marvin Kunkle

Note: d/o Charles Alfred Guldner and Beulah Breiner

Note: Paul and Stella Kunkle are on same stone


MINNIE KUNKLE 1900-1906 

Note: d/o Paul and Sarah Jane Ahner Kunkle


ROSA KUNKLE 1915-1915 

Note: d/o Paul and Sarah Jane Ahner Kunkle



Age 6 months

Note: s/o Paul and Sarah Jane Ahner Kunkle


QUINTON CHARLES KUNKLE      b. 09 Aug 1930           d. 27 Oct 2006           

Burial: 01 Nov 2006

Note:  sp/o Lorraine M. Kunkle; s/o Quinton A. Kunkle and Gladys E. May Kunkle

Note: aka:  Jake Kunkle





Born: April 22, 1920  Died: December 10, 2004

Note: Born, Beatrice A. Brady  d/o Thomas and Helen Ziegenfuss Brady

g/d/o Jacob Shelton Ziegenfuss and Mary E. Moyer Ziegenfuss

Note: grave near Thomas and Helen Brady






(Beloved Wife)

Stone next to mother Lorraine Knappenberger    

Note: D/o Lorraine (Getz)  Knappenberger






ALDERVIN MAY 1857-1919

Note: actual dates, Sept 20, 1857 – Feb 2, 1919

Note:  born  in Germany, son of Anthony May, husband of Harriet Fisher May


HARRIET MAY 1856-1930 

Note: born Harriet Fisher June 5, 1856-May 17, 1930  

w/o Aldervin May 

Note:   d/o William Fisher and Emelina Beltz

Aldervin and Harriet May are on same stone


CHARLES L. MAY, May 7, 1887 – Jan 12, 1907  

Small monument

Note:   s/o Aldervin and Harriet Fisher May 


GROVER C. MAY, Apr 13, 1895 – Dec 23, 1914  

Small monument

Note:  s/o Aldervin and Harriet Fisher May


JAMES A. MAY, 1884 -1961    

Note: s/o Aldervin and Harriet Fisher May

Note: husband of Sarah Ziegenfuss May


SARAH S.  MAY 1885 – 1932   

Note: born Sarah S. Ziegenfuss, w/o James A. May

Note: James and Sarah May on same stone





MARVIN MAY   (no dates) 

Same stone as Beatrice May


BEATRICE MAY (no dates) 

Same stone as Marvin May





RALPH McELVAR, Dec 21, 1926 – May 19, 1983 US NAVY WW II  1941-1945

Mae E. McElvar May 1, 1924 – living   name on stone

Note: d/o Henry D. and Violet E. Voll

Note: Ralph and Mae McElvar are married and listed on same stone






AMELIA MERTZ Sept 8, 1875-March 19, 1943 



NORMAN MERTZ G., 1905 – 19 53   

Veteran - Pvt. Co. D. 603 rd. Engineers WW II, 1941-1945






As listed on the same stone:

Son: WESLEY 1879-1936


Mother: ELIZABETH KOCH 1855-1930


Son: MONROE   1892- 1919






JOHN MOSER   Nov 22, 1929 – Feb 11, 1991


Wife: LILLIAN E. MOSER   Aug 16, 1930 – Apr 19, 2000


BELOVED BROTHER, ROBERT D. MOSER, Aug 3, 1954-Sept. 21,2002

(all above Mosers on same lot)






WILBUR S. NANSTEEL Mar 6, 1883 – May 8, 1966

Note: husband of Emelina May Nansteel


Wife: EMELINA M. NANSTEEL Apr 6, 1889 - June 3, 1979

Note: born Emelina M. May, w/o Wilbur S. Nansteel

d/o Aldervin and Harriet Fisher May


JAMES A. NANSTEEL Aug 3, 1905–Nov 5, 1911  

Stone hardly readable

Note:  s/o Wilbur and Emelina May Nansteel


DIANA NANSTEEL (Ahner)  July 11, 1907 – Dec 16, 1936 

Note: (buried under maiden name)  

D/o Wilbur and Emelina May Nansteel, wife of Harrison B. Ahner.


