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John & Patrick "Para Ban" McEachin


In 1765, the brothers John and Patrick Henry (also known as Peter or "Para Ban") McEachin set forth from Kintyre in Argyllshire, Scotland. The ship probably sailed from Campbeltown, the largest town in Argyll and a thriving port where many ships embarked for the New World. After a few years they settled in upper Robeson Co., NC, and their descendents eventually spread throughout the South, mainly in GA and MS, but also in SC, AL, TX, and elsewhere.


Family Tree

I have put together an online FAMILY TREE in which I try to include every bit of information I can find on our McEachins and McEachin descendents.  Click HERE for John & Patrick's family page.  If your family is in this tree, please email me and let me know!


Family Histories

We are very fortunate to have a number of family histories which record many important family details and relationships.  My research indicates that they are all very accurate, as almost all of the details agree with the information found in wills and census records.

The first five were composed in the early 1900's. I have taken the liberty of editing them for spelling, grammar, and format (to make relations of the same generation more explicit), but I have tried to preserve the name spellings unless obviously wrong. My comments are in brackets <>.


Memoranda of the History and Family of Peter McEachin

I believe this is excerpted from "The MacQueens of Queensdale" by Mrs. Annabella Bunting MacElyea, and was composed by Gov. Angus Wilton McLean.  The name was spelled "MacEachin" in the original; I changed it for the sake of clarity.


The McEachins and McNeills of North Carolina

A History of 2 McNeill Families in North Carolina

Both of these histories were written by Cyrus McNeill, a descendent of Angus and Margaret McEachin McNeill.  The name was spelled "MacEachin" in the first, and "McEachern" in the second - I changed them both to the correct spelling.


The History of Hector McEachin

This was written by Elizabeth Leslie Prince.


The McEachin Family of Georgia

I don't know who wrote this, but I strongly suspect it was Alice Claire McEachin nee. McEachern, since it lists her address and the name was spelled McEachern throughout.  According to Hank C. Burnham (longtime McEachin researcher and my 4th cousin): "Grannie Mims was Allie Jennett McEachin, one of her brothers was Cecil Hector McEachin, a sister Nora Inez McEachin. <But her other> sister <was> Emma Virginia McEachern and two brothers Andrew Guy McEachern and Wilbur Washington McEachern. The latter three siblings of Grannie Mims were convinced that we were supposed to have been McEacherns, thus they changed the way the name was spelled. The person in our family that started all of this was Alice Claire McEach
ern née McEachin, the youngest child of Daniel Corneilus McEachin and Mary Etta Dyal. She changed the spelling of her name as well.".  


The McEachin Family

Hank C. Burnham wrote a 12 page McEachin history for the Jeff Davis Co. GA Cen-Silver Anniversary book.  I am grateful to him for allowing me to reprint it.



John & Patrick McEachin - Part 2

Families - United States



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