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In 1815, Alexander and Nancy McEachin came to North Carolina from Scotland.  After living in Richmond Co. for a number of years, they moved west to Mississippi.  The following was compiled by Mary Lou Ramsey: 

I found in Folklore of Scottish Highlands by A. Ross, p. 28, that an area of land owned by Lennox lay between Loch Lomond, Loch Long, and River Clyde and was known locally as `the Isle.' Our cousin Beverly Larroux had particularly mentioned that an elderly kinswoman whom she interviewed pointed to the mouth of the River Clyde and said, `The MacEachin emigrant came from here, from the Isle of Clyde.' Maps show this area to be nearly surrounded by water. Helensburgh is in the area and I think this is a farming area.  

Alexander and Nancy MacMillan McEachin had a large family. Other descendants of Alexander through son Malcolm of MS (and wife Martha Pipkin b. 1832 TN, dau. of Stuart Pipkin of NC): Miss M. Estelle McEachin m. Will Farmer, MISS, OK and their dau Nancy Estelle Farmer m. Alva Burnie Chastain,
OK, and had one dau. Beverly Nancy Chastain, b. 1918. Also, Nancy Atkins McCaslin of Lindsay, OK, was dau.  of Stella (Cullen) and Tom Atkins, accountant for Dockery Plantation, Pocahontas, MS. Stella was dau. of Linburn and Frances McEachin Cullen. Stella d. young of consumption, leaving son Lynn and dau. Nancy.  Nancy was called "Nannybelle" and m. Roy A. McCaslin, OK and had 3 dau: Judy (m. Jesse Martindale at Lindsay, OK); Martha Jo (m. Mr. Ward, Edmond OK); Jean Ellen.  I have pictures of immigrant Malcolm Alexander McEachin; of his son John McEachin; of his son Malcolm's dau. Frances McEachin who m. Linburn Cullen; portrait of Stella Cullen; Louvicia Cullen; Malcolm Cullen; Stella's offspring and 3 granddaughters (Nannybelle's children) and my grandmother Louvicia Cullen Crawford's descendants.



Mary Lou McHaffie Ramsey is a direct descendent of Alexander.


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Mary Lou's FAMILY TREE is online in the WorldConnect database.



Families - United States


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