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The following was compiled by Mary Lou Ramsey.  Mary Lou is a student of the Scottish Covenanter movement, and has quite a bit of information on them:

Macbain says one M'Eachan was an authority on Gaelic in 1860s. 

Roderick MacDonald was the third chief of Clanranald McDonald and his second son was Eachan, (From Irish, Echthighern meant the horse lord, Annals 846 A.D.) Eachan McDonald received from the High Chief John MacDonald the Kilmalew lands and many lands in Morven. Neil McEachan was tutor to the Clanranald chief's children in 1745 and moved to France and used McDonald surname. Source, prob. The Highlander Magazine.  

John McGechan. Covenanter. Mortally wounded at freeing of Rev. D. Houston at Bello Pass, nr. Cumnock, 1688. Died some days later at Stonepark, Cumnock. Stone at Stonepark. Signpost at Bello Pass, 1/2 mile E. of Lugar on road A70, marks the approximate site of the successful ambush. Source: SCMA Index.

John McGeachan lived in Mers, Twynholm parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, ca Oct 1684. PC9.659. No connections with others of name known.

John McGeichan, Covenanter, banished, 1685, per Boyer.  Could be the same as John McIchan, Covenanter, res. Baranazare Lorne Argyll, banished 24 Jul 1685, traditionally from Leith to Jamaica by John Ewing, Aug 1685. PC11.329. Source, Dobson; Boyer.

Neil and John McGeichan appear in Boyer's Ships Passengers NY NJ. See also McEachin, McKeichan.

McKeachy, Alexr., lived at Barbea, Kirkcowan parish, Wigtownshire, Oct 1684.

Janet McKeachy, listed in home of John McHaffie in Gargerie, Kirkcowan parish, Wigtownshire, 8 Oct 1684. Source: Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff.  House was destroyed by order of Claverhouse.

Jean McKeachy, her name follows William Mahaffie/McHaffie, at Culvennan's Land, Shanaton, head of house William Gordon of Culvennan, Oct 1684. Source: Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff.

McKeachy, Jean, lived at Barskeoch, Kirkcowan parish, Wigtownshire, Oct 8 1684.

McKeachy, Tho., lived at Drummabrennen, Kirkcowan parish, Wigtownshire, Oct 8 1684, also there was Janet Forsyth. (In Scotland the maiden name was retained.)

McKeachie, Alexr., h. of ____(named on p. 50 which I don't have) at Barbawhannie, parishioner, Penighame, Wigtownshire 29 Sep 1684 by Mr James Colhoun p49 of Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff.

McKeachie, Wm., h. of Marg. McKie at Culbrattin, parishioner, Penighame, Wigtownshire 29 Sep 1684 listed by Mr James Colhoun p49 of Parish Lists.

Walter McKechan, Shirgarton, prisoner in Canongate TB, tr. fr. Leith on St. Michael of Scarborough, master Edward Johnston, 12 Dec 1678. PC6.76. It is certain he was a Covenanter. Index of PC vol VI, p. 33 shows: "McKechan (Mackeihan), Walter, in Shirgarton, prosecuted for attending conventicles."
Cf. Walter McKeihan, in Ledlevan, banished for attending conventicles in Stirlingshire, 1678.

Walter Mackeihan, in Ledlevan, attended house and field conventicles, Stirlingshire, 1674-8. PC6.33. Cf. WalterMcKechan, in Shirgarton, banished 1678.

Walter McKechnie/M'Kechnie, Covenanter, banished 1679, of shire of Clydesdale and city of Glasgow, among 200 who drowned in shipwreck at Mulehead, per Hanna.

McKechny (or McChesney) in Hole (?). Freed by Covenanter ambush at Enterkine Pass [1684]. Later recaptured and taken to Edinburgh. Died of gangrenous wounds. Source: Scott's SCMA Index.

Neil McKeichan, Baranazare Lorne Argyll, Covenanter in Argyll's rebellion. Prisoner in Canongate TB, banished 24 Jul 1685, tr. fr. Leith to Jamaica by John Ewing Aug 1685. PC11.136. Source, Dobson.




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