Baby: MARTHA A. NANSTEEEL   1923 – 1925

Markers hardly readable


Baby:  BABY NANSTEEL 1919 

Markers hardly readable, located near Diana Nansteel



S/o Wilbur and Emelina May Nansteel

Note: husband of Gladys Hunsicker Nansteel


Wife: Gladys M. (Hunsicker) Nansteel   

B. April 7, 1930; d. June 5, 2006; Buried June 9, 2006

Note: Sp/o Burgess Nansteel; d/o Clement and Dorothy (Ebberts) Hunsicker

Note:  Burgess and Gladys Nansteel on same stone


SARAH C. NANSTEEL, 1957-1959

On stone with parents

Note: daughter of Burgess and Gladys Nansteel



Marker no stone

Note: G/Daughter of Burgess and Gladys Nansteel


DAVID R. NANSTEEL April 1977-May 1977 

Marker, no stone

Note: Grandson of Burgess and Gladys Nansteel

Burgess, Gladys, Sarah, David and Kristen all on same lot






KENNETH B. RODGERS Sept 4, 1914; D. Sept 30, 1976; Bur: Oct 1, 1976


HELEN E. RODGERS   B. Oct 7, 1919, d. July 13, 2003

Note: Buried: July 16, 2003   w/o Kenneth B. Rodgers

Note: Born Helen Elizabeth Ahner, d/o James and Minnie Heines Ahner

Daughter Paula Rodgers  (living) name on stone

Kenneth, Paula and Helen Rodgers on same stone








ELLEN A. SACHERER 1865 – 1933


GEORGE J. SACHERER 1887 – 1948

Sp/o Pearl L. Sacherer


PEARL L. SACHERER 1889 – 1930

Sp/o George J. Sacherer






MARTIN   FRANKLIN “Mox” SCHAFER, Sr. Sept 7, 1902 – 1987



Note: d/o Milton Daniel Ahner and Amanda Ziegenfuss Ahner

Martin and Pearl Schaffer on same stone






JOHN T. SCHUCK  May 11, 1840 – Feb 14, 1916 

Note: Sp/o Mary Ann Moulthrop

Father of  Ellen Jane Schuck Ahner and Martha E. Schuck Heines  (Long Run Cemetery),

and Annie May Schuck, w/o Edwin Allen Ahner (buried N. Weissport0




WILLIAM F. SCHUCK 1880 – 1967 same stone as Ellen A. Schuck

Note: Husband of Ellen A, Walck Schuck


ELLEN A. SCHUCK  1881 – 1947 same stone as William F. Schuck

Note: born Ellen A. Walck, w/o William F. Schuck


Son:  WILLIAM T. SCHUCK  1905 – 1943

Note: s/o William F. and Ellen Walck Schuck


EMMA M. A. SCHUCK 1908 – 1929  Note: born Emma Mary Ann Ahner

w/o William T. Schuck, D/o of Calvin D. Ahner and Mary Mohn Snyder Ahner




EDGAR M. SCHUCK   1882 – 1959 

Listed on same stone as Sarah


SARAH E. SCHUCK1888 – 1968

Listed on same stone as Edgar

Married according to 1920 census, lived in Franklin Twp. Carbon Co.





THEODORE A. SHERMAN   1899 – 1980

Theodore and Helen same stone


HELEN I. SHERMAN  1901 – 1977

Helen and Theodore married Oct 16, 1920





RUSSEL S “Bluey” SCHOENBERGER  1923 – 1977 

Veteran - T/5 65th  Ren. Cav. Div 3rd  US ARMY WW II 1941-1945    

Note; Husband of Emma  Williams  Schoenberger


Emma R. Schoenberger    –(living)

Note:  Wife of Russel Schoenberger, d/o Evor amd Elsie Zellner Williams

Emma and Russel on same stone


ROBERT R. SCHOENBERGER May 17, 1971 – July 16, 1985

(Beloved Son of Robert and Sharon Shoenberger and grandson of Russel and Emma Shoenberger)






