Alexander Watson Byers

Alexander Watson Byers

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Born: 21 Sep 1825
Jackson Co., TN

Died: 28 Jan 1899
Putnam Co., TN
A. F. Byers Cemetery; Putnam Co, TN



Moses Byers

Elizabeth Cooke
f: Robert Cooke
   gf: John Cooke
   gm: Elizabeth Burch
m: Susannah Watson


Family #1


Leitha Grime

Married: 4 Mar 1841

Family #2


Martha Ann Parsons

Married: AFT 1870

Photo Archive

Alexander Watson Byers
Emily  Byers
Leonidus  Byers
Algernon Sidney Sidney Byers
Richard Fielding Byers
William Jasper Byers
Byers Family Bible (1 of 3)
Moses  Byers
Elizabeth  Cooke
Elias Harrison Byers
Elizabeth  Kinzard
William Jasper Byers
Sarah  Bradford
Richard Fielding Byers
Tabitha Roxinea Harris
Oliver Perry Byers
Nancy  Pippin
Alexander Watson Byers
Andrew Nelson Byers
Nancy  Finn
Byers Family Bible (3 of 3)

General Sources

  1. James R. Blanks
  2. Correspondence
    email communication from Bettie Doyle on February 24, 2007


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