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Here are some people who I'd like to thank - without them this site would not be possible:


My cousin Anne Seymour for her research on the McRimmon family tree.

My cousin Lou LeConte for adding to Anne's research and contributing it to World Family Tree so I could find it and him.

My cousin Bill McLean for his research on the McLean family tree.

My cousin Leslie Prince Raimond for her enthusiasm, her wonderful Scottish travelogue, and the family letters she transcribed.

My (probable) cousins Elizabeth Hughes and Paula Pickren Smith for their contributions on "Pulaski" Peter McEachin.

My cousins Maria Dillon and Michael Brown for their work on the Hector Henry McEachin line.

My cousin-by-marriage Jana McBroom for her knowledge of the Texas McEachins.

My cousin Skip Shephard for his valuable contributions to MCEACHIN-L.

My cousins Elizabeth Squires, Richard T. McEachin, and Victor Crawford for their part in unraveling the mystery of Charles T. McEachin.

My cousin Kim Murdock for her data on "Uncle" Thad's family, and especially for what she gave me on the Whites.

My cousin Deborah Thigpen for her knowledge of "Uncle" Grover's  family.

My double-cousin Kristi Zoebelein for her information on the Kerseys and the strange tale of "Samp" Dyal.

My cousin Malloy McEachin for his knowledge of the Peter Hector McE. line.

My cousin Donald Clements for information on his Telfair Clements line.

Jimmy Lott, Eleanor Estes, John D. McEachin, and my other Mississippi McEachin cousins.

My cousin John Ellis for putting his Gedcom on the WWWeb.

My Uncle Reg McEachin for tracking down the family histories which made this interesting enough to pique my interest.

My father for giving me a family tree to research, and the occasional financial contribution.

Anyone who I've overlooked.  Sorry, I have a lot of cousins!


Last, but not least, a very special thanks to my cousin Hank Burnham, for 2 days of the finest in southern hospitality, and 800 pages of research notes. 





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