Harriett Newell Cooke

Harriett Newell Cooke

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Born: 25 Jan 1830

Died: 30 Mar 1862
Putnam Co., TN
Cooke Cemetery; Buffalo Valley Road; Putnam Co, TN



richard fielding cooke
Richard Fielding Cooke
f: Robert Cooke
   gf: John Cooke
   gm: Elizabeth Burch
m: Susannah Watson

Margaret Cox




James Oscar Hawes

Married: 1847

Photo Archive

Richard Fielding Cooke
Margaret  Cox
Attaline Layne Cooke
Minerva Payne Cooke
Watson McSwain Cooke
Louisa  Cooke
Calvin Whitley Cooke
Boliver Houston Cooke
Harriett Newell Cooke
Rebecca Zenira Cooke
Dorinda  Cooke
Cooke Family Record (3 of 4)

General Sources

  1. Charles Leonard Papers
    TSLA Mf #1421 Reel #2 - Robert Cook, Family bible of Richard F. Cooke
  2. James R. Blanks


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