THOMAS A. SMITH  1882 – 1959

Thomas and Bertha Smith  on same stone


BERTHA R. SMITH  1890 – 1976

Bertha and Thomas Smith on same stone




ROSE MARIE SMITH  Nov 27, 1937  - June 9, 1994

Note: buried  next to Arlington H. Christman, possibly a sister


AMANDUS SMITH  1868 – 1931 

Same stone as Mary Smith

Note: husband of Mary I. Hartman Smith


MARY I.  SMITH  1883 – 1940 

Same stone as Amandus Smith

Note: born Mary I Hartman,  w/o Amandus Smith


FLOYD W. SMITH  1915-1979,  

Same stone as Betty Smith

Note: husband of Betty Ahner Smith

Note: Born,  Floyd William Smith Oct 14, 1917 – Oct 14, 1979 

Veteran - T/5 Co. B. US ARMY WW II  1941-1945       

Note: s/o Amandus and Mary Hartman Smith


BETTY E. SMITH 1927-1980

Same stone as Floyd Smith

Note: born Betty Elaine Ahner, Jan 1, 1927 – April 6, 1980

Wife of Floyd W. Smith   

D/o Stanley Sylvester Ahner and Lillian Keiser Ahner






FATHER, JOHN ALBERT SNYDER  April 11, 1907 – Aug 24, 1972

Note: husband of Alice Jane Ahner, s/o James A. Snyder and Jennie Alice Green


MOTHER, ALICE  JANE  (AHNER) SNYDER  Oct 16,1910 – June 6, 1980 

Note: wife of John Snyder and d/o Warren Ahner, Sr. and Mary Ann Miller Ahner





RAY G. SOLT  1918 – 1993 

Note: Ray and Annabelle Solt on same stone



Note: Annabelle and Ray Solt on same stone

Note: Ray and Annabelle Solt  are husband and wife



SANDRA L. SUTTERS   1943-2005

Born: June 7, 1942  Died: May 21, 2005  Burial: May 25, 2005

Note: Born Sandra (Sandy) Lee Sauers

Note: w/o Norman C. Sutters

d/o Martin Sauers, Jr. and Dorothy Egge




HENRY D. VOLL July 3,1898 – 1982 

Born in Mahoning Twp. Carbon Co.

Note: husband of Violet E.  Ziegenfuss Voll


VIOLET  E. VOLL 1904 -1976

Note: born Violet Elizabeth Ziegenfuss   w/o Henry D. Voll

Note: d/o  Jacob Shelton Ziegenfuss and Mary E. Moyer Ziegenfuss


HILDA C. VOLL  Daughter   Apr. 25, 1932 – Aug 12, 1994

d/o Henry and Violet Voll






AUGUSTUS A. WALCK  May 10, 1847 – Jan 17, 1921

Aged 73y, 8m, 7d

Note: husband of  Sabylla Kunkle


HIS Wife SABYLLA KUNKLE  (Walck)   Aug 2, 1849  -  Jan 30, 1916

Aged 66y, 5m, 28d

Note: Augustus and Sabylla on same large stone


Catherine E. Walck  Aug 1881-July 3, 1882,

D/o Agustus and Sabylla Kunkle Walck

Buried Big Creek Cemetery





HUSBAND EUGENE MILES WALCK Mar 21, 1881 – Jan 7, 1941

Aged 59y, 9m, 17d

s/o Philip Walck and Mary A. LaRose Walck


IDA  AHNER WIFE OF EUGENE WALCK  Nov 26, 1886 – Mar 19, 1921 

Aged 34y, 3m, 19d 

Note: d/o Franklin A. Ahner and Louisa Campbell, 

Granddaughter of Charles and Abby Kibler Ahner


EUGENE ROBERT WALCK  b. March 1905 D. Nov 6, 1976

Marker, no stone

Note: s/o Eugene and Ida Ahner Walck


PAUL WALCK  Apr 9. 1916 – Nov 11, 1917 

Aged 1y, 7m, 2d

Note: s/o Eugene and Ida Ahner Walck






(Beloved Children)   

Flat stone 


THOMAS WALCK  b. 1872 (no marker)

S/o William and Anna (Eliza A.)  Walck   h/o Ellen L. Walck


ELLEN L. WALCK  b. 19 March 1885 d. 1981 (No marker)

Born Ellen L. Hartman  d/o George and Hannah Hartman

Sp/o Thomas Walck


THOMAS WALCK  b. 27 Dec 1904 d. May 1968  (No marker)

S/o Thomas and Ellen L. Hartman Walck


JAMES ELMER WALCK b. 28 Feb 1917 d. Sep 1985  (No marker)

Buried next to his wife: Gertrude C. Walck   s/o Thomas and Ellen L. Hartman Walck


(MOTHER) GERTRUDE C. WALCK  1920-1980 (Beloved Children)  flat stone marker

B. 17 Sep 1919  d. Oct 1980  b. Gertrude C. Derr  d/o Franklin Derr and Jennifer Wolfgang

G/d/o John F. And Bertha Ziegenfuss Derr


Baby RONALD WALCK  aged: a few days old

S/o James Elmer Walck and Gertrude C. Derr Walck

Ronald is burried at the foot of his grandfather: Thomas Walck b. 1872





ARTHUR D. WALCK May 29, 1902 –June 5, 1912 




SOLOMOM EDWIN WALCK   July 30, 1881 –  Feb 6, 1947

Note:  Husband of Minnie L Ahner Walck


MINNIE L. WALCK  April 18, 1881 –  Feb 27, 1946

Note: born Minnie Louise Ahner   

D/o Charles and Abby Kibler Ahner

Note: w/o Solomon Edwin Walck


Children of Solomon and Minnie: 

