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Joseph England

Joseph England

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Born: ABT 1783

Died: BEF. 13 AUG 1828



Lucy Wilcher
f: Thomas Wilcher
m: Ann Walton


Alexander W. England
Nancy England
  +Martin Earls
        William M. Earls
        Pleasant Alexander "Alexander" Earls
        Urcley Caroline "Caroline" Earls
        Mary Earls
        Martha Jane Earls
        Richmond N. Earls
        William Earls
        Catherine Earls
        Martha J. Earls
Martha England
  +Clendenon "Clint" McGee
        John Alexander McGee
        Samuel McGee
        Nancy Jane McGee
        Joseph England McGee
        Mary Ann McGee
        Elizabeth McGee
        Martin Van Buren McGee
        James M. McGee
        Martha C. McGee
        Archibald C(lendenon) McGee
        William T. McGee
  +Reubin M. Drake

General Sources

  1. The Wiseman Family and Allied Lines
  2. Bentley Papers
  3. Thomas Jefferson Barnes Papers
    TSLA Mf #654, Reel #1 - England
    "Joesph England had a brother John England (no record) also a brother Richard England d 1/13/1878 who married Mary (Polly) Freeman d 10/21/1883, a sister of Pernetha Freeman who married Mose Martin"

    Tax lis 1812
    Joseph England 1st
    John England 2nd
    Joseph G. England 1st
  4. My Limb on the Cox Tree
    Page 41 - The McGees


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