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Elias Green Cooke

Elias Green Cooke

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Born: 6 Jun 1793
Greenville District, SC

Died: 17 Dec 1862
Wolf Creek, St. Clair Co., AL
Cooke Family Cem., St.Clair Co., AL



Robert Cooke
f: John Cooke
   gf: Robert Cooke
   gm: Sarah Fielding
m: Elizabeth Burch

Susannah Watson


Mary Cooke
  +George Pirtle
        Susanah Pirtle
        Nancy Pirtle
        Charity Pirtle
        Sarah Pirtle
        Charlotte Pirtle
        George W. Pirtle
        William G. Pirtle
        Lucinda Pirtle
        Robert Cooke Pirtle
James Watson Cooke
  +Mary Riddle
        Samuel Cooke
        Felix M. Ellison Cooke
        John Flemming Cooke
        Robert Meriman Cooke
        Benjamin Franklin Cooke
        James Watson Cooke
        Hezekiah Gardner Cooke
        Randolph Cooke
        Ellison Cooke
Sarah L. Cooke
  +William Goodgion
        Mary A. M. Goodgion
        Nancy Susan Goodgion
        James Watson Goodgion
        Alexander William Goodgion
John Oliver Cooke
  +Susannah Morgan
        William Brantley Cooke
        Elizabeth Cooke
        Augustine M. Cooke
        Melinda Cooke
        Medianna A. Cooke
        Wilford Watson Cooke
        Robert Marshall Cooke
        Patrick Henry Cooke
        Felix G. Cooke
William Henry Cooke
  +Mary Cantrell
        Robert Fielding Cooke
        Hezekiah Cantrell Cooke
        Nancy Watson Cooke
        Eliza Cooke
        George Washington Cooke
        Clarissa Cooke
        Elmira Cooke
        James Burch Cooke
        Attaline Cooke
        Sarah Miranda Cooke
        Susannah Cooke
        John Augustine Cooke
Hezekiah Gardner Cooke
  +Mary Head
        Robert Jasper Cooke
        John Spaulding Cooke
        William Wilson Cooke
        Richard Watson Cooke
        Nancy Cooke
richard fielding cooke
Richard Fielding Cooke
  +Margaret Cox
        Attaline Layne Cooke
        Minerva Payne Cooke
        Watson McSwain Cooke
        Louisa Cooke
        Dorinda Cooke
        Rebecca Zenira Cooke
        Calvin Whitley Cooke
        Boliver Houston Cooke
        Harriett Newell Cooke
Margaret Cooke
  +James Huddleston
Alexander Cooke
  +Lettie Cornelius
        Elizabeth Cooke
        William Cooke
        Ausborn Cooke
        Mahalath Cooke
        Austin Cooke
        Marinda Cooke
        Lucinda Cooke
  +Mary S. Dean
        Dorcus Cooke
        Nancy Cooke
        Robert Cooke
        Stephen Cooke
        Lettice Cooke
Elizabeth Cooke
  +Moses Byers
        Osborn Washington Byers
        Elias Harrison Byers
        Malinda Byers
        Oliver Perry Byers
        Andrew Nelson Byers
        Alexander Watson Byers
        Emily Byers
        Leonidus Byers
        Algernon Sidney "Sidney" Byers
        Richard Fielding Byers
        William Jasper Byers
Nancy Cooke
  +Sebird Smith Rhea
        Spartan Fielding Rhea
        Mariah Rhea
        Betsy Marinda Rhea
        Susan Cook Rhea
        Robert Perry Rhea
        Ransom Huston Rhea
        Amanda Miscilla Rhea
        William Rhea
        Marcus L. Rhea
        Permilia Helen Rhea
        Moses Clayton Rhea
        Sebert M. Rhea
        Louisa J. Rhea
Susannah Cooke

Family #1

Photo Archive

Robert  Cooke
Mary  Cooke
James Watson Cooke
Sarah L. Cooke
John Oliver Cooke
William Henry Cooke
Hezekiah Gardner Cooke
Richard Fielding Cooke
Margaret  Cooke
Alexander  Cooke
Elias Green Cooke
Elizabeth  Cooke
Nancy  Cooke
Susannah  Cooke
Attaline Layne Cooke
Cooke Family Record (2 of 4)
Robert  Cooke
Richard Fielding Cooke
George W. Pirtle
Lucinda  Pirtle
Susanah  Pirtle
William  Earles
Charity  Pirtle
Nancy  Pirtle
Hosea  Stamps
Sarah  Pirtle
William G. Pirtle
Robert Cooke Pirtle
James Watson Cooke
Sarah L. Cooke
John Oliver Cooke
William Henry Cooke
Hezekiah Gardner Cooke
Margaret  Cooke
Alexander  Cooke
Elias Green Cooke
Moses  Byers
Elizabeth  Cooke
Sebird Smith Rhea
Nancy  Cooke
Edward E. Hooper
William  Farley
Deed: Robert Cook, Heirs to Isham Cook et al
Elias Green Cooke
Martha Bazel Prater
Elias and Martha Cooke Gravestone

General Sources

  1. Charles Leonard Papers
    TSLA Mf #1421 Reel #2 - Robert Cook, Family bible of Richard F. Cooke
  2. James R. Blanks
  3. Anita Sue Gates
  4. 1860 Census
    1860 Census - St. Clair Co., AL - July 26, 1860
    |h# |f# |name          |ag|s|occu      |re  |pe  |bi
    |416|414|Elias G. Cook |66|m|farmer    |9000|8170|SC
    |   |   |Martha Cook   |66|f|house wife|    |    |SC
    |   |   |Robert W. Cook|26|m|farmer    |1000|360 |AL
    |   |   |John D. Cook  |20|m|farmer    |    |    |AL
    |   |   |Joseph H. Cook|19|m|farmer    |    |    |AL
  5. 1850 Census
    1850 Census - St Clair Co., AL - December 13, 1850
    |h# |f# |name         |ag|s|occu  |re  |bi|s
    |352|352|Elias G. Cook|56|m|Farmer|1200|SC|
    |   |   |Martha B.    |45|f|      |    |SC|
    |   |   |Clarissa     |23|f|      |    |AL|
    |   |   |Robert W     |16|m|      |    |AL|1
    |   |   |Elias M.     |14|m|      |    |AL|1
    |   |   |John L.      |10|m|      |    |AL|1
    |   |   |Joseph H.    |8 |m|      |    |AL|1
    |   |   |Martha Prator|85|f|      |    |VA|
  6. 1840 Census
    1840 Census - County, State - Date
    |name          |m0-4|m5-9|m40-49|f5-9|f10-14|f15-19|f20-29|f40-49
    |Elias G. Cooke|2   |1   |1     |1   |1     |2     |1     |1
  7. 1830 Census
    1830 Census - Jefferson Co., AL
    |name         |m15-19|m30-39|f0-4|f5-9|f10-14|f15-19|f30-39
    |Elias G. Cook|1     |1     |2   |1   |2     |1     |1


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