SOLOMON WALCK 1906 – 1906





RAYMOND A. WALCK  1907 – 1907

Note:  All of the above family on same stone monument



VIVIAN C. WALCK  1922-2004

Born: July 17, 1922  Died december 02, 2004

Note:  Born, Vivian Charlotte Ziegenfuss

Note: w/o Woodrow Paul Walck  d/o Clifford Ralph Ziegenfuss and Eva Lillian Witner Ziegenfuss




WILLIAM  W. WARNER  1917 – 1999

Same stone as Wilma Warner


WILMA L. WARNER  1919 – 1990 

Same stone as William Warner


INFANT WARNER  – no date






Same stone as Lizzie Warner

Note: husband of Lizzie Warner



Same stone as William Warner

Note: wife of William E. Warner


MABEL E. WARNER 1903 – 1914 

Stone located  next to William and Lizzie Warner


Warner children:

CLARENCE W. WARNER  1911 – 1912


IOLA  L. WARNER  1906 – 1906



(no name) (no date)         



(no dates) (no names)

Note Warner children all on same stone buried near William and Lizzie Warner






IN Memory of JULIA ANN WHITEMAN  wife of Oliver Whiteman   Dec 13, 1804 – Mar 21, 1894

(on  large Whiteman/Cochran monument)


FATHER WILLIAM H. WHITEMAN  Nov 14, 1856-Nov 3, 1897

Aged 40y, 11m, 19d

Note: On same monument as Julia Whiteman





ELMER R. WHITEMAN  Dec 24. 1894 – March 13, 1958






JACKIE D. WILLIAMS Aug 4, 1946 – Aug 29, 1947 

Infant  stone

Buried next to Roy Williams


ROY WILLIAMS  Apr 10, 1904 – Aug 23, 1981  





EVOR WILLIAMS    Jan 9, 1890-Aug 28, 1970

Note: s/o John E. and Ida E. Arner Williams, h/o Elsie Zellner Williams


Wife: ELSIE  A.  WILLIAMS  Nov 18, 1891 – July 1,  1973

Note:  born Elsie Adeline Zellner  w/o Evor Williams



Note: known as Jimmy

Note: s/o Evor and Elsie Williams     

Evor, Elsie and James on same stone


ROBERT WILLIAMS 1932 – 1996  

Veteran - Korea War 1950-1955 

Marker no stone

Note:  s/o Evor and Elsie Zellner Williams





LESLIE MARIE WILLIAMS  Feb 8, 1968-Dec 21, 1970 

Age  2y, 10m, 13d 

Note: daughter of Margaret Hettler Williams Moreira 





FRED C. WOLFGANG  Feb 14, 1911-July 10, 1972 

Same headstone as Harriet


Wife: HARRIET  M. WOLFGANG   Mar 18, 1917 – Oct 22, 1995

Same stone as Fred

Note: d/o Wilbur and  Emelina May Nansteel


BABY WOLFGANG  (no dates) 

Marker, no stone






IRENE ZELLERS   1897 – 1952 

Marker, no stone

Note: According to Ancestry World Tree/Ancestry.com and 1920-1930 US census for Franklin Twp., Carbon Co., Pa.,

Irene was the wife of James Edwin Zellers 1897-1982, who was the son of George Adam Zellers and Ellen Jane Simpson.

Irene is the d/o John and Carolina Ziegenfuss

Mother of  Savenna 1919, Willard 1923, Clarence 1927, and George 1929

There are Other unreadable markers close by her marker







On same stone as Bertha


BERTHA C. ZIEGENFUSS  1911 – 1992 

On same stone as Charles





ADA V. ZIEGENFUSS 1919 – 1981 

Marker, no stone





JACOB SHELTON ZIEGENFUSS  Aug 1, 1864 – Sept 10, 1944

Note: s/o Thomas Ziegenfuss and Hannah Rute Ziegenfuss


Wife: MARY E. (MOYER) ZIEGENFUSS Apr. 28, 1875 – Apr 28, 1969

Note: Jacob and Mary Moyer Ziegenfuss  were married 1893 lived in Packerton, Pa.

Note: parents to Violet Voll and Helen Brady

Note: Aunt and Uncle to Irene (Ziegenfuss) Zellers






Buried here but no stone




INFANT DAUGHTER OF Warren and Gertrude Hettler Lapp  

No dates or age on stone



There is a large areas of no stones or markers in older part of cemetery, possible unmarked graves or vacant lots.

Approximately 335 names listed, I’m sure there are many  not included due to no records being kept.



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