Thomas Cantrell

Thomas Cantrell

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Born: 23 Jan 1761

Died: 25 Sep 1830
Grady, TN


General Sources

  1. The Cantrill - Cantrell Genealogy
    Page 97
    23. Thomas Cantrell 4 (John 3, Joseph 2, Richard 1) was
    born Jan. 23, 1761. About 1780 he married Elizabeth Norris,
    daughter of Thomas Norris, who served in the Revolutionary War
    from Pennsylvania. She was born March 10, 1765. After their
    marriage they first settled in Greenville district, S.C., but later
    moved to Tennessee. It has been said that he was the first of the
    name to migrate to that state. He settled on Sink Creek, DeKalb
    county, where he operated an iron forge, whidh is still called the
    "Old Forge," and where one of his descendants now lives.

    The War records, at Washington, D.C., show that "Thomas
    Cantrell served as s amember, rank and company not stated, of
    Lieutenant Coloner Lytle's command, Caswell county, North
    Carolina, Revolutionary War." His name has been found only
    on a list, not dated, of men "enrolled for Captain Robert Moore,
    from Caswell county.

    There is a tradition, which comes from William Magness Can-
    trell, that: "Thomas Cantrell, in company with Mr. Adcock, who
    was an uncle of his grandmother, were captured at the battle
    of the Cowpens, S.C., and placed on a British ship to be sent to
    England. After getting some four miles from land, they escaped
    by jumping overboard and swimming to shore, having to escape
    not only the dangers of the sea, but also the fire of the British."

    He was a deacon in the Baptist church. He and his wife are
    Page 98
    buried in the old cemetery at Grady, Tenn. This town was first
    known as Cantrell's Cross Roads; later the name was changed to
    Williamsburg, and to-day is known as Grady. The inscription on
    his tombstone reads:
      "Here lies the body of Thomas Cantrelle, Born January 23,
    1761. Died September 25, 1830."


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