James Thomas Cunningham

James Thomas Cunningham

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Julia Vickers


ada ann cunningham
Ada Ann Cunningham
  +William Lockhart "Willie" McGee
        Ella Mai McGee
        Helen McGee
        Audrey Jane McGee
        Andrew J. McGee
        Alma Rhea McGee
        James Crawford McGee

General Sources

  1. Tennessee Library Records
    Magness Library, McMinnville, TN - McGee Folder - James Crawford McGee student essay by James Andrew Allison
  2. Tennessee Cemeteries
    Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book 4, Neal Cemetery to Youngblood Cemetery, annotated, by Marth Holt, Almetia Cunningham, and Betty Majors,
    Page 294, Gives name as Thomas Cunningham
  3. James C. McGee, Jr.
    Letter of November 27, 2001 and computer disc.


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