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Bennett D. Ballard

Bennett D. Ballard

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Born: 2 Oct 1802
Albermarle Co., VA

Died: 25 Oct 1858




General Sources

  1. Debbie Wilkins
    This time I think I will tell you about Francis Ballards father Bennett
    Ballard. She is Anderson Whitfield Thompson's mother.
        He was born 2 Oct 1802 in Albermarle County, Virginia. His father's
    name was Bland Ballard. His mother's name was Frances Shiftett. He
    lived in an era of time that many of the people of that time was moving
    westward. His father Bland died in 1809 in Albermarle county. When
    Bennet was about 7 years old. Leaving his children orphans. I suspect
    that Frances his wife must have died about 1813 because in 1813 we find
    a Bond in Albermarle Co. Giving guardianship of Bennett Ballard to his
    older brother (I believe) Garland Ballard. There was a bond of $750
    noted on this document. I do have Bland's will and will sometime send
    that to you all.
        I have a marriage of Bennett in Randolph County, Illinois. How he
    got there I am not sure or why they went there. I suspect they were
    trying to homestead in different places before they found where they
    wanted. But I know that it was done as a family because other siblings
    were there too.
        Bennett met and married this wife Barbara Thornhill there in
    Randolph County, Illinois. Barbara was the daughter of Henry Thornhill
    a Revolutionary War Veteran. And then they all ended up in Hopkins
    County, Kentucky. They were in Todd County, Kentucky before that.
        Bennett and Barbara had at least 6 children. Francis (our
    ancestor), Henry, Elizabeth, Sarah, Barbara Ann, Mary Jane.
        I do not know when and where Barbara Thornhill died. But Bennett D.
    Ballard died 25 Oct 1858 in either Kentucky or Missouri. I believe it
    probably was in Missouri, because his daughter Francis lived there and
    there are places that Bennett is mentioned in Ozark county. But I could
    be wrong about that.


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