Summit Hill Presbyterian Cemetery

Photo taken around 1910

    About 1972 the old Presbyterian Cemetery in Summit Hill was converted into a town park.  It was a very old cemetery, and it had been left un-maintained for too long.  Many of the stones had crumbled, it was over grown, and a problem with animals, including mice and rats taking up residence there, concerned the neighbors.  Considering the cemetery was located within the borough, this problem was serious.  Though in many ways this was a positive change, it is very sad that more attention wasnít paid to preserving the records of this cemetery before the change.  This isnít the only case in Carbon Co. of a cemetery being lost for all time, loosing a record like this of those who went before is like a library of rare and unique books burning to the ground.

    The following list is only a partial listing of those buried there.  There are 156 names on this list, and a look at the old photo taken in the early part of the 1900s, shows there were far more than 156 graves.  There is a supplemental listing at the bottom of war veterans buried in the cemetery.

    Many thanks to Margaret Sides for the original transcription of this list from the old cemetery plot map.  Thanks to Ann Duval for entering the info into the computer.  Ted Dombroski of Co. K, 81st Penna. Volunteers supplied the list of war veterans buried in the cemetery, while credit for the photo goes to Lee Mantz.  For many more scenes of old Summit Hill, be sure to visit Leeís website ďwww.summit-hill.comĒ





Allen              Isaac                           age 68                                                             died 1887
Allen              Margaret                    On same stone as Isaac                                     died 1892

Aubrey           William                                                                                              1844-1888

Bennyhoff      Emma                         On same stone as Casper Ichter

Brobst             Eleanor                       age 5                                                               1930-1935

Bufton            David                           age 35                                                             died 1887

Campsie        Thomas                         Infantry

Carter             Ada                             Daughter of Robert & Annie Macready           died 1886

Crawford       Graham                       On same stone as Kate                                     died 1886
Crawford       James                          On same stone as Kate
Crawford       Janey                          On same stone as Kate
Crawford       Kate
Crawford       Margaret                     On same stone as Kate                                     died 1865

Davies            Griffith                        On same stone as Wm. D. Jenkins                    died 1887
Davies            John S.                        age 72                                                             1811-1883
Davis              Cora E.

Edwards        Mary                            age 92                                                            1806-1898
Edwards        Richard                         4th Cavalry

Emerson        G.                                  soldier

Evans             Ann                             No other information
Evans             Daniel                          died 1876
Evans             Evan                            On same stone as Daniel                                 died 1899
Evans             Margaret                     On same stone as Daniel                                 died 1891
Evans             William                         age 60                                                           1827-1887

Finley             James                           age 53
Finley             Lewis                         Spanish American War

 Fisher             F. W.                         7th Cavalry

Fisher             Francis W.                   age 32                                                           1830-1862

Flemine                                              Dates not readable

Fritz                A. Jackson                  Father                                                           1855-1935
Fritz                Charles                       81st Pa. Infantry

Glenn             James                          No other information.
Glenn             Samuel                         age 52                                                           1842-1894

Green             Charles                       On same stone as Casper Ichter                      1887-1892

Greenaway                                                                                                               died 1891

Haldeman     Maria                          Wife of Hezekiah Haldeman                              died 1898

Harakal          Mary & Gay              Twin d/o Joseph & Carrie                                 born & died 1948

Heffelfinger                                       Son of William Heffelfinger                               1881-1901

Heffelfinger   William                                                                                                1849-1887

Henry             Mary J.                       On same stone as William                               1830-1917
Henry             William                                                                                              1818-1899

Hollenback    John                            age 64                                                             1832-1896

Howells         Benjamin                   On same stone as Elvira                                    1851-1909
Howells         Elvira                                                                                                 1853-1913

Hughes          Daniel                        On same stone as Elizabeth Phillips                    died 1857
Hughes          David                         No other information
Hughes          Margaret                    On same stone as Elizabeth Phillips                    died 1892

Ichter              Annie                         On same stone as Casper                                1860-1933
Ichter              Casper                                                                                             1825-1891
Ichter              Charles                       Same stone as Casper                                    1862-1873
Ichter              Levine                        Same stone as Casper                                    1824-1889
Ichter              Mary                          Same stone as Casper                                    1856-1909

Jenkins           David                          age 45                                                            1848-1893
Jenkins           Jacob                          No other information                                       1842-1875
Jenkins           Jane E.                        Same stone as Jenkin E., age 51                      died 1889
Jenkins           Jenkin E.                     age 60                                                             died 1891
Jenkins           John                            No other information given                              died 1865
Jenkins           Mary                           Same stone as John                                        died 1914
Jenkins           Mary                           No other information given                              1818-1887
Jenkins           Thomas                      Same stone as Mary & Jacob                          1817-1888
Jenkins           William D.                  No other information given.                              died 1886

Jones               Ann C.                      No other information given.                             died 1893
Jones               Edward                     No other information given                              died 1825
Jones               Evan                          age 42                                                          1827-1869

Kissner                                             Son of William & Mary                                  1869-1886
Kissner           Clara & Sarah            Same stone as above, age 8 months.               1872

Koch               Elizabeth                   No other information.                                      died 1901

Kolb                Nancy                         age 4                                                            1850-1854

Leach                                              Same stone as Wm. D. Jenkins                        died 1885
Lewis             George                       No other information given.                             died 1900

Llewelyn       David                         No other information given.                              1873-1890
Llewelyn       David                         No other information given.
Llewelyn       Martha                       Same stone as David.                                      1839-1851
Llewelyn       Martha                       Same stone as David                                       1808-1871
Llewelyn       Mary                         Same stone as David.                                       1839-1893
Llewelyn       William                      Same stone as David.                                       1835-1858
Llewelyn       William                      Same stone as David.                                       1803-1862
Llewelyn       Zelo                          Same stone as David.                                       1831-1901

Lorah              Levi                        No other information given.                              1820-1889

Lynn               Thomas H.               Spanish American War, age 22.                       1878-1900

Lyon               Samual                    Civil War                                                         1821-1896

Macready      John                          No other information given.                               died 1885

McDermott    Joseph                       age 78                                                             No dates.

McElmoyle    Hugh                          No other information given.                              died 1899
McElmoyle    Margaret                    Same stone as Hugh.                                       died 1891

McIlhenny     Annie                         No other information given.                              1873-1889

McIntyre        William                      Father                                                             1854-1878

McLean          Rob T.                      11th Infantry                                                    No dates.

McMichael    Jane                             age 75                                                             died 1897

Menninger     Charles                       age 20                                                             1842-1862

Milano           Jane                           Same stone as Mellen.
Milano           Mellen
Milano           Robert                       Same stone as Mellen.

Miller             James                        No other information given.                               1824-1884
Miller             Martha                       Same stone as James                                        1821-1881
Miller             Mary                         Same stone as Walter                                        1901-1945

Morgan          Abraham                    No other information                                        1813-1883
Morgan          Elizabeth                   Same stone as Abraham                                    1810-1882

Murphy         James                          81st Infantry                                                      No dates

Neigh             Hannah B.                  Wife of Peter Neigh                                         1829-1890

Neigh             Peter                           No other information                                      1822-1887

Newton          John                            U.S.M.C.                                                         No dates

Owens                                              No other information                                        d. 1882

Patterson       John                            No other information                                        1817-1881
Patterson       John                            3rd Regt Pa Vol Cav - age 80                          D. 1902

Peacock          Hannah                      age 81                                                             1810-1891

Peters             Seth                             No other information                                      1815-1871

Phillips          Ann                             Same stone as John - age 85                            d. 1873
Phillips          Elizabeth                      No other information                                        1828-1887
Phillips          John                             age 82                                                             d. 1877

Powell            Morgan                      age 44                                                             1827-1871
Powell            Margaret                    Same stone as David Llewelyn                         1806-1870

Price               Anne                          Same stone as Thomas                                    1842-1902
Price               David                         Same stone as Thomas                                    1875-1910
Price               Morgan                      Same stone as Ann                                          1825-1895
Price               Thomas                      No other information                                        1838-1884
Price               Ann                           No other information                                        1826-1873
Price               William J.                  Same stone as Thomas                                      1813-1841

Rees                Evan                         No other information                                         d. 1872
Rees                Hannah Thomas       Rees may not be last name, was on same stone

Richards        Anna                           No other information                                         d. 1870
Richards        George                       No other information                                          1836-1890
Richards        Margaret                    Same stone as George                                        1828-1862

Rickert           Valentine                   No other information                                          1805-1871

Roper             John                            No other information                                        d. 1870

Ross                David                         No other information                                        1807-1871

Snellen           Robert                        Same stone as Mellen Milano                            No dates

Snyder            Jonas                           No other information                                       d. 1931

Swank                                                Son of C.W. & S. - age 9 mos., 24 days.        d. 1881

Thomas          Thomas                      4 years                                                            1866-1870
Thomas          Mary                           No other information                                      1865-1885

VanHorn        Jane                             Mother                                                          1855-1909

Watkins                                             48 years                                                          1843-1891
Watkins         Reese                          46 years                                                          1830-1877
Watkins         William                      No other information                                          1821-1903

Watson           Elizabeth                   Same stone as John                                          1862-1880
Watson           John                            No other information                                      1863-1887

William          William                      No other information given.                               died 1828
Williams        Jane                             Same stone as William Watkins                       1818-1886
Williams        John                            Same stone as John                                          d. 1889
Williams        Oliver                         Civil War - 37 years 1844-1881
Williams        Thomas                      71 years                                                          1817-1888
Williams        Walter I                      Same stone as John                                         d. 1858
Williams        Walter II                     Same stone as John                                         d. 1864

The following have uncertain spelling or only partial names

(W)arlow       William                      61 years                                                        1821-1882

(Z)emm          John H.                       Same stone as Mary A.                                1882-1942

(Z)emm          Mary A.                      No other information                                    1892-1953

Annie & Mary Jane                          No other info legible

George                                               Between Miller & Roper                                1852-1866

James Andrew                                  Surname possibly Andrew, Miller, or Roper      died 1860

Margareth                                          Unknown if surname or given name, age 39      1827-1866

Milane                                                On same stone as Mellen Milano                     died 1851

William          John                           Surname possibly John, Miller, or Roper            1857-1859

Irwin                                                   4th Pa. Cavalry                                                No dates.

The following people were not included on the plot map listing, but came from the report made by Summit Hill and Lansford Veterans for the Veteranís Grave Registration project.  Though there are no dates of birth or death in this list, it is helpful to at least know where these veterans were buried.





                  CEMETERY SECTION

Clemens, William           9/9/1861-9/9/1865        Co. H, 81st  Pa. Inf.           Pvt.                 NW

Irvin, John                     8/15/1861-8/15/1865     Co. A, 4th Pa. Cav.           Pvt.                 NW

Hoffman, Jeremiah        11/8/1861-11/3/1862     Co. H, 11th Reg. Pa. Vol.   Pvt.                 NE

Mackey, Joseph R.       7/5/1862-6/14/1865       Co. H, 11th NJ Inf.             Pvt.                 E

Werley, Stephen          11/3/1862-8/18/1863      Co. D, 173rd Reg. Pa. Vol. Pvt.                 E

McDonough, James     8/22/1861-2/??/1863       Co. A, 67th Pa. Vol.           Pvt.                 N. Center

West, Louis                 No other info given                                                                             SE

Gibbon, Owen              No dates                        US Marine Corps

Griffith, Edward          1/1/1861-7/17/1865        Co. F, 48th Pa. Inf.               Pvt.                 SE

Thomas, D. C.           9/1/1864-5/20/1865         Co. A, 4th Pa. Cav.              Pvt.                 NE

Younger, B. S.           8/15/1861-12/15/1864     Co. A, 4th Pa. Cav.              Pvt.                 NE

Davis, Daniel D.          6/15/1864-7/1/1865        Co. C, 18th Pa. Cav.            Pvt.                 NW

Lewis, John L.             2/7/1862-8/30/1862        Co. H, 11th Reg. Pa. Vol.    Pvt.                 SW

Edwards, Charles D.   8/15/1861-8/15/1864       Co. A, 4th Pa. Cav.             Pvt.                 SW



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