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Peter McEachin is a mystery to us.  He first appears in the 1850 US Census in Pulaski Co. GA.  According to the record he was born in Scotland about 1786.  He appears again in the 1860 census and that's it.  Where he was before 1850 we don't know.  Scottish migration to GA had virtually ended by this time.  He might have been working for and living with someone else, since earlier censuses noted only the heads of households.  His wife Molsey was born in NC in about 1805, which might be a clue.

My pet theory is that Peter is really the fourth son of John McEachin (the immigrant).  He's the right age, at least, but wasn't born in Scotland.  It will require more research to resolve what happened to this Peter.


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Elizabeth Cravey Hughes and Paula Pickren Smith are both descendents of Peter.



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