Parryville Cemetery

Carbon County



A partial list of burials compiled and contributed


Beth Everett


Donna George

Beth Everett submitted the following from her research:


Wm. H. Ulshafer 1913-1980


Evelyn R. Ulshafter (wife of Wm. H) 1916-1986


Thomas A. Reppert 4-17-1893 --8-10-1960


Sallie A. Reppert (wife of Thomas A.) --5-3-1896--5-6-1957


Jean D. Reppert b. 6-12-1934--2-4-1981--wife of Thomas A. Reppert Jr.


Wayne A. Reber 1910-1993


Evelyn M. Reber --wife of Wayne A1911994


Evelyn L. Rehrig 1926-1996--(wife of Ethan A. Rehrig)


James Ulshafer 8-12-1923 7-23-1988--Army WWII


Arlene (wife of James) Ulshafter 3-22-1929--11-3-1992


Fred Reppert 1891-1962


Gussie E. (wife of Fred Reppert) 1882-1962


Martha Fritzinger 1898-1983


Wm E. (husband of Martha) Fritzinger 1895-1969


Franklin Rehrig b 1916 d 7-3-1986--husband of Matrona P.


Henry P. Rehrig 1882-1950


Emma S. Rehrig (wife of Henry P.) 1893-1964


Charles Fritzinger 1907-1938


Catherine M. Snyder 1907-1993


Theodore m. Hahn 2-10-1937--9-24-1958--husband of Florence


Percy Reppert 1895-1937--Pvt. Co. F 304 Eng. 79 Div.


William Ulshafer--5-28-1866--4-10-1942


Theodosia (Beidleman) Ulshafer --wife of William b 4-2-1871 d 3-14-??


Timothy J. Ulshafer 5-11-1943--11-2-1943


Lamont V. Ulshafer 4-20-1942--1-6-1943


Albertis E. Fritzinger 1897--12-5-1976




Donna George submitted the following list from her research:


Campbell, Martha L.      1897 - 1992

Wife of Percy D. Campbell.


Campbell, Percy D.      1888 - 1948

Husband of Martha L. Campbell.  Percy is the son of Elimina Smoyer and Daniel Campbell.  He is the half- or step-brother of Sura May (Smoyer) Knappenberger.  He lived in the house directly behind his grave in the Parryville cemetery.


Hadinger, Bessie D.       June 25, 1906 - Jan. 3, 1977

Wife of Paul B. Hadinger.  Bessie is the step-sister to Sura May (Smoyer) Knappenberger.  Her maiden name was Steigerwalt.


Hadinger, Paul B.          Aug. 14, 1904 - July 16, 1989

Husband of Bessie D. Hadinger.


Knappenberger, James H.    Oct 30, 1894 - Sept 4, 1961

Husband of Sura May (Smoyer) Knappenberger.  Father of James M. Knappenberger, Mildred V. (Knappenberger) Youse, and Elsie (Knappenberger) Scherer.  Son of William Abraham and Jane (Sterling) Knappenberger - not buried in the Parryville cemetery to my knowledge.


Knappenberger, James M.    1918 - 1994

Son of Sura May (Smoyer) Knappenberger and James H. Knappenberger.  Brother of Mildred V. (Knappenberger) Youse and Elsie (Knappenberger) Scherer.


Knappenberger, Sura M.    Sept 19, 1896 - May 31, 1967

Wife of James H. Knappenberger.  Mother of Mildred V. (Knappenberger) Youse, James M. Knappenberger, and Elsie (Knappenberger) Scherer.  Daughter of Elimina (Sutters) Smoyer and Israel Smoyer.


Scherer, Elsie M.    1923 -   

Wife of Willard L. Scherer.  Daughter of James H. and Sura May (Smoyer) Knappenberger.  Sister of Mildred V. (Knappenberger) Youse and James M. Knappenberger.  Elsie passed away around 2003 but her headstone had not been updated as of 11/15/06.


Scherer, Willard L.    1915 - 1968

Husband of Elsie M. Scherer.


Schmoyer, Harriet.  Wife of Israel Schmoyer.  Born Apr. 3, 1834.  Died Apr. 16, 1890.  Aged 56 yrs, & 13 days.

First? wife of Israel Smoyer.  Buried next to him.


Smoyer, Elimina S.      1868 - 1938

Second? wife of Israel Smoyer.  Mother of Sura May (Smoyer) Knappenberger and Percy D. Campbell.  Step? mother of Bessie (Steigerwalt) Hadinger.


Smoyer, Israel              1828 - 1902

Husband of Elimina Smoyer.  Father of Sura May (Smoyer) Knappenberger.  Husband of Harriet Schmoyer.  Served in the Civil War in Company D of the 176th PA Volunteers, mustered in from Lehighton on November 8, 1862. 


Youse, Mildred V.    1916 -   

Wife of Wilmer Youse - still living.  First husband was LeRoy George (buried in Lower Amwell Cemetery in Sergeantsville, NJ).  Son of James H. and Sura (Smoyer) Knappenberger.  Sister of James M. Knappenberger and Elsie (Knappenberger) Scherer.


Youse, Wilmer R.    1910 - 1968

Second husband of Mildred Youse.  Called "boogy".




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