Richmond Dodson

Richmond Dodson

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Eliza Martin


James Carroll Dodson
  +Augusta Catherine Evans
        Eugene Harrison Dodson
        Albert Sydney Dodson
        Romulus Cicero Dodson
        Lucy Dodson
        James Ambrose Dodson
        Jesse Dodson
        John Richmond Dodson
        Ersie Dodson
        George Lester Dodson
Martha L. Dodson
  +Joseph Logan "Joe" Hennessee
        William Virgle "Virgil" Hennessee
        Ann Hennessee
        Eliza Hennessee
        Samuel Franklin "Frank" Hennessee
        Luther Eugene Hennessee
        Joseph Sidney "Jodie" Hennessee

General Sources

  1. The Dodson Family of Warren County, Tennessee and Allied Families
    Page 3-D
    Richmond farmed in Warren Co., then moved to Missouri, but soon came back Chalybeate, TN in Van Buren Co. because of the health of his wife who outlived him.


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