Deed: Robert Cook, Heirs to Isham Cook et al

Deed: Robert Cook, Heirs to Isham Cook et al

White Co., TN
June 7, 1842


Deed book "O"
1844 1848 pg. 209 , 210
White Co. Tenn.

Robert Cook , Heirs  			Richard Cook & others 
     To						Petition to sell land 
Isham Cook  Et Al				ExParte � Decree

			This cause this day came to be finally heard 
before the Hon. A.G Caruthers upon the report of the special
Commissioners Appointed to sell the land in the Petition 
mentioned which reports is unexceptable to and is in the 
words figures following State of Tennessee White County 
Circuit Court June Term of the Circuit Court 1842.
Richard F. Cook , George W. Pirtle , Susan Duncan
William Earls & his wife Charity Earls , Nancy Earls ,
Hosea Stamps & his wife Sarah , George W. Pirtle & his wife 
Lucinda , William G. Pirtle , Robert C. Pirtle , James W. Cook 
Sarah Goodwin , John O. Cook , William H. Cook , Hezakiah 
G. Cook , James Hudelston & his wife Margaret , 
Alexander Cook , Elias G. Cook , Moses Byers & his 
wife Elizabeth , either Robert � Cebirt RHEA & his wife 
Nancy , Jasper N. Pirtle , William M. Pirtle , Ann Pirtle 
& Jape Cook , Heirs at Law of Robert Cook Dec'd � Ex 
Parte Petition to sell land & Report.  The undersigned 
having been appointed Commissioner of this 
Honorable Court at the last term being February Term 
1842 to see the land mentioned in the Petition files in 
this court.  Buyer have to report that he advertises said 
land Forty interim days in the Sparta Gazette and at 
four public places in White Co. Before the day of sale 
and that on the Eighth day of April 1842 he did sell 
upon the premises all the land mentioned in the 
petition in three separate lots to the highest bidder on a 
credit of twelve months.  1ST. 53 acres held by deed 
from George Pirtle to Robert Cook for the sum of Thirty 
dollars to James Cook and took his note with Avery 
Norris & John Cook security payable twelve months 
after date to himself as Commissioner that being the 
highest and best bid.  2ND. Lot sold a tract held by deed 
from Benjamin Hawkins to Robert Cook for one 
hundred & thirty one acres also a tract of sixty acres 
held by deed from Edward E. Hooper to Robert Cook 
in all one hundred and ninety one acres to Sarah Cook 
for the sum of two hundred dollars that being the 
highest best and last bid and took her note together 
with John Cook and Isham Cook payable twelve 
months after the date thereof payable to William G. 
	As commissioner.  3Rd. lot  a tract of 47 � acres held by 
deed from William Farley , George Pirtle  also another 
tract of twenty one acres held by title bond of Charles 
Townsend also a tract of fifteen acres held by deed 
from Hays Arnola making in all one hundred and three 
acres and three quarters to Isham Cook for the sum of 
Fifty eight dollars  sixty seven and a half cents, he being 
the highest last and best bidder and took his note 
together  with John Cook and Absalom Cook his 
securities payable to  William G. Sims as Commissioner 
is due twelve months after the date thereof all of which 
is Respectfully Reported to the Honorable Court June 
the 7th 1842
								William G. Sims
Whereupon it is ordered adjudged & Decreed by the Court 
that said Reports be and is in all things confirmed .It is 
further Decreed by the Court that all the right titles and 
interest of the petitioner & heirs at law of Robert Cook
Deceased divest and the same be and is hereby vested in the 
respective purchasers their heirs .  According to their 
respective purchases that a lien be retained upon the 
land until the purchase money be paid & that the 
petitioners pay the costs of this proceedings for which 
execution may inpune as at law.
	I William G. Sims Clerk of the Circuit Court for White 
County do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true & 
perfect transcript from the record of said Court now 
remaining in my office of the decree pronounced by 
said Court at the October term A.D. 1842 upon the 
petition of the heirs of Robert Cook deceased to sell the 
land belonging said Estate.
	Witness my hand at office the 12th day of February 1846
								W.G. Sims  Clerk
Filed and notes in Reception book No.1 page 19 on the 23rd 
February 1846 at 3 O'clock P.M. and registered the 
same day. Test. ONPSims Deputy
				 Of G.W. Roberts Reg. White Co